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1 December 1801 to 3 March 1802 Anteprima di questo documento
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1 December 1801 to 3 March 1802

Autore: Thomas Jefferson, Politiker USA; Barbara B Oberg, Historikerin
Editore: Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2009.
Serie: The papers of Thomas Jefferson, vol. 36
Edizione/Formato:   Libro a stampa : English
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On 8 December Thomas Jefferson communicates his first annual message to Congress: peace between France and England is restored; the standing army can be done away with; and, 'peace & friendship'  Per saperne di più…


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Tipo documento Libro
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: Thomas Jefferson, Politiker USA; Barbara B Oberg, Historikerin
{0} 9780691137742 0691137749
Numero OCLC: 890661146
Descrizione: 754 p : ill.
Contenuti: Foreword viiEditorial Method and Apparatus xviiIllustrations xlvJefferson Chronology 21801To Andrew Sterett, 1 December 3From Joseph Yznardi, Sr.,enclosing Statement of Principles, 1 December 4To James Currie, 2 December 9To Thomas Leiper, 2 December 9To George Jefferson, 3 December 10To James Madison, [ca. 3 December] 10To Craven Peyton, 3 December 11From Andrew Sterett, 3 December 12From Abishai Thomas, 3 December 12Memorial from the District of Columbia Commissioners, 4 December 13From the Georgia Legislature, 4 December 17From George Jefferson, 4 December 18To George Latimer, 4 December 19To John Monroe, 4 December 19To Thomas Mann Randolph, 4 December 20From Christopher Smith, 4 December 21To Caspar Wistar, 4 December 22To Joseph BloomAeld, 5 December 22From Sylvanus Bourne, 5 December 23From Henry Dearborn, 5 December 24From John Glendy, 5 December 25To Gideon Granger, 5 December 27From James Hall, 5 December 27To James Lyon, 5 December 29To Isaac Story, 5 December 30From "Philanthrophos," [on or before 6 December] 31Bill to Establish a Government for the Territory of Columbia 32I. Draft Bill, [before 7 December] 34II. From John Thomson Mason, [7 December] 40From Tench Coxe, [before 7 December] 41Henry Dearborn's Plan for Reorganizing the Army, [7 December] 42From Albert Gallatin, 7 December 48From Horatio Gates, 7 December 50From George Jefferson, 7 December 51From the Senate, 7 December 51Annual Message to Congress 52I. To the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate, 8 December 57II. First Annual Message to Congress, 8 December 58III. Note for the National Intelligencer, [ca. 8 December] 67Henry Dearborn's Statement on Indian Trading Houses, 8 December 68To Albert Gallatin, 8 December 70From George Jefferson, 8 December 70From Matthew Lawler, 8 December 71From James Lyon, 8 December 71From James Madison, 8 December 73To Bishop James Madison, 8 December 75From James Monroe, 8 December 76General Statement of Account with John Barnes, 9 December 77Memorandum from John Barnes, 9 December 78From William P. Gardner, 9 December 79From John Vaughan, 9 December 80DeWitt Clinton's Statement on a Political Faction in New York, [before 10 December] 81From James Cheetham, enclosingJames Cheetham's Statement on a Political Factionin New York City, [10 December] 82From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 10 December 88From James Madison, [10 December] 89From the War Department, with Jefferson's Reply, 10 December 89From "An American," 11 December 91From Benjamin Hawkins, 11 December 93To the Senate, 11 December 94To the Senate, 11 December 95From Jean Chas, 12 December 95From James Currie, 12 December 97From John Dickinson, 12 December 97From James Dinsmore, 12 December 98To Christopher Ellery, 12 December 99From Lewis Littlepage, 12 December 99From Elijah Paine, 12 December 100From Albert Gallatin, [13 December] 101To James Monroe, 13 December 104From James Ray, 13 December 105To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 14 December 106To Albert Gallatin, 14 December 107From William Judd, 14 December 108From George Meade, 14 December 109From J. P. G. Muhlenberg, 14 December 111From Francois Soules, 14 December 112From Antoine Felix Wuibert, 14 December 114From Jacob Crowninshield, 15 December 116From Albert Gallatin, [15 December] 120From Abishai Thomas, 15 December 122From Thomas BruC, 16 