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Adobe Photoshop elements 7 on demand

Author: Steve Johnson; Kate Binder
Publisher: Indianapolis, IN : Que, ©2009.
Edition/Format:   Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats
A full-color guide to using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, with step-by-step instructions for over six hundred tasks, including working with files, editing, color correcting, enhancing, using themes and artwork, and other topics.

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Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: Steve Johnson; Kate Binder
ISBN: 9780789739315 0789739313
OCLC Number: 255884145
Notes: "First Printing: December 2008"--Title page verso.
Includes index.
Description: xx, 556 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 23 cm
Contents: Introduction xvii 1 Getting Started with Photoshop Elements 7 1 Installing Photoshop Elements 2 Launching Photoshop Elements 4 Using the Welcome Screen 5 Viewing the Workspaces 6 New! Choosing Commands 8 Switching Between the Organizer and Editor 9 Working with the Task Pane in the Organizer 10 Working with Bins in the Editor 11 Working with Palettes 12 Moving Palettes 14 Working with Editor Tools 16 Undoing and Redoing an Action 18 Getting Online Information 19 Getting Help While You Work 20 New! Checking for Updates and Patches 22 Exiting Photoshop Elements 24 2 Customizing the Way You Work in the Organizer 25 Setting General Photo Browser Preferences 26 New! Modifying Files Preferences 28 Setting Folder Location View Preferences 30 Setting Editing Preferences 31 Setting Camera or Card Reader Preferences 32 Setting Scanner Preferences 34 Setting Date View Preferences 35 Setting Keyword Tags and Albums Preferences 36 Setting E-mail Sharing Preferences 37 Setting Adobe Partner Services Preferences 38 3 Importing Photos into the Organizer 41 Specifying Watched Folders 42 Importing Tags Attached to Photos 44 Getting Photos from Files and Folders 46 Getting Photos by Searching 48 Getting Photos from a CD or DVD 49 Getting Photos from a Camera or Card Reader 50 Getting Photos from a Scanner 52 Getting Photos from a Mobile Phone 53 Getting Photos from a Video in the Editor 54 Adding Photos to the Organizer from the Editor 55 Creating and Opening a Catalog 56 Managing Catalogs 58 Moving Files in a Catalog 59 Deleting Files from a Catalog 60 Backing Up a Catalog 61 Restoring a Catalog Backup 62 4 Viewing Photos in the Organizer 63 Viewing Photos in the Photo Browser 64 Viewing Photos by Folder Location 66 Viewing Specific Files in the Photo Browser 68 Viewing Video Clips in the Photo Browser 70 Selecting Photos in the Photo Browser 71 Viewing Photos in Full Screen View 72 Viewing Photos in Side by Side View 74 Using the Control Bar 75 Viewing and Finding Photos in Date View 76 Viewing Photos in Map View 78 5 Finding Photos in the Organizer 81 Using the Keyword Tags Palette 82 Creating a Keyword Tag 83 Working with Categories or Sub-Categories 84 Finding Faces for Keyword Tagging 86 Attaching Keyword Tags to Photos 87 Attaching Keyword Tags Using Folder Names 88 Removing Keyword Tags from Photos 89 Searching for Photos by Keyword Tags 90 Searching for Photos Using the Find Bar 91 Finding Photos Using the Find Menu 92 Finding Photos by Metadata Details 94 Finding Photos by Searching for Text 96 New! Finding Photos Using the Timeline 97 Finding Photos with Star Ratings 98 6 Working with Photos in the Organizer 99 Using the Albums Palette 100 Creating an Album 101 Creating an Album Group 102 Adding Photos to an Album 103 Creating and Editing a Smart Album 104 Working with Albums and Album Groups 106 Fixing Photos Using Auto Smart Fix 108 Correcting Color Photos with Auto Color 109 Correcting Exposures with Auto Levels 110 Improving Contrast with Auto Contrast 111 Sharpening Photos with Auto Sharpen 112 Removing Red Eye with Auto Red Eye Fix 113 Cropping Photos 114 Rotating Photos 115 Stacking and Unstacking Photos 116 Working with Stacks 118 Working with Version Sets 120 Changing the Date and Time of Files 122 7 Working with Photos in the Editor 123 Creating a New File 124 Selecting Color Modes and Resolution 125 Creating a New File Using Presets 126 New! Opening a File 127 Opening a PDF File 128 Inserting Images in a File 129 Opening Raw Files from a Digital Camera 130 New! Working with Open Files 132 Processing Multiple Files 134 Changing Image Size and Resolution 136 Using Full Edit and Quick Fix 138 New! Using Guided Edit 140 New! Attaching Information to a File 142 Saving a File 144 Reverting to the Last Saved Version 146 Understanding File Formats 147 Understanding File Compression 148 Closing a File 150 8 Navigating and Using the Editor 151 Changing the View Size with the Navigator Palette 152 Changing the View Area with the Navigator Palette 153 Changing the Color of the Navigator Palette View Box 154 Changing the View 155 Changing the View with the Zoom Tool 156 Increasing or Decreasing Magnification 158 Moving Images