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Advanced technology in teaching : selected papers from the 2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012) Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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Advanced technology in teaching : selected papers from the 2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012)

Auteur : Wei Zhang
Éditeur : Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012.
Collection : Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 163.
Édition/format :   Livre électronique : Document : Publication de conférence : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats
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2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012) is held on April 1-2, 2012, Macao. This volume contains 120 selected papers presented at 2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012), which is to bring together researchers working in many different areas of teaching and computational Science to foster international collaborations and exchange of new  Lire la suite...
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Genre/forme : Electronic books
Conference proceedings
Format – détails additionnels : Printed edition:
Type d’ouvrage : Publication de conférence, Document, Ressource Internet
Format : Ressource Internet, Fichier informatique
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs : Wei Zhang
ISBN : 9783642294587 3642294588 364229457X 9783642294570
Numéro OCLC : 798818787
Notes : Includes author index.
Description : 1 online resource.
Contenu : The Study of the Dynamic Model of Technology Innovation Decision Based on the Profit Forecast / Xia Li, Fanxing Kong and Yingbo Qin --
The Empirical Study of Firm's Social Capital and Technology Innovation Ability / Xia Li, Tingting Wang and Yingchun Liu --
Discussion of Improving Student Ability through Electro-hydraulic Experiment / Guo Jinjin, Zhang Jiageng and Yuan Xu --
Method Study on Demarcation Line of Professional Qualification Attainments / Zhao Hui and Wang Xue-qing --
Teaching Reforms and Practice on Applied Undergraduate Course of Computer Organization and Architecture / Ren Xiangmin and Jia Zongfu --
The Aided Teaching System Based on Web for Engineering Blasting / HongJian Li and Hong Hu --
Web-Based Inquiry of Autonomy in Foreign Language Learning as a English Major in Higher Vocational College / Hong Hu and Zhan Du --
Design and Implementation of Electronic Experimental Platform in General Technology Courses / Ying Li and Lianmin Hu --
Web-Based ESP Teaching in Higher Vocational College / Hong Hu and J. -W. Song --
Network Video Teaching Based on Learning Autonomy Taking Computer Teaching in the University as Example / Tang Lifang --
Exploration and Reform on Programming Course for Non-computer Majors / Yunwei Jia, Dan Wang and Qingsong Zhu --
On the Cultivation of Job-Hunting Competitiveness of Students in Logistics Department--Chongqing Jiaotong University in Case / Zhang Yun and Li Li --
The Scientific Research of Independent Colleges' Actuality and Foreground / Lou Su, Du Jiangyi and Feng Jiajia --
The Research and Design of Personalized Teaching Platform Based on Knowledge Relations Network / Du Jiangyi, Wen Zhaohai and Chen Yanjun --
Reform and Exploration of Sample of Mechanical Engineering Teaching Team Based on the Integration Concept / Feng Xianzhang, Wang Dan, Wang Lihong and Jiang Zhiqiang --
Service Type Recognizing Arithmetic in WCDMA Iur Interface Implementation / Fang Cheng --
A Method for Developing Software Based on Role Modeling and RSI / Fang Cheng --
A Study of the Effects of "Management" Bilingual Teaching on English Proficiency and Subject Knowledge / Zhang Hong --
Practical Teaching Design of Basis of College Computer Engineering Based on Blended Learning Model / Huang Lin-na --
Principal Problems & Counter-Measures Existing in Interactive Teaching Mode for Basis of College Computer under Internet Environment / Huang Lin-na --
400m Running Training Methods and Means of Track and Field Athlete / Guangzhi Huang --
Research and Practice on the Blog-Assisted Audit Teaching / Luqiang Yang --
The Relation between Magnetic Field Strength and Ultraweak Luminescence / Li-xin Li --
The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Teaching Reform / Lin Xiaoying and Su Xianbo --