December 123From Henry Dearborn, 16 December 125From Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 16 December 125From Bishop James Madison, 16 December 126From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 17 December 127From Hugh Holmes, 17 December 133From David Walker, 17 December 134From John Devereux DeLacy, 18 December 135To Peter Lyons, 18 December 157From Nathaniel Macon, 18 December 158From William Short, 18 December 158To James Taylor, Jr., 18 December 163From David Austin, 19 December 163From William Cranch, 19 December 164To John Dickinson, 19 December 165From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 19 December 166From Benjamin Henfrey, 19 December 167From Robert Patterson, 19 December 170From Richard Williams, 19 December 175To Horatio Gates, 20 December 176To Levi Lincoln, 20 December 176From James Monroe, 20 December 177To Benjamin Rush, 20 December 177From George Baron, 21 December 178Statement of Account with Thomas Carpenter, 21 December 181From Albert Gallatin, with Jefferson's Reply, 21 December 182To Levi Lincoln, 21 December 183Resolution of the Mississippi Territory General Assembly, 21 December 183From James Monroe, 21 December 185Proclamation on RatiAcation of theConvention with France, 21 December 187From John Vaughan, 21 December 189From Charles Douglas and Susan Douglas, 22 December 190To the Senate, 22 December 190To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 22 December 192From Lewis Littlepage, 23 December 194To Lewis Littlepage, 23 December 194To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 23 December 195From Albert Gallatin, 24 December 195From George HadAeld, 24 December 197From Josiah Hook, 24 December 198From Kennebec County, Maine,Constitutional Republicans, 24 December 198From John Stuart Kerr, 24 December 200From James Madison, 24 December 201From Overton Carr, 25 December 202To James Currie, 25 December 203To Benjamin Waterhouse, 25 December 203Memorandum to Albert Gallatin, with Gallatin's Reply, [on or before 26 December] 204From Albert Gallatin, 26 December 205From Albert Gallatin, 26 December 205From Robert R. Livingston, 26 December 206From the National Institute of France, 26 December 208From Albert Gallatin, enclosingOutline of Government ODces, 27 December 210From Albert Gallatin, 27 December 215To Adam Lindsay, 27 December 216From Caesar A. Rodney, 27 December 217To Oliver Wolcott, Jr., 27 December 220From William Adamson, 28 December 220From James Jackson, 28 December 224From John F. Mercer, 28 December 225From David Stone, 28 December 226From James Cheetham, 29 December 228From Andrew Ellicott, 29 December 229To Albert Gallatin, 29 December 231To James Madison, 29 December 231To James Madison, 29 December 232From Julian Ursin Niemcewicz, 29 December 233From Edmund O'Finn, 29 December 234From Robert Smith, 29 December 234From John Vaughan, enclosingList of Learned Societies, 29 December 235From Dr. John Vaughan, 29 December 238From Henry Voigt, 29 December 239From Timothy Bourn [before 30] December 241To William Eustis, 30 December 242From William Henry Harrison, 30 December 242From Thomas Oben, 30 December 245Presentation of the "Mammoth Cheese" 246I. From the Committee of Cheshire, Massachusetts, [30 December] 249II. From the Committee of Cheshire, Massachusetts, [1 January 1802] 250III. To the Committee of Cheshire, Massachusetts, [1 January 1802] 252Reply to the Danbury Baptist Association 253I. Draft Reply to the Danbury Baptist Association, [on or before 31 December] 254II. From Gideon Granger, [31 December] 256III. To Levi Lincoln, 1 January 1802 256IV. From Levi Lincoln, 1 January 1802 257V. To the Danbury Baptist Association, 1 January 1802 258A Bill for the Relief of SuCerers underCertain Illegal Prosecutions, [1801] 2581802From James Dinsmore, 1 January 260To John Wayles Eppes, 1 January 261To Thomas Mann Randolph, 1 January 262From Philip Turner, 1 January 263From Caspar Wistar, 1 January 264From "A. B.," 2 January 266From Gideon Granger, 2 January 268From George Jefferson, 2 January 268To James Oldham, 2 January 269To Samuel Smith, 2 January 269From James Taylor, Jr., 2 January 269From Albert Gallatin, 3 January 270From David Austin, 4 January 271From Sarah Blackden, 4 January 273Conference with Little Turtle 274I. Address of Little Turtle, [4 January] 280II. Jefferson's Reply, 7 January 