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Protective effects of certain natural foods against whole-body irradiation by Frank Raymond Blood( Book )

8 editions published between 1959 and 1961 in English and held by 8 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Rats maintained on a purified diet were divided into groups: A control group maintained on purified diet alone; other groups in which the basal diet was supplemented with either broccoli, green beans, or mustard greens. Animals were given either 800 r or 700 r (different experiments) total-body x-irradiation. Male rats fed broccoli or mustard greens and given 800 r total-body xirradiation had a slightly longer survival time than animals given basal diet alone. However, in an experiment in which male rats were given 700 r total-body x-irradiation, animals on basal diet alone survived as long as those receiving natural food supplements. Female rats fed mustard greens and given 800 r total-body x-irradiation showed better survival than either controls fed basal diet alone or those given broccoli supplements. However, when the irradiation dose was decreased to 700 r no significant differences were observed between the three groups. (Author)
How MMPs Impact Bone Responses to Metastatic Prostate Cancer( Book )

3 editions published between 2008 and 2010 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Using an animal model of prostate tumor progression in the bone we have previously shown that MMPs, namely MMP-2,-3,-9 and -13, are overexpressed at the tumor bone interface and these MMPs are for the most part expressed by the host cells of the bone. To test the contribution of MMPs in prostate tumor progression in the bone, we have generated mice that are immunocompromized and deficient for MMP-2,-3 and -9 during the current period. We have found that MMP-9 does not contribute to prostate tumor progression in the bone since no difference in osteolytic or osteoblastic responses between wild type and MMP-9 deficient animals were detected by Faxitron, CT, SPECT and histomorphometry. These results, while negative, are important for the generation of selective MMP inhibitors that lack the deleterious side effects associated with broad spectrum inhibitors. In addition, we have also identified PTHrP as an MMP substrate and postulate that MMP processing of PTHrP may be a mechanism through which MMPs can contribute to tumor induced osteolysis
International Conference on the Effects of Modes of Formation on the Structure of Glasses (2nd) Held in Nashville, Tennessee on June 8-11, 1987( Book )

2 editions published between 1987 and 1988 in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This second volume on the topic Effects of Modes of Formation on the Structure of Glass encompasses many aspects of glass science from the perspective of the processes by which the glassy state is achieved. This perspective will, perhaps, make this volume useful to those with an interest in the glassy state of matter. There are some novel and intriguing new processes for achieving the glassy state reported here as well as reports on unusual glasses. Topics of this report include: Surface Structure of Silicate Glasses Atomic Level Descriptions, The Liquid-Glass Transition, Comparison of A-Si:H From Plasma Deposition and Chemical Vapour Deposition, Near Ultraviolet-Visible-Near Infrared Optical Behavior of Sputter Deposited Germanium Oxide, The Interaction of Water Vapor with a borosilicate Melt, Defects in Chalcogenide Melts and Glasses. (JES)
Identify the Impact of TGF-Beta Signaling on the Stroma in the Progression of Prostate Cancer( Book )

3 editions published between 2005 and 2008 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

As a result of androgen ablation TGF-Beta expression levels transiently elevate and regression of benign prostate hyperplasia as well as prostate cancer cells for the most part occur. Better understanding of prostate- androgen responsiveness is critical in understanding and ultimately combating androgen-non-responsive prostate cancer. Studying the conditional TGF-Beta type II receptor fibroblast knockout mouse model we developed (Tgfbr2fspko), we found that TGF-Beta signaling in the prostate stromal fibroblasts regulate both stromal and epithelial differentiation in the prostate. Notably the data dispels previous reports that TGF-Beta signaling is required for myofibroblast differentiation. As proposed we attempted to develop mice that are stromally knocked out for TGF-Beta signaling and express the large T antigen in the prostate epithelia, but was unsuccessful. We have however acquired techniques in our laboratory to perform tissue recombination experiments where the identical cell types (prostate stroma and epithelia) can generate prostate glands through xenografting, that display similar phenotypic characteristics of intact mice. We hope to gain permission to progress with these experiments in order to address the mechanism of stromal TGF-Beta signaling impact on prostate cancer androgen responsiveness
MFEL Contractors Meeting - Vanderbilt University( Book )

2 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

This constitutes the final report for the contract entitled "Vanderbilt University FEL Users Conference." All of the funds have been expended for the fall 1996 MFEL Contractors Meeting (the symposium) and for FEL related travel as approved by the ONR
The Role of NF-kB in Normal and Transformed Mammary Epithelium( Book )