The Analysis and Research of the Recultured of the Computer Application Ability of Sports Master in China / Fang Qi and Shiwei Yang --
Research of PCF for Real-Time Multimedia Services in WLAN / Shuai Xiaoying, Lian Dong-ben and Huang HaiSheng --
The Reform and Research on the Teaching of Microwave Technology / Xing Xu, Yue Xuejun and Lin Tao --
The Design of 2.4GHz Microstrip Band Pass Filter / Xing Xu, Yue Xuejun and Lin Tao --
A Report on Cognitive Processing of Chinese Characters between Hearing-Impaired and Normal Children / Zhao Zhang and Zongfu Yu --
On the Development and Prospect of Multimedia Assisted FL Learning in China / Dexi Chen --
Integration with JavaEE Framework to Build Tourism E-business System / Zhang Li and Zhang Wei Xi --
Evaluating and Enhancing the Performance of Streaming Media Services in E-learning System / Hu Xu-Huai, Yang Zhi-He and Li Huan --
Strategy of Reform and Recommendations of Practical Teaching of Mathematical Modeling and Mathematical Experiments Courses / Zhaodi Xu and Xiaoyi Li --
Application of Image Simulation of Arc Characteristics in Low Voltage Miniature Circuit Breakers / Liu Jinhe, Sun Ming and Li Zhigang --
A Hybrid Item-Based Recommendation Ranking Algorithm Based on User Access Patterns / Shao-Chieh Hu, Cheng-Yi Yang and Chien-Tsai Liu --
Environment Settings in College Computer Room / Feifei Yin and Jing Yi --
Preparation of Polyclonal Antibody and Expression Analysis of Gr in Tomato / Yuanhong Xie, Benzhong Zhu, Yunbo Luo, Xiangning Chen and Hongxing Zhang --
Discussion and Design of Synthetically Computer Network Experiment Scheme / Kaiyu Zhu, Xuefei Gao and Yongli An --
Study on Learning Performance Evaluation of Distance Continuing Education / Zhang HongYan and Wang JiKui --
Research on the Training Mode for Applied Personnel in General Colleges and Universities / Huixin Tian and Kun Li --
Management of Using Efficiency of Large-Scale Equipment / Zhiqiang Kang, Yubo Jia and Ying Wang --
The Factors Affect Middle School Sports Curriculum Reformation and Its Countermeasures Study / Cheng Pei --
Advanced Vocational Colleges' Online Evaluation System of Teaching Quality Based on AHP / Xia Zhou, Yi Chen and Zhihong Zhuo --
Development of Dual Educational System of Germany in China / Minggang Xu --
Research on Nonlinear PID Control of Digital Governor for Diesel Engine / Yong Zhou, Qing-jiang Zhang, Qi-xun Zhou and Hong-kai Jiang --
A Novel Method for Modeling and Simulation of Brushless DC Motor with Kalman Filter / Yong Zhou, Hong-kai Jiang, Qi-xun Zhou and Qing-jiang Zhang --
A Design and Applied Study of Substituted Middle School Teachers' Training Modal on the Basis of B-Learning--A Case Study of Educational Technology Training / Dehua Kong --
Study on the Impact of Individual Heterogeneity on Human Resource Development Needs / Yan Qin and Dan Mu --
A Method for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Control Based on Single-Loop SVPWM / Qi-xun Zhou, Mian-hua Wang, Yong Zhou and Yu-feng Zhang --
Create a Practical Teaching Environment for Applied Talents--Take the Case of Computer Specialty / Wu-Zhi Qiang and Wang Yun --
Probe into Structuring Six-Dimensional System for Educating and Cultivating College Party Members / Liu Chaohui and Zhang Liying --
The PE Teaching in Higher Education Based on the Integration of the Information Technology and Curriculum / Liu Daduo, Zhang Xianhui, Li Rongwei, Gao Chao and Liu Xiangfei --
Time Delay Dynamic System Model Identification of Hot Rolling Mill Based on an Improved PSO Neutral Network / Jianxin Zhou --
Reform and Practice in Engineering Mechanics Teaching for Wood Science and Engineering Major / Cheng Pengle and Li Xiaohui --
Psychoanalysis and Educational Countermeasures for the Fickleness of College Students Learning / Wei Yingzi and Gu Kanfeng --
The Application of Mordern Information Technology in University Daily Management / He Dan, Xie ChengWei and Yang Fang --
Review on Innovative Practice Teaching and Its Quality Evaluation System for Software Engineering Specialty / Yong Zhang, Jianli Dong, Cunhua Li, Zhaohui Ji and Junming Wu --
The Curricula Building for Information Management and Information System Major / Siqing Luo, Ke Liang and Jing Wang --
Assessment of Intellectual Capital Efficiency in China Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Companies: Using DEA / Yanjie Hu, Xiuli Wang and Lanxia Yang --