286III. Henry Dearborn's Reply, 7 January 287IV. Response of Little Turtle, [7 January] 289From Joseph Crockett, 4 January 290From Louis Desmarets, 4 January 290To Theodore Foster, 4 January 291From Gideon Granger, 4 January 292From Benjamin Henfrey, 4 January 293From John F. Mercer, 4 January 293From Louis de Tousard, 4 January 294From William Goforth, 5 January 297To Benjamin Henfrey, 5 January 303To the Senate, 5 January 303From Samuel R. Demaree, 6 January 304From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 6 January 305From Blair McClenachan, 6 January 307From Thomas Newton, 6 January 308To the Senate: Interim Appointments, 6 January 309I. Tables of Justices of the Peace for the District of Columbia, [before 16 March 1801] 314II. Memorandum on Justices of the Peace for the District of Columbia, [on or before 16 March 1801] 316III. List of Interim Appointments from the State Department, [on or before 26 December 1801] 317IV. Draft of Interim Appointments, [on or after 26 December 1801] 322V. Key to the Arrangement of Interim Nominations, [before 6 January] 328VI. To the Senate, 6 January 331To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 7 January 337From William Duane, 7 January 337To George Jefferson, 7 January 338To Christopher Smith, 7 January 339To James Taylor, Jr., 7 January 339To Antoine Felix Wuibert, 7 January 340From David Austin, 8 January 340From James Currie, 8 January 340From Henry Dearborn, 8 January 341To George Jefferson, 8 January 342To James Taylor, Jr., 8 January 343From Albert Gallatin, 9 January 343To George Jefferson, 9 January 344From David Mandeville, 9 January 344To Samuel A. Otis, 9 January 345To Thomas Mann Randolph, 9 January 346From Albert Gallatin, 10 January 346From John Hughes, 10 January 348To Edward Savage 10 January 350To Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 10 January 350From David Austin, 11 January 351From Richard Dinmore, 11 January 352From Henry Esch, 11 January 353From La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 11 January 355To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 11 January 356From Isaac Story, 11 January 357From James Sullivan, 11 January 359From Benjamin Waterhouse, 11 January 359To Albert Gallatin, 12 January 361From John Gardiner, 12 January 362To the House of Representatives, 12 January, enclosing From James Madison, and Estimate of Expenses, 11 January 363From Charles Willson Peale, 12 January, enclosing Substance of an Address, [ca. 12 January] 365To the Senate, 12 January 367From Albert Gallatin, 13 January 367From George Jefferson, 13 January 368To John Vaughan and Charles Willson Peale, 13 January 369To James Currie, 14 January 369To George Jefferson, 14 January 370From George Jefferson, 14 January 371From George Washington McElroy, 14 January 371To John Vaughan, 14 January 372To Benjamin Waterhouse, 14 January 373To Philip Barraud, 15 January 373From John James Dufour, 15 January 373From Lewis Geanty, 15 January 376To the Georgia Legislature, 15 January 377From Simon Harris, 15 January 378To David Mandeville, 15 January 379From Robert Smith, 15 January 380From Augustus B. Woodward, 15 January 380From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., enclosingInvoice for Wine, with Jefferson's Notations, 15 January 381To Albert Gallatin, 16 January 384To Kennebec County, Maine, Constitutional Republicans, 16 January 384To Charles Willson Peale, 16 January 385To Henry Voigt, 16 January 386To James Cheetham, 17 January 386To Martha Jefferson Randolph, 17 January 387To Hore Browse Trist, 17 January 389To Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 18 January 390From Allen McLane, 18 January 392Notes on a Cabinet Meeting, 18 January 394From James Wilkinson, 18 January 394From David Austin, 19 January 395From William Dunnington, 19 January 396From Robert Smith, 19 January 397From Jacob Bayley, 20 January 397From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 January 399From George Jefferson, 20 January 399From James Madison, [ca. 20 January] 400From the Mississippi Territory House of Representatives, 20 January 400To David Austin, 21 January 401From William C. C. Claiborne, 21 January 402From Thomas Claxton, 21 January 402From Josias Wilson King, 21 January 403From Charles Willson Peale, 21 January 404From Anna Young, 21 January 405From Joseph Anthony, 22 January 