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Thu Oct 16 17:52:02 2014 UTCviaf-1418022240.00Edward August Bell (1862-1953) : At the Piano (Painting)0.311.00Interviews of artists and architects associated with the National Academy of Design,141802224Edward August Belllccn-nr89005641Wiles, Irving Ramsay1861-1948np-derrick, william rowell$1857 1941Derrick, William Rowell1857-1941lccn-n87935073Vonnoh, Robert William1858-1933lccn-n81103590Pisano, Ronald G.lccn-n88639830Gay, Edward1837-1928np-hyde, william h$william henry$1858 1943Hyde, William H.(William Henry)1858-1943lccn-nr97014364Williams, George Alfred1875-1932lccn-n98075115Howe, William Henry1846-1929np-kline, william fair$1870 1931Kline, William Fair1870-1931lccn-n78008857Eakins, Susan MacdowellBell, Edward August1862-1953InterviewsUnited StatesWiles, Irving Ramsay,ArchitectsPrellwitz, Henry,Art, AmericanNational Academy of Design (U.S.)ArtistsDewing, Thomas Wilmer,Hawthorne, Charles Webster,Mora, F. Luis--(Francis Luis),Ritschel, William,Loeb, Louis,Tryon, Dwight William,Whistler, James McNeill,Yates, Cullen,Paddock, Willard Dryden,Palmer, Walter Launt,White, Henry Cooke,Harding, Chester,Blashfield, Edwin Howland,Albert, Ernest,Potthast, Edward,Adams, Wayman,Low, Will Hicok,Vonnoh, Bessie Potter,Curran, Charles C.--(Charles Courtney),Saint-Gaudens, Augustus,Spencer, Robert,Couse, E. Irving--(Eanger Irving),Mowbray, H. Siddons--(Harry Siddons),Smith, W. Granville--(Walter Granville),Sargent, John Singer,Gammell, R. H. Ives--(Robert Hale Ives),Gay, Edward,Vonnoh, Robert William,MacNeil, Hermon Atkins,Barnard, George Grey,Rungius, Carl,MacMonnies, Frederick William,Paxton, William McGregor,Fry, Sherry Edmundson,Brunner, Arnold W.--(Arnold William),Dielman, Frederick,Cole, Alphaeus Philemon,Parton, Arthur,Churchill, Alfred Vance,Dewing, M. O.--(Maria Oakey),French, Daniel Chester,Olinsky, Ivan G.--(Ivan Gregorewitch),Howe, William Henry,186219531927198319861988200288911ocn079046909visu0.47Bell, Edward AugustEdward August Bell : artist file : study photographs and reproductions of works of art with accompanying documentationAssembled file includes b&w photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, and in some cases, negatives. Items may include full views, details, before-and-after restoration views, etc. Documentation may include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, related works, previous attributions, and bibliography11ocn888069250mix1.00Lockman, DeWitt McClellanInterviews of artists and architects associated with the National Academy of DesignInterviewsTranscripts and handwritten drafts of interviews of 86 artists and architects associated with the National Academy of Design, conducted by Lockman. Also included are a few biographical sketches12ocn475906995mix1927Lockman, DeWitt McClellanDeWitt M. Lockman interviews with artistsInterviewsTyped and written records of interviews in 1927 with artists and architects associated with the National Academy of Design; plus a few typescripts which contain biographical sketches and/or lists of works, without interviews. The subjects were: Mrs. Edwin A. Abbey, Wayman E. Adams, Robert Ingersoll Aitken, Ernest Albert, Alonzo Reynolds Beal, Edwin August Bell, Edwin Howland Blashfield, Roy Brown, George Elmer Browne, Arnold William Brunner, Alexander Stirling Calder, Carleton T. Chapman, B. West Clinedinst, Alphaeus P. Cole, Timothy Cole, E. Irving Couse, Robert Bruce Crane, Charles C. Curran, Benjamin Franklin De Haven, William Rowell Derrick, Louis Paul Dessar, Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Frederick I. Dielman, Edward Dufner, John Ward Dunsmore, Jared Bradley Flagg, John Flannagan, August Reynolds Franzen, Daniel Chester French, Sherry Edmundsen Frey, Edward Gay, Cass Gilbert, W. Granville-Smith, Chester Harding, Childe Hassam, Charles W. Hawthorne, William Henry Howe, Henry Salem Hubbell, William Henry Hyde, William S. Jewett, Francis Coates Jones, Dora Wheeler Keith, William Fair Kline, Jonas Lie, Louis Loeb, Will H. Low, Edward McCartan, Frederick William MacMonnies, Hermon Atkins MacNeil, Gari Melchers, Francis Luis Mora, Henry Siddons Mowbray, Raymond Perry Rogers Neilson, George Glenn Newell, Robert H. Nisbet, Ivan G. Olinsky, William Dryden Paddock, Walter L. Palmer, Arthur Parton, William McGregor Paxton, Ernest Peixotto, Joseph Pennell, Edward Henry Potthast, Henry Prellwitz, Wilhelm F. Ritschel, Henry Rittenberg, Frederick Roth, William Sartain, Henry Bailey Snell, Robert Spence, Egerton Swartwout, Douglas Volk, Bessie Potter Vonnoh, Robert B.M. Vonnoh, Horatio Walker, Harry W. Watrous, Adolph Alexander Weinman, Charles D. Weldon, William John Whittemore, Frederick Ballard Williams, Irving Ramsay Wiles, and Owen Cullen Yates11ocn068660033art1983Fielding, MantleBell, Edward August11ocn123370081art2002Pisano, Ronald GEdward August Bell (1862-1953) : Young Lady (Painting)11ocn062180151art1988Falk, Peter HBell, Edward August11ocn888074277mix1.00White, Nelson CNelson and Henry C. White research materialOther correspondents include George Grey Barnard (1916-1917), Frank Benson (1915-1917), George de Forest Brush (1909-1917), Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1903-1905), John Singer Sargent (1915-1923), Charles Freer, George Alfred Williams, and J. Alex Donald. Writings concerning Thayer include a 5-page autobiography dictated by Thayer (1907); transcripts from his father's diary; reminiscences by his father and daughter, Gladys Thayer (1849-1921); lists of Thayer's works; his writings on wildlife preservation, camouflage, and other topics; and a typescript of White's biography. Printed material consists of clippings and an exhibition catalog (1922). Photographs show Thayer, his family, his house, and works of art11ocn067761381art1986Edward August Bell (1862-1953) : At the Piano (Painting)Thu Oct 16 15:50:25 EDT 2014batch9225