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Fri Mar 21 17:10:52 2014 UTCviaf-298259040.00La croisière du Navigator /0.371.00The last days of Charles/Kathryn29825904Kathryn_McGuireMac Guire Kathryn 1903-1978MacGuire Kathryn 1903-1978Mc Guire Kathryn 1903-1978McGuire, KatherineMcGuire Katherine 1903-1978McGuire, Kathryn 1903-1978lccn-n79027006Keaton, Buster1895-1966cstausprfdrtactlccn-n85151659Crisp, Donald1880-1974prfdrtlccn-n85138454Vroom, Frederick1857-1942prfactlccn-n85138062Bruckman, Clyde1894-1955scewamviaf-10141618Havez, Jean C.1869-1925scewamlccn-no2002070402Mitchell, Joseph A.scewamlccn-no2008077873Lessley, Elginphtlccn-n80082568Lee, James Wardlccn-n80050654Texas Commission on the Artsnc-center for texas studies denton texCenter for Texas Studies (Denton, Tex.)McGuire, KathrynDramaHumorJuvenile worksPeriodicalsComedy filmsCaricatures and cartoonsHandbooks, manuals, etcFictionFilm adaptationsMan-woman relationshipsVendettaFrance.--Armée.--Légion étrangèreMotion picture projectionistsSeafaring lifeOcean linersSouthern StatesAir pilotsFamiliesLoveUnited StatesKeaton, Buster,France.--Armée de terre.--Légion étrangèreCaricatures and cartoonsDesertion, MilitaryShipwrecksShipwreck survivalBoats and boatingTheftAuthors, AmericanTexasAmerican literatureLiteratureComedyUnrequited loveMilitary laundriesMoroccoEscapesAirplanes--PilotingFiring squads (Execution)AmericansFrance--ParisMotion picturesTexas--DentonPolitical scienceCalifornia--Los Angeles--ChatsworthSteamboatsMotion picture theatersSegregationDeep divingRace relationsSeparation (Psychology)OceaniaSubmarines (Ships)Correspondence schools and coursesFilm adaptationsAfrican AmericansHolmes, Sherlock (Fictitious character)CannibalismSchool integration19031978192219231924196919821987198819921993199419951996199920012002200320042005200620072008201020121133370791.43PN1997ocn123101724ocn795445363ocn674526281ocn691836421ocn767047146ocn767313253ocn763025088ocn767313291ocn693958275ocn753151560ocn753768275ocn839317642ocn421113252ocn752609866ocn420818971ocn752606903ocn742696284ocn753733191ocn753664515ocn225846028ocn225791294221ocn032147296serial0.50New Texas ... : poetry & fictionPeriodicals1612ocn807754284visu19240.25Keaton, BusterThe navigatorFictionDrama[The navigator] Keaton stars as Rollo Treadway, an inexperienced lad of extraordinary wealth, and surprisingly little common sense, who finds himself adrift on an immense 500 ft. yacht. [The boat] A slapstick comedy about the adventures of a land-lubber and his family in their homemade sailboat. [The love nest] Buster sets out to sea, forlorn about a lost love1210ocn311713439visu19230.24Sherlock JrCaricatures and cartoonsDramaKeaton plays a projectionist who yearns to be a detective. His girlfriend's father accuses him of stealing a watch and when he falls asleep in the projection box, dream, art and reality become interwoven in a film-within-a-film as Keaton literally enters the fictional world up on the screen86ocn630429817visu19950.47El navegante The NavigatorKeaton contrae matrimonio y sufre la intimidación de sus cuñados. Su infelicidad es tal que no le quedará más remedio que plantearse la huida a Reno, Nevada, con el objeto de divorciarse y olvidar para siempre a tan abominable familia (Relaciones con mi mujer)71ocn494007384visu20050.92Buster KeatonPlot summary for The general: When Union spies steal an engineer's beloved locomotive, he pursues it single handedly, straight through enemy lines; plot summary for Steamboat Bill, Jr.: The effete son of a cantankerous riverboat captain joins his father's crew64ocn803949130visu19950.31El Navegante44ocn421113252visu1994Keaton, BusterLa croisière du Navigator"Rollo Treadway est un jeune milliardaire qui pour tromper son ennui, décide soudain de demander sa non moins riche voisine en mariage. Comme cette dernière refuse, Rollo