409From John Beckley, 22 January 415From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 22 January 415To John Wayles Eppes, 22 January 416From Agnes Jackson, 22 January 418From William King, 22 January 419From Hore Browse Trist, 22 January 419From Thomas Claxton, 23 January 420From James Dinsmore, 23 January 421To Lewis Geanty, 23 January 422From William Short, 23 January 423From John Cleves Symmes, 23 January 424From Mary Jefferson Eppes, 24 January 426From Richard Brent, [25 January] 427From Ebenezer Elmer, 25 January 428From Albert Gallatin, [25 January] 428From Benjamin Hichborn, 25 January 429From Edward C. Nicholls, 25 January 431From William Barnwell, 26 January 432To James Madison and Family, 26 January 432To Wilson Cary Nicholas, 26 January 433From Wilson Cary Nicholas, 26 January 434To Joseph H. Nicholson and Rebecca Nicholson, 26 January 435From David Stone, 26 January 435From Richard Willson, 26 January 436From James Currie, 27 January 436To Richard Cutts, 27 January 437From Abraham Du Buc de Marentille, 27 January 438From Albert Gallatin, 27 January 440To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 27 January 440From John Davis, 28 January 443From Richard Dinmore, 28 January 444To Levi Lincoln, 28 January 446From James Lyon, 28 January 446From David Austin, 29 January 447To Andrew Ellicott, 29 January 448From Albert Gallatin, 29 January 448From Robert Morris, [on or before 29 January] 449From Benjamin Vaughan, 29 January 449From Benjamin Waterhouse, 29 January 454To John Wickham, 29 January 455From Isaac Briggs, 30 January 457Charges Against Arthur St. Clair 458I. From Thomas Worthington, 30 January 461II. List of Charges Against Arthur St. Clair, [ca. 30 January-20 February] 465III. Thomas Worthington's Charges and Explanations, 20 February 466From Delamotte, 30 January 470From Denniston & Cheetham, 30 January 472From Lafayette, 30 January 480To William Wardlaw, 30 January 482From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 30 January 482To Matthew Anderson, 31 January 484From Andrew Ellicott, 31 January 485To Dwight Foster, 1 February 486From Benjamin Hawkins, 1 February 486To the Senate, 1 February 487From Joseph Wheaton, 1 February 489From John Wayles Eppes, 2 February 490From George Jefferson, 2 February 492From Levi Lincoln, 2 February 493To Thomas Newton, Jr., 2 February 496From Samuel Quarrier, 2 February 497From Samuel Quarrier, 2 February 498To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 2 February 499From Robert Smith, 2 February 501Memorandum from Tench Coxe, 3 February 502Invoice from William Duane, 3 February 503To George Jefferson, 3 February 503To James Monroe, 3 February 504To Thomas Mann Randolph, 3 February 505From Albert Gallatin, 4 February 506From Samuel Morse, 4 February 507To Anna Young, 4 February 512To Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 4 February 512Conference with Black Hoof, 5 February 513I. Address of Black Hoof, [5 February] 517II. Jefferson's Reply, 10 February 522III. Henry Dearborn's Reply, 10 February 523IV. Henry Dearborn to Chiefs of the Delawares and Shawnees, 10 February 526To Aaron Burr, 6 February 527Philippe Jacques Dahler to Jefferson and Congress, 6 February 527From James B. Heard, [on or before 6 February] 529From Thomas Mann Randolph, 6 February 530From Jacob Wagner, 6 February 531From Joseph Barnes, 7 February 532From Lewis DuPre, 7 February 533From Andrew Ellicott, 7 February 535From John Guerrant, 7 February 536From Stephen Sayre, 7 February 537From Burgess Allison, 8 February 540From Daniel Carroll, 8 February 541From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 8 February 542To the House of Representatives, 8 February 543From George Jefferson, 8 February 545To Nathaniel Macon, 8 February 545To Samuel A. Otis, 8 February 546From Robert Smith, 8 February 546From Worsley & Murray, 8 February 547From Benjamin Smith Barton, 9 February 547From Catherine Church, 9 February 549From George Clinton, 9 February 550To the District of Columbia Commissioners, 9 February 551From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 9 February 551From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 9 February 552From Thomas Eddy, 9 February 553From Albert Gallatin, 9 February 554From John Thomson Mason, 9 February 555To Hore Browse Trist, 9 February 556To Abraham Baldwin, 10 February 