2 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The Rel/NF-kB family of ubiquitous, inducible transcription factors has been implicated in such diverse cellular processes as proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis. Given that these processes occur during mammary gland morphogeneis and that NF-kB activity is upregulated in breast cancer derived cell lines and primary ductal cell carcinomas, the expression and activity of NF-kB factors in the murine mammary gland during pregnancy, lactation, and involution was examined. Northern, western, and immunohistochemical analyses reveal dynamic expression patterns for RelA, p105/p50, p100/p52, and IkBalpha in mammary epithelial cells. NF-kB activity in the mammary gland, as assessed by electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) and by the expression of a luciferase reporter driven by the NF-kB responsive human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat (HIV-LTR) in transgenic mice, is highest during pregnancy. KappaB-activity levels decrease dramatically during lactation, and rise during involution. RelA and p50 containing complexes are present in nuclear extracts from pregnant and involuting glands. These data suggest that NF-kB may play a role in mammary gland proliferation and differentiation during pregnancy, as well as apoptosis during involution
Investigating the Role of TBX2 in the Inhibition of Senescence in Prostate Cancer( Book )

2 editions published between 2008 and 2009 in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide

The aim of this project is to dissect the role of Tbx2 in prostate cancer progression. In this period of the study, we found that blocking endogenous Tbx2 expression in PC3 cells by using a dominant negative construct (PC3-Tbx2 DN) reduced the osteolytic burden of these cells when placed in the bone microenvironment as compared to control PC3 cells. This finding suggests that Tbx2 plays a role in the growth of prostate cancer cells in the bone. Further, to study the role of Tbx2 in bone metastasis, we created a mouse model overexpressing hepsin and myc in the mouse prostate. This bigenic model develops adenocarcinoma earlier than the myc alone mouse and at higher ages develops higher grade adenocarcinoma
The Effect of CO sub 2 Laser on Fibroblast Cultures( )

1 edition published in 1991 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Surgeons, particularly in the field of otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, have been developing and refining applications for the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for the past 10 to 15 years. During this time, many studies of CO2 laser wound healing have appeared, most comparing healing of laser and standard scalpel incisions. These reports consistently described delays in CO2 laser wound healing when compared to healing of scalpel incisions. Several studies involving skin wound tensile strength comparisons between scalpel and laser incisions in rats (6) and pigs (2,5) have shown that healing laser wounds are significantly weaker for several weeks post-incision. In a histologic comparison of laser and scalpel incisions in pigs, Norris and Mullarky (10) noted delayed collagen formation in laser incisions as compared to scalpel incisions. Using laser- and scalpel-cut explants taken from pig skin, Moreno et al (9) found that while epithelialization proceeded at the same rate from both types of explant, the onset of epithelialization from laser-cut explants was delayed. Despite this accumulation of information on CO2 laser wound healing, a good understanding of this topic as well as the effects of CO2 laser on cell growth and metabolism has not yet been achieved. Our study investigated the CO2 laser wound healing process by examining laser effects on fibroblasts, perhaps the most important cells involved in the wound healing process. Specifically, we studied the effect of noncytotoxic, defocused CO2 lasar energy, similar to that experienced by cells adjacent to a surgical laser wound, on proliferation of human dermal fibroblasts in culture
Therapy Selection by Gene Profiling( )

3 editions published between 2004 and 2008 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The long term goal of this work is to develop a new prognostic tool with which to determine the response of a patient to a given therapy, with the view of providing the most appropriate treatments tailored to individual patients. The central hypothesis of this proposal is that a subset of the genes expressed in a prostate tumor can be used to predict response to specific therapeutic regimens. The purpose of this work is to generate predictive methods which will allow patients to be selected for specific treatment protocols. In this year, per our proposed schedule, we have continued to focus on acquisition of tissue samples and their grafting and treatment in SCID mouse hosts. Collection and treatment of tissues is now completed. All samples have been assessed for response to Taxotere. Preparation of RNA is complete and microarrays have been run. 12 microarrays are being repeated to confirm results. A preliminary biostatistical analysis has been performed and a full analysis is underway
Nanocomposite Materials Designed for Chemical Catalysis( )