in the Document Window 159 Working with One Image in Multiple Windows 160 Moving Layers Between Two Open Documents 162 Working with the Info Palette 163 Changing How the Info Palette Measures Color 164 Working with Rulers 165 Examining the Undo History Palette 166 Using the Undo History Palette 167 Undoing and Redoing with the Undo History Palette 168 Clearing Memory and the Undo History Palette 170 Using the Status Bar 171 Working with Guides 172 Viewing Notes 173 Listening to an Audio Annotation 174 9 Mastering the Art of Selection 175 Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool 176 Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool 177 Using the Lasso Marquee Tool 178 Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool 180 Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool 182 Using the Quick Selection Tool 183 Using the Magic Wand Tool 184 Using the Selection Brush Tool 185 Using the Magic Extractor 186 Refining a Selection Edge 188 Modifying an Existing Selection 189 Changing an Existing Selection 190 Adding, Subtracting, and Cropping a Selection 192 Saving Selections 194 Loading and Deleting Saved Selections 196 Copying and Pasting Selections 198 Moving Selections 200 10 Working with Layers 201 Understanding the Layers Palette 202 Defining Layer Designations and Attributes 203 Creating a New Layer 204 Selecting Layers 206 Creating a Selection from a Layer 207 Creating a Layer from a Selection 208 Simplifying a Layer 209 Converting a Background into a Layer 210 Working with Layers Using the Layers Palette 212 Stacking and Moving Layers 214 Moving Layers Between Documents 215 Using Merge Layer Options 216 Linking and Unlinking Layers 217 Deleting Layers 218 Duplicating a Layer 219 Working with Layer Blending Modes 220 Creating a Clipping Layer Group 221 Using Adjustment and Fill Layers 222 Creating an Adjustment Layer 223 Creating a Fill Layer 224 Changing Fill or Adjustment Layer Content 225 Modifying a Fill or Adjustment Layer 226 Deleting a Fill or Adjustment Layer 227 Using Blending Modes with Fill or Adjustment Layers 228 Merging Fill or Adjustment Layers 230 Creating a Temporary Composite Image 231 Using Masks with Adjustment Layers 232 Creating Masks with Selection 233 Setting Layers Palette Options 234 11 Adjusting and Correcting Color 235 Working with Color Modes and Depth 236 Understanding the RGB Color Mode 237 Understanding the Grayscale Color Mode 238 Understanding the Bitmap Color Mode 239 Understanding the Indexed Color Mode 240 Using the Color Swatches Palette 242 Creating Custom Color Swatches 244 Working with Strokes and Fills 246 Using Automatic Lighting and Color Commands 248 Working with the Histogram Palette 249 Controlling Tonal Range with Levels 250 Using the Shadows/Highlights Adjustment 252 Using the Brightness/Contrast Adjustment 253 Using the Color Curves Adjustment 254 Using the Hue/Saturation Adjustment 255 Using the Replace Color Adjustment 256 Using the Color Variations Adjustment 257 Using the Remove Color Cast Adjustment 258 Adjusting Color for Skin Tone 259 Using the Gradient Map Adjustment 260 Using the Photo Filter Adjustment 261 Using the Invert and Equalize Commands 262 Using the Threshold and Posterize Adjustments 263 Using the Black and White Adjustment 264 12 Using Transformation and Retouching Tools 265 Using Free Transform and Transform 266 Using 3D Transform 268 Resizing an Image to Scale 270 Using the Cookie Cutter Tool 271 Using Straighten and Crop 272 Using Rotate and Flip 274 Correcting Camera Distortion 276 Using the Adjust Sharpness Filter 278 Using the Sharpen Tool 279 Using the Unsharp Mask Filter 280 Using the Blur Tool 281 Using the Clone Stamp Tool 282 Using the Dodge and Burn Tools 283 Using the Sponge Tool 284 Using the Healing Brush Tool 285 Working with the Spot Healing Brush 286 Working with the Red Eye Tool 287 Retouching with the Smart Brush 288 New! Working with the Detail Smart Brush 289 New! 13 Using the Paint, Shape Drawing, and Eraser Tools 291 Understanding Foreground and Background Colors 292 Viewing the Brushes Palette 294 Changing the Brushes Palette View 295 Selecting Brush Tips 296 Creating Custom Brush Tips 297 Modifying or Deleting Brush Tips 298 Creating Custom Brush Tip Sets 300 Working with the Brush and Airbrush Tools 302 Setting Dynamic Brush Options 303 Working with the Pencil Tool 304 Working with Auto Erase 305 Working with the Impressionist and Smudge Tools 306 Using the Paint Bucket Tool 308 Using the Pattern Stamp Tool 309 Working with the Eraser Tools 310 Working with the Magic Eraser Tool 312 Creating and Applying Gradients 313 Creating Custom Gradients 314 Using the Color Replacement Tool 316 Creating Shapes in a Layer 317 Selecting and Moving Shapes 318 Working with the Line Tool 319 Using the Standard Shape Tool 320 Working with the Custom Shape Tool 322 14 Working with Layer Styles and Photo Effects 323 Exploring Layer Styles 324 New! Applying Layer Styles 325 Working with Layer Styles 326 Changing Drop Shadow Style Settings 