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Fri Mar 21 17:18:25 2014 UTCnp-attila$4530.00Attila: a tragedy; and other poems0.261.00Theology, logic, anatomy, physiology and philology united to establish the truism that the woman is no human beinglccn-n85031457Roberts, Wesslccn-n82006554Solera, Temistocle1815-1878lbtlccn-n79038460Verdi, Giuseppe1813-1901lccn-n50018153Costain, Thomas B.(Thomas Bertram)1885-1965lccn-n87831862Maenchen-Helfen, Ottolccn-n79122349Man, John1941-lccn-n89667486Gordon, Colin Douglas1915-lccn-n79098045Thompson, E. A.lccn-no2002001192Napier, William1965-lccn-n2004028208Kelly, Christopher1964-Attila-453DramaAttila,HunsRome (Empire)Germanic Invasions of Rome (3rd-6th centuries)LeadershipHuns--Kings and rulersByzantine EmpireOperasOperas--LibrettosGothsGermanic peoplesIran--ParthiaAlexander,--the Great,Greece--MarathonCrassus, L. Licinius--(Lucius Licinius),Arminius,--Prince of the CherusciItaly--Cannae (Extinct city)Ramses--II,--King of EgyptEgyptCaesar, JuliusIranSpartacus,Valens,--Emperor of the East,Italy--RomeVisigothsGreece--ThermopylaeBoadicea,--Queen,EuropeSolera, Temistocle,Music--Computer network resourcesOperas--ExcerptsHistorical fictionWar storiesBiographical fictionJordanes,American literatureAmerican prose literatureMiddle Ages1472147714891491151515211531153315681569157915801583159715991618166816711672167916901702172317371739175617631778178017841789179217941798180818091812181418221824182618271829183218371838184118421843184618491851185318561858185918601861186218631864186518661867187118721873187418751878188018811882188418851886188818891894189518961900190619071908190919101912191319141915191619191920192219231925192819291931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419461947194819491950195119521955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201428053475898303.34HM14121ocn079155945book15150.47JordanesIornandes De rebus Gothorum. Paulus Diaconus Foroiuliensis de gestis Langobardorum21ocn281954538book19890.24Roberts, WessLeadership secrets of Attila the HunDiscusses the leadership secrets of Attila the Hun describing his addresses to his warriors, keeping peace in the camp, and negotiating11ocn022045964book1.00AttilaTheology, logic, anatomy, physiology and philology united to establish the truism that the woman is no human being11ocn644312925book14770.47AttilaAttila flagellum Dei [Italian]. Ed: Bartholomaeus Theus11ocn315677753book1832AttilaAttila: a tragedy; and other poems11ocn861767636rcrd19900.50Verdi, GiuseppeAttilaDrama11ocn644312934book14910.47Attila[Attila flagellum Dei : (Italian)]11ocn028279755book19790.47Williams, JenniferEtzel der rîche: the depiction of Attila the Hun in the literature of medieval Germany, with reference to related Byzantine, Italic, Gallic, Scandinavian and Hungarian sources (450-1300)20817ocn018463338book19850.24Roberts, WessLeadership secrets of Attila the HunDiscusses the leadership secrets of Attila the Hun describing his addresses to his warriors, keeping peace in the camp, and negotiating+-+216060199517885ocn002360178book19590.22Costain, Thomas BThe darkness and the dawn, a novelFictionSet in the 5th century when Attila the Hun, determined to conquer the world, sets forth to capture Rome14763ocn000801712book19730.32Maenchen-Helfen, OttoThe world of the Huns : studies in their history and culture124811ocn000871429book19600.37Gordon, Colin DThe age of Attila : fifth-century Byzantium and the BarbariansHistory111110ocn064585896book20050.21Man, JohnAttila : the Barbarian king who challenged RomeHistoryBiography"For a crucial twenty years in the early fifth century, Attila held the fate of the Roman Empire and the future of all Europe in his hands. He created the greatest of barbarian forces, and his empire briefly rivaled Rome's. In numerous raids and three major campaigns against the Roman Empire, he earned himself an instant and undying reputation for savagery. But there was more to him than mere barbarism. Attila was capricious, arrogant, brutal, and brilliant enough to win the loyalty of millions. In the end, his ambitions ran away with him. He did not live long enough to found a lasting empire--but long enough to jolt Rome toward its final fall. In this riveting biography, masterful storyteller John Man draws on his extensive travels through Attila's heartland and his experience with the nomadic traditions of Central Asia to reveal the man behind the myth."