1 edition published in 1999 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The specific aim of this research project is the development of novel methods for preparing improved catalysts for direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs). These catalysts consist of metal alloy nanoclusters dispersed onto a conductive carbon support. Synthetic control of the alloy nanocluster composition is achieved by preparing molecular precursors in which the precursor contains two or more metals of a desired stoichiometry. Adsorption of single-source molecular precursors onto Vulcan carbon powder followed by appropriate thermal treatment affords metal alloy or intermetallic/carbon nanocomposites having thirteen different binary compositions and one ternary composition. Tests performed in an operating DMFC indicate that the catalytic activity of two PtRu/Vulcan carbon nanocomposites as anode catalysts is superior to that of a similar commercial PtRu/Vulcan carbon catalyst. A rapid synthesis of such binary alloy/Vulcan carbon nanocomposites using microwave heating has been discovered. Preliminary attempts to prepare passivated metal nanoclusters suitable for size selection are also discussed. The preparation of an unrelated cobalt/fullerene nanocomposite is included for completeness
Physical, Mental, Social, and Family Health Outcomes of Gulf War Veterans( )

2 editions published between 2003 and 2004 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This research uses secondary, longitudinal data to assess the physical, mental, social, and familial health status of Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm veterans (GWVs) relative to the health status of otherwise comparable groups of active military personnel. The sample included 565, largely married males with families, between 19-58 years of age. Most (72%) were white, 19% were black, and 9% were Hispanic or of other (or mixed) ethnicity. The majority were enlisted and served in the Army. At the time of baseline data collection, 25% had recently deployed to or returned form the Gulf; 15% had recently deployed to some other, noncombat region or returned from it; and 60% had not recently been deployed or returned. Analyses show that the demographic (e.g., age, education) and military (e.g., rank, branch of service) backgrounds of these groups did not vary significantly, thus any effects associated with deployment status are not likely attributable to such potentially confounding factors. Results identify two significant effects of Gulf deployment, both associated with family well being. Spouses of GWVS had significantly greater psychopathology than others, and the pile up of potentially stressing life events was significantly greater among the families of GWVS than of others
The Role of Beta-Catenin in Androgen Receptor Signaling( )

2 editions published between 2005 and 2006 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Previously that the ceil adhesion molecule u-catenin forms a complex with the androgen receptor (AR) and modulate itstranscription. The cross talk between u-catenin and AR signaling can play an important role in AR transcriptional in prostatecancer progression. Our preliminary data seem indicate stromally derived paracrine Wnt family members activate theepithelial frizzled receptor to enable prostate epithelial survival in an androgen deficient environment. We will continue totest the original hypothesis that there is a direct molecular interaction between u-catenin and the 0-terminus region of ARinvolved in the mechanism of prostate androgen responsiveness. The physiologic response to androgen ablation(castration) differ significantly between the prostatic stroma and epithelia despite the common expression of u-catenin andAR as evidence for the different transcriptional cofactor interactions found in prostatic epithelial and stromal cells. Ourresults support the data that show u-catenin mutations enabling u-catenin stability in prostate cancer can lead to androgenindependence. At least two genetic interventions for hormonally refractive prostate cancer have emerged from our work: I) the expression of Hic-5 in the prostatic epithelia to inhibit canonical Wnt signaling and 2) antagonism of Wnt receptorlligandinteraction such as the expression of SFRP-2
CAPS ReReader Simulation Model User's Manual Version 1.0( )

1 edition published in 1992 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

CAPS ReReader is a computer program that simulates the process and products of reading comprehension. The input to ReReader is a representation of a text plus the representation of some minimal knowledge that a human would need for the comprehension of the text. A simulation run of ReReader produces traces of the reading behavior of a hypothetical reader and outputs a set of long term memory strengths for the text information. The results of the traces can be analyzed and compared with reading behavior and recall data collected from human subjects reading the same text. ReReader currently runs on a VAX workstation running under the VMS operating system. ReReader Version 1.0 uses two User interfaces: One permits the User to set the parameters for a simulation run; the other is for specifying different data report forms. This User Manual has four sections plus appendices of technical information: Section 1 describes ReReader's text processing model. Section 2 explains how to run a ReReader simulation. Section 3 explains how to obtain and interpret the output of a ReReader simulation with the help of the ReReader Report interface. Advanced features of the ReReader simulator are described in section four. Computational modeling, Text Comprehension
Cu:Silica Nanocluster Composite Material with Picosecond Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Response( )

1 edition published in 1991 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

We report the creation of a novel composite nonlinear optical material by implanting Cu ions in fused silica. The implanted Cu ions aggregate at room temperature to form nm-size polycrystalline clusters in a high-density thin (approx. - 150 nm) layer just beneath the surface of the substrate. Measurements of the Kerr-type third-order nonlinear susceptibility Chi(3) of this material shows that it has a response time no longer than 6ps and a magnitude of order 10(exp -8) esu. The nonlinearity is enhanced for laser wavelengths near the surface plasmon resonance of the copper colloids. (MM)
Fabrication, Metrology and Modeling of Protective Coatings on Metallic MEMS Components( )