part en croisière mais la jeune fille s'embarque sur le même bateau qu'un groupe de conspirateurs, la nuit, détache de ses amarres. Le lendemain, Rollo et la jeune fille se réveillent et explorent le navire pour se rendre compte qu'ils sont en pleine mer et les seuls êtres humains à bord du "Navigator"43ocn602864346visu19240.59Keaton, BusterSherlock Junior"Un jeune projectionniste néglige volontiers son travail pour se plonger dans la lecture de son manuel favori : "Comment devenir détective". Au cours d'une visite chez sa petite amie, il est injustement accusé d'un vol de montre. En réalité, c'est son rival qui est coupable, et qui a adroitement orienté les soupçons vers l'apprenti policier33ocn434721945visu1995El moderno Sherlock Holmes = Sherlock, Jr31ocn270350479visu20010.24The navigator the boat ; The love nestDramaThe navigator (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1924): Keaton stars as Rollo Treadway, an inexperienced lad of extraordinary wealth, and surprisingly little common sense, who finds himself adrift on an immense 500 ft. yacht. The boat (Comicque Film Co., 1921): Buster and family set sail aboard the homemade Damfino. The love nest (Buster Keaton Productions, 1923): A sailboat is traded for a U-boat to plumb new depths of comedy31ocn496402014visu2003Keaton, BusterOur hospitality Les lois de l'hospitalité22ocn434759521visu20030.17Sutherland, A. EdwardThe flying deucesJuvenile worksHumorFictionDramaComedy filmsKeaton interpreta a Rollo Treadway, un chico inexperto con una salud a prueba de bombas (y una sorprendente falta de sentido común), que se encuentra a la deriva en "The Navigator", un barco sin nadie más a bordo salvo una chica igual de ingenua que él (El navegante)21ocn807937653visu20010.27The Navigator El Navegante21ocn758209423visu0.47Las tres edades = The three ages ; El moderno Sherlock Holmes = Sherlock Jr. ; El Polo Norte = The Frozen North21ocn123101724visu19950.37Keaton, BusterThe art of Buster KeatonDramaFilm adaptationsFeatures a compilation of both short and feature length silent films by comic actor Buster Keaton21ocn807216336visu19990.23El Moderno Sherlock Holmes21ocn037557501book19220.47Thornburg, Zenas CharlesOur America and our Constitution : for the 7th and 8th gradesHandbooks, manuals, etc11ocn758209839visuEl navegante = The navigator ; El guardaespaldas = The high sign ; Una semana = One week11ocn601043028visu19240.47Buster Keaton, der Matrose12ocn804359201visu20050.27Keaton, BusterOur hospitalityDramaDVD features two films: "Our hospitality"--A New Yorker returns to his roots in the South of the United States but finds himself involved in a feud between his family and that of the woman he loves. "Sherlock Jnr."--a mild mannered theatre projectionist dreams of becoming a great detective when he enters the film he is projecting21ocn212228764book19880.23McGuire, KatherineOral history interview with Katherine McGuireHistoryInterview with Katherine McGuire, a community activist, about her experiences concerning the activities of the Denton Christian Women's Interracial Fellowship during the 1960s and 1970s. McGuire discusses segregation in Denton, street paving in the African American section of Denton, Denton Christian Preschool, the desegregation of public schools, meeting activities, social activities, former president of North Texas State University, John Kamerick, former NTSU poet-in-residence, B.F. Maiz, the desegregation of public facilities, churches and integration, integration of NTSU facilities, the decline of the group, and the group's lasting accomplishments11ocn055484721visu19921.00The last days of Charles/KathrynBiographyDocuments Charles/Kathryn McGuire's routine in the days immediately preceeding and immediately following his sex-change operation in London, EnglandFri Mar 21 15:19:56 EDT 2014batch15455