--Publisher's website+-+948498768510282ocn286488090book20090.22Kelly, ChristopherThe end of empire : Attila the Hun and the fall of RomeHistoryBiographyA bold new account of Attila the Hun as empire builder and political threat to Rome reframes the warrior king as a political strategist, capturing the story of how a small, but dedicated, opponent dealt a seemingly invincible empire defeats from which it would never recover+-+01461584859666ocn056615681book20050.14Dietrich, WilliamThe scourge of GodHistoryFictionHistorical fictionAnticipating an attack by the forces of Attila the Hun in 451 A.D., Roman leaders enlist an ambassador as part of an assassination plot, but when the ambassador is captured, he learns that Attila intends to conquer the entire Roman empire+-+K4498251557483ocn032467032book19960.31Thompson, E. AThe HunsHistoryPresents a history of the Huns in Europe, from their first attacks on the Goths north of the Black Sea to the collapse of their central European empire after the death of the legendary Attila+-+04430668157192ocn698745740com20090.35Verdi, GiuseppeAttila opera in Italian, with a prologue and three actsDrama5501ocn246904306book20090.08Price, SeanAttila the Hun : leader of the barbarian hordesJuvenile worksDescribes the life of Attila, leader of the Huns, and his attempt to conquer the Roman Empire+-+92825768055315ocn057406188book20050.12Ford, Michael CurtisThe sword of Attila : a novel of the last years of RomeHistoryFictionA tale inspired by a key battle in the history of Europe pits the fiercely passionate Attila the Hun against Count Flavious Aetius, the Roman Supreme General of the Armies of the Western Empire+-+451888768552017ocn001525846book19150.66JordanesThe Gothic history of Jordanes in English versionHistory4913ocn462907714book20070.14Napier, WilliamAttila : the gathering of the stormHistoryFictionBiographical fictionHistorical fictionAttila returns to claim the Hun throne after 30 years in exile, then turns his eyes on Rome. Meanwhile conspiracies and rivalries split the Roman empire, and Aëtius, an out-of-favor Roman general, is assigned to save Rome from the Hun invaders. The hitch: Aëtius and Attila are old friends from their exile days+-+34434076854874ocn085783407book20070.12Ford, Michael CurtisThe fall of Rome : a novel of a world lostHistoryFictionHistorical fictionAfter Attila's untimely death, personal warfare between the sons of his officers threaten his plan to conquer Rome, in this story inspired by true historical events+-+071888768547910ocn001214999book19480.56Thompson, E. AA history of Attila and the HunsHistory4475ocn430839598book20050.14Napier, WilliamAttilaHistoryFictionThe dawn of the 5th century AD, and the Roman Empire totters on the edge of the abyss. Rumours abound of a new power arising in the east, a ferocious nation of horse-warriors known as the Huns, striking terror into the border tribes. And now they have a new leader: Attila, 'the Scourge of God'. Only one man stands against him: Aetius, the great Master-Genera, 'The Last of the Romans'. Thus begins a saga of warfare, lust and power which will bring the Roman world to its knees - and end in blood on the fields of France. It is a story of two men: Attila the Hun and Aetius the Roman. One who wanted to destroy the world, and one who fought one final battle to save it+-+K3434076854291ocn074908535visu20060.19Decisive battles. 13 defining moments from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to the struggle over the Persian EmpireHistoryExamines moments that altered the course of history and shaped the modern world. Gives a comprehensive account of the famed leaders and brilliant military tactics that changed history. Visit locations around the world to examine what is known of these legendary encounters. Witness recreations of the crucial battles of Rome and beyond - from Cannae to Marathon to Thermopylae - and follow some of the greatest warriors of all time, including Hannibal, Spartacus, and Attila the Hun4162ocn022116585book19910.06Várdy, Steven BélaAttilaHistoryJuvenile worksBiographySurveys the life and times of Attila, King of the Huns, and discusses his image in myth and history40314ocn024735939rcrd19870.63Verdi, GiuseppeAttilaMusical settingsDrama3492ocn051454238book20030.06Harvey, Bonnie CAttila, the HunHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the life of Attila, leader of the Huns, and his attempt to conquer the Roman Empire+-+0677256425+-+2160601995Fri Mar 21 16:06:47 EDT 2014batch33305