2 editions published in 2003 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This project provided a proof-of-concept that indium tin oxide (ITO) thin films can be prepared on surfaces by pulsed laser deposition and configured as miniature strain gauges. The degree of piezoresistivity of the films is related to the oxygen content, with larger gauge factors correlated with oxygen excess. Typical gauge factors of order 10 were observed. Gauges as small as 20x 100 microns were fabricated by focused ion beam milling and characterized. Radiation effects from ion beam milling were observed and measured. Structures encapsulated with silicon dioxide protective films retailed their piezoresistive coefficient and were less susceptible to damage by focused ion beam imaging
Genetic Analysis of a Mammalian Chromosomal Origin of Replication( )

3 editions published between 2000 and 2002 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The main goal of the research proposal was to develop an assay system for studying the specific genetic elements, if any, involved in the initiation of DNA replication in mammalian cells as outlined in Task 1 (development of assay system, see Appendix Statement of Work). The completion of this task is outlined in the annual summary from last year and led to the first peer-reviewed publication resulting from this research proposal (See Annual Summary, 2000, and attached reprint Altman and Fanning, 2001). Briefly, a competitive polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based nascent strand abundance assay was used to demonstrate the ability of a small 5.8 kb fragment of DNA, containing the DHFR ori-beta initiation region (IR), to support efficient origin activity when integrated into random ectopic positions in the hamster chromosome (Altman and Fanning, 2001). In addition, the integrated ori-beta IR functioned with the same efficiency as the endogenous ori-beta in CHOK1 cells, suggesting that the 5.8 kb fragment was an acceptable candidate for mutational analysis of the ori-beta IR
DI Diesel Performance and Emissions Models( )

2 editions published between 1998 and 2003 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Based on findings indicating that both the Zeldovich and N2O mechanisms are important in the formation and decomposition of NO in direct injection (DI) Diesel engines a skeletal mechanism consisting of seven elementary reactions is used to develop a two-zone model for NO(x) emissions from DI Diesel engines. Characteristic chemical kinetic times for NO formation in zone 1 and NO decomposition in zone 2 are formulated from the law of mass action applied separately to each zone and the relative importance of NO decomposition in four DI Diesel engines is examined. Preliminary fluid mechanic mixing times for NO formation are developed by the combination of fluid relations characteristic of each of the many mixing processes occurring in a DI Diesel engine. These results are empirical, but future fluid mechanic mixing times applicable to all DI Diesel engines may be found. Similarly, a two-zone soot CTM accounting for both soot formation and oxidation is outlined. The NO(x)/soot tradeoff for low loads is also proven using the preliminary models for soot and NO(x) thereby showing that when complete the models will predict the correct trends
Radiation Sensitization in Breast Cancer via Targeting Survivin Expression( )

3 editions published between 2005 and 2007 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

We proposed to determine whether overexpression of survivin results in radio resistance and the possible mechanisms; whether regulators of survivin serve as targets for radiosensitization. We also found that deregulation of survivin in breast cancer is mediated by Stats (Signal transducer and activator of transcription). Co-inhibition of survivin and State results in significantly increased sensitization of breast cancer. These concepts are being tested in animal models of breast cancer
Development of an Automated Modality-Independent Elastographic Image Analysis System for Tumor Screening( )

3 editions published between 2006 and 2008 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The objective or this project is to further develop modality-independent elastography as a system that is able to reproducibly detect regions or increased stiffness within the breast based on pre- and post- compression input images or the anatomy. As stated in the proposal, the original specific aims are concerned with enhancement of the method, investigation of texture and statistical analyses for evaluating the success of the method, and engineering of a device that can generate proper forces on mock setups within current available clinical imaging systems. To date, progress on each of these aims has been made in handling increased computational complexity, developing and testing metrics for the evaluation of reconstructions, and the fabrication of a compression chamber tested on a tissue-like polymer phantom
Layered Fault Management Architecture( )

1 edition published in 2004 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This report describes Vanderbilt's contribution to the ability to build systems that use decentralized control and fault tolerance techniques to support applications such as large clusters of Micro UAVs or Organic Air Vehicles. The approach of this effort was to analyze fault management requirements of formation flight for fleets of UAVs, and develop a layered fault management architecture which demonstrates significant improvement over current technology. The target demonstration was a radio-geolocation system, using 3-10 UAV mounted time-of-arrival measurement nodes and a single base station
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