557From Samuel Quarrier, 10 February 557To Daniel Carroll, 11 February 559From Stephen Cathalan, Jr., 11 February 559Tench Coxe's ReBections on Cotton, 11 February 562From Manasseh Cutler, [11 February] 563From the District of Columbia Commissioners, 11 February 564To James Oldham, 11 February 565From Henry Voigt, 11 February 565From David Campbell, 12 February 566From James Dinsmore, 12 February 567From Albert Gallatin, 12 February 568From James Monroe, 12 February 571From Thomas Newton, 12 February 572From Joseph Yznardi, Sr., 12 February 572From Horatio Gates, 13 February 573From George Jefferson, 13 February 574From Levi Lincoln, 13 February 574From James Monroe, 13 February 576From Samuel Quarrier, 13 February 577From Arthur St. Clair, 13 February 578From Andrew Ellicott, 14 February 579From "A Federalist Democrat," 14 [February] 581To George Hay, 14 February 581From David Lummis, 15 February 582From Philadelphia Merchants and Traders, [before 16 February] 586From Albert Gallatin, 16 February 589To the Senate and the House of Representatives,enclosing From James Madison, 16 February andAlbert Gallatin to James Madison, 30 January 592From Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse, [16 February] 598From Tench Coxe, 17 February 600From Nicholas Reib, 17 February 602To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 17 February 603From Robert Smith, 17 February 604Circular to Naval Commanders, 18 February 605From Thomas Newton, 18 February 606To the Senate, 18 February 606To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 18 February 607To Nicolas Gouin DuAef, 19 February 607From John Murray Forbes, 19 February 608From George Hay, 19 February 609From William Barton, 20 February 610From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 20 February 611To John Page, 20 February 613From Robert Smith, 20 February 615From John Dawson, 21 February 615From Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours, 21 February 616From Lewis Mayer, 21 February 617To Thomas Mann Randolph, 21 February 618From John Coburn, 22 February 620From Tench Coxe, 22 February 623From John Drayton, 22 February 625From Lyman Spalding, 22 February 626To Albert Gallatin, 23 February 627To Albert Gallatin, with Gallatin's Reply, [23 February] 628From Moses Myers, 23 February 628To Andrew Ellicott, 24 February 629To Albert Gallatin, with Gallatin's Reply, [on or before 24 February] 630To George Hay, 24 February 631To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 24 February 631To Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Munsee Indians, with Henry Dearborn, 24 February 632From Maria Cosway, 25 February, enclosing Proposal toPublish Etchings of Pictures in the Louvre, 1 February 636From Albert Gallatin, 25 February 638From James Madison, 2[5] February 638To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 25 February 640From "A--X," [26 February] 641From Anthony Campbell, 26 February 641To James Madison, with Madison's Reply, 26 February 654From Samuel Morse, 26 February 655From Anne Cary Randolph, 26 February 656From Ellen Wayles Randolph, [ca. 26 February] 656From Thomas Jefferson Randolph, [ca. 26 February] 657To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 26 February 658From Charles Peale Polk, 28 February [i.e. ca. 27 February] 658From Thomas Ballendine, 28 February 660To William R. Davie, 28 February 662From Thomas T. Davis, 28 February 662To James Monroe, 28 February 663To Thomas Mann Randolph, 28 February 663From Tench Coxe, 1 March 664From Edward Savage, 1 March 666To the Senate and the House of Representatives, 1 March 666From Robert Smith, 1 March 668From Robert Eastburn, 2 March 669Statement of Medical Services by Edward Gantt, 2 March 671From James Hardy, 2 March 671To the Mississippi Territory General Assembly, 2 March 673From Samuel Morse, 2 March 673To Thomas Newton, 2 March 674To John Wayles Eppes, 3 March 675To Mary Jefferson Eppes, 3 March 676From George Hay, 3 March 677From "Thomas Khronyngler," 3 March 678APPENDICESAppendix I: Letters Not Printed in Full 679Appendix II: Letters Not Found 681Appendix III: Financial Documents 685Appendix IV: Statements of Accounts with John Barnes 688Index 699
Titolo della serie: The papers of Thomas Jefferson, vol. 36
Responsabilità: Barbara B. Oberg, editor.


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