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Fri Mar 21 17:16:54 2014 UTCviaf-957652790.00Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material0.451.00Inner city paintings : Oliver Bevan95765279Oliver_BevanOliver Bevannp-dennis, brianDennis, Brianlccn-nr96039912Grabowski Gallerylccn-n2007073001Goede, Jules denp-gilchrist, grahamGilchrist, Grahamlccn-nr95029129Bennett, Terrynp-matcham, loisMatcham, Loislccn-n79086705Gallery 10np-packer, williamPacker, Williamnc-turnpike galleryTurnpike Gallerynp-beaumont, mary roseBeaumont, Mary RoseBevan, OliverExhibition catalogsCatalogsPainting, EnglishGreat BritainArt, ModernPainting, ModernPainting, BritishArt, BritishChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with instrumental ensemble194119651967196919731977198119831984198619891991199320032013482328704.94441ocn052756154score19770.47Dennis, BrianStorm music : for four groups of players with non-pitched percussion instruments41ocn052756156score19770.47Dennis, BrianWave piece : for pitched and non-pitched percussion42ocn052713691score19770.47Dennis, BrianWindmills : for voices and percussion42ocn052756151score19770.47Dennis, BrianTube map : for voices and instruments41ocn052756152score19770.47Dennis, BrianBalloon journey : for voices, pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments32ocn048869334book19890.92The subjective city : fifteen artists respond to the city31ocn021975704book19890.47Inner city11ocn501172988book1986Oliver Bevan11ocn501172986book1983Oliver Bevan : the Farringdon paintings11ocn870922836file20131.00Bevan, OliverThree papers on the Development and Contribution of Ideational Frameworks in Russian Politics, 1917-1934 and 1991-2008The central contention of this dissertation is that political scientists have largely ignored the importance of ideational frameworks for resolving problems of policy-making in times of significant upheaval. In order to illustrate the genesis and contribution of these frameworks, the three papers in my dissertation focus on a diachronic comparison of two moments in Russian history that encapsulate maximal uncertainty, covering the aftermath of the imperial collapses in 1917 and 1991. The first paper focuses on state- and nation-building in the North Caucasus, arguing that the debates between the Bolsheviks and other members of the Second International, particularly Otto Bauer, provided the Bolsheviks with a coherent platform that could largely stem the fissiparous tendencies of the region in a way that Boris Yeltsin and his teams were unable to do in the early 1990s. The second paper examines economic policy and finds the reverse to be true: the economic debates of the Second International largely ignored the problem of the peasantry and the exiled status of many of the leading Bolsheviks meant they were unable to articulate a sufficiently detailed policy to apply to the Russian case. The post-communists under the leadership of Yegor Gaidar, were able to draw on decades of economic research, particularly the Chicago and Virginia Schools, that provided the intellectual rationale for dismembering the Communist command-system, but equally important was the years that Gaidar and his team spent developing an alternative in the twilight years of communism. The final paper considers the legacy of ideational frameworks by considering the rule of Stalin and Putin, arguing that the tasks left unfulfilled provide a basis for regime consolidation by subsequent rulers11ocn501172985book1981Oliver Bevan : photographs & collages11ocn501180485book1986Sokari Douglas Camp : Alali11ocn272556689book19670.47Matcham, LoisDouble-take : Lois Matcham & Oliver BevanExhibition catalogs11ocn849718285book20030.10Dymond, HilaryHilary DymondCatalogs11ocn078599544mixBEVAN, OLIVERArtist file : miscellaneous uncataloged material11ocn272508626book19730.47Archer Gallery (London, England)Fantastic and naive reality I : Robert Howe, Dianne Stanley, Andrew Lanyon, Oliver BevanExhibition catalogs11ocn078689914book19930.47Witnesses and dreamers : painters of the inner city : May 29 : Oliver Bevan ... [et al.]Exhibition catalogs41ocn081815408book19690.47Oliver Bevan, Jules de Goede, Graham GilchristExhibition catalogs21ocn166623777book19910.47Bevan, OliverOliver Bevan : paintings of London and Tuscany, Gallery 10, London, March 13th - April 4th 1991Exhibition catalogs22ocn079034741book19650.47Oliver Bevan : 27 July-3 September 1965Exhibition catalogs11ocn070852486book19841.00Bevan, OliverInner city paintings : Oliver BevanExhibition catalogs11ocn199452311bookBevan, Oliver, 1941- : [miscellaneous ephemeral material]The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral items11ocn081077849book19670.47Lois Matcham and Oliver BevanExhibition catalogs11ocn080310085book19670.47Matcham, LoisDouble-take : Lois Matcham & Oliver BevanExhibition catalogsFri Mar 21 15:49:36 EDT 2014batch9429