328 Changing Bevel Style Settings 330 Change Inner and Outer Glow Style Settings 332 Changing Stroke Style Settings 334 Exploring Photo Effects 335 New! Applying Photo Effects 336 Using the Content Palette 337 New! Adding Stylized Shapes or Graphics 338 Adding a Stylized Frame or Theme 340 Adding Stylized Text 341 Adding Styles and Effects to Favorites 342 15 Manipulating Images with Filters 343 Working with the Filter Gallery 344 Applying Multiple Filters to an Image 346 Controlling Filters Using a Selection 347 Blending Modes and Filter Effects 348 Using the Color Halftone Pixelate Filter 349 Modifying Images with the Liquify Filter 350 Working with Liquify Filter Options 352 Using the Lighting Effects Filter 353 Using Blur Filters 354 Using the Gaussian Blur Filter 356 Applying the Surface Blue Filter 357 New! Using the Add Noise Filter 358 Using the Reduce Noise Filter 359 Viewing Various Filter Effects 360 16 Getting Creative with Type 363 Using Standard Type Tools 364 Editing Type 366 Working with Asian Type 367 Working with Type Options 368 Using the Warp Text Option 370 Setting the Anti-Aliasing Type Option 372 Creating a Type Mask 373 Isolating Image Pixels Using a Type Mask 374 Creating Chiseled Type with a Type Mask 376 Applying a Gradient Fill to Text 378 17 Saving Photos for the Web and Other Devices 379 Saving for the Web 380 Working with Save for Web Options 382 Working with Transparency and Mattes 384 Working with Dithering 386 Working with Web File Formats 388 Optimizing a JPEG Document 390 Optimizing a GIF Document 392 Optimizing a PNG-8 Document 394 Optimizing a PNG-24 Document 396 Optimizing an Image to File Size 397 Creating an Animated GIF 398 Previewing an Image in a Web Browser 400 Preparing Clipart for the Web 402 Preparing a Photo for the Web 404 Preparing an Image for the Inkjet or Laser Printer 406 Understanding Monitor, Image, and Device Resolution 408 18 Making Specialty Projects 409 Finding and Opening Projects 410 Saving a Project 411 Making a Photo Book 412 Making a Photo Calendar 414 Making a Photo Collage 415 Creating Labels and Jackets 416 Creating Greeting Cards 417 Creating an Online Album 418 New! Creating a Flipbook 420 Creating a Slide Show 421 Setting Slide Show Preferences 422 Working with Content in a Slide Show 424 Editing a Slide Show 425 Adding Effects to a Slide Show 426 Adding Extras to a Slide Show 428 Publishing a Slide Show 430 Creating a VCD with a Menu of Slide Shows 432 Using Photomerge Faces 434 Using Photomerge Group Shot 436 Using Photomerge Panorama 438 Using Photomerge Scene Cleaner 440 New! Keeping Proper Perspective with Vanishing Point 442 Resizing and Rotating Project Photos 444 Editing Photo Projects in Photoshop CS3 445 19 Printing and Sharing Photos 447 Working with Page Setup 448 Setting Measurement Units for Printing 449 Printing in the Organizer 450 Using More Print Options in the Organizer 452 Printing in the Editor 454 Setting Print Output Options 456 Choosing Color Setting 457 Setting Print Color Management Options 458 Printing a Document 460 Printing Multiple Layers 461 Using the Sharing Center 462 Sending Files in E-mail 463 Sending Files in Photo Mail 464 Sending Files to a Mobile Phone 465 Using the Contact Book 466 Making a CD or DVD with Files 468 Making a PDF Slide Show 469 Exporting Files 470 Copying or Moving Files to a Disk 471 Using Photos as Desktop Wallpaper 472 20 Customizing the Way You Work in the Editor 473 Optimizing Photoshop Elements 474 Setting General Preferences 476 New! Modifying Saving Files Preferences 478 Setting File Associations 480 Selecting Scratch Disks 481 Allocating Memory & Image Cache 482 Setting Undo History Preferences 484 Setting Display & Cursors Preferences 486 Setting Units & Rulers Preferences 488 Working with the Grid 490 Controlling Transparency Preferences 492 Setting Type Preferences 493 Selecting Plug-Ins 494 Managing Libraries with the Preset Manager 496 Using Drawing Tablets 498 Workshop: Putting It All Together 499 New Features 515 New! Keyboard Shortcuts 517 Index 527
Responsibility: Steve Johnson, Kate Binder.


Through full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, the authors explain such tricks as how to whiten teeth or deepen a blue sky with a single click using the new Smart  Read more...


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   schema:description "A full-color guide to using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, with step-by-step instructions for over six hundred tasks, including working with files, editing, color correcting, enhancing, using themes and artwork, and other topics."@en ;
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<> # Adobe Photoshop elements.
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<> # Photography--Digital techniques
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<> # Photography--Digital techniques
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<> # Adobe Photoshop elements.
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