The Research on Anchor Ratio of Test Equating Design / Jianhua Xiong, XinRong Ye, Shuliang Ding and Fen Luo --
Research of the Intentional Forgetting Ability Training for Engineering Students / Wei Zheng, Qi Lu and Rongrong Cui --
The Analysis and Exploration of Education Pattern on the Student's Public Morals Quality in Vocational Colleges / Chunqing Wang --
A Discussion of the Prospects of the Short Pimples Out Style of Fast Attacking Penhold Grip Play / Teng Shou Gang --
Sustainability Assess of Wind Energy Project Based on Improved BSC-Hierarchy Model / Fang Fang and Yu Aimin --
The Economic Evaluation of the Wind Power Projects Based on the Cloud Model / Fang Fang and Yu Aimin --
Development of Shared Interactive Coursewares Based on ActiveX Controls / Jinguo He --
The Teaching Problems in Fashion Buyer Course and Their Proposed Solutions / Junying Zhang --
The Exploration of the Mechanical Transmission Teaching in the Machine Design Course / Xinghua Li --
Research on Application of Multimedia Teaching over Literature Classroom / Jing Guo and Jianping Zheng --
Post-Financial-Crisis Era The Countermeasures for Promoting the Graduates Employment in Universities / Xingmiao Xu --
The Problems and Suggestions on College Teacher's Educational Technology Training in China / Yu-fang Chao --
Applications of Modern Educational Technologies in Higher Arts Education / Zhan Yun and Ma Ming-Lei --
Research on the Training System of the Programming Ability for Applied Talents / Liu Tao, Cheng Yusheng, Zhou Mingzheng and Chen Dejun --
Model Design of Achievement Pre-warning in High Education Based on Data Mining / Wu Hai-feng, Cheng Yu-sheng and Hu Xue-gang --
The Research of a Cooperative Model Intrusion Detection System / Zhu Qiang and Shun Yuqiang --
Particle Filtering Method for Source Localization in Wireless Sensor Network / Yong Zhang and Li Wang --
A Novel Reputation Model Based on Subjective Logic for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / Xuemai Gu, Pei Lin and Shuo Shi --
A Distributed Deployment Algorithm with Mobile Sensors in Wireless Sensor Network / Fei Yang and Yong Zhang --
A Group Based Context-Aware Strategy for Mobile Collaborative Applications / Wei Wang, Junzhong Gu, Jing Yang and Peng Chen --
Multi-agent Negotiation with Fuzzy Logic in E-Commerce / Zuo Bao-he and Sun Yu --
Interactive Visualization of 3D Segmented Data Sets Using Simplified LH Histogram Based Transfer Function / Na Ding, Kuanquan Wang, Wangmeng Zuo and Fei Yang --
Design of Fingerprint Access Control System in Intelligent Community / Han Cheng-hao, Ren-Ye and Li-Min --
Exploring Data Prefetching Mechanisms for Last Level Cache in Chip Multi-Processors / Mingliang Liu, Lin Qiao, Fucen Zeng and Zhizhong Tang --
Current Research on the Fitness Coaches's Job Satisfaction in Hubei / Feng-zhen Qin and Daping Wang --
Fault Diagnosis of Ball Bearing Based on Energy Feature and Research of Intelligent Classification Method / Linxiang Lu and Yun Zeng --
Advanced Modulation Schemes Based on BICM-ID for FM IBOC / Fang Weiwei, Li Jianping and Cai Chaoshi --
Research on Fault Diagnosis of CT Scanner Based on Probabilistic Neural Network / Shi Lei --
An Improved Non Data Aided Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation Algorithm for OFDM Systems / Hu Dengpeng, Shi Feng and Zhang Eryang --
Can Strategic Trade Policies Improve Comparative Advantages of Exports? A Heterogeneous Panel Analysis of Chinese Agro-Based Manufactures / Yu Hong and Hong-wei Su --
Adaptive Equalization Using a New RLS Algorithm Combined with the Coordinate Descent Method / Xiangyuan Bu and Yaoyao Yang --
An Improved CUSUM Algorithm in Cognitive Radio / Song Xiao-ou, Xiang Xin, Bi Du-yan and Wang Xing-hua --
The Research on Subject Database Division Based on Entity Similarity / Hongjun Zheng, Jinli Peng and Duo Wang --
A Extension to Triangular Projected Iterated Function System / Huichun Hua and Bo Xiong --
An Evaluation Approach to the Normativity of Handwritten Chinese Character Based on Vector Cross-Product / Si Huayou, Qi Hengnian, Deng Fei and Zhuang Li --
Study on Inherent Mechanism of Strategic Transformation Capability / Tang Jianxiong and Huang Jianbo --
Adaptive Neural Network Applications in Ship Motion Control / Hu Guanshan and Pan Weigang --
Research and Practice of Bilingual Teaching for Electrical and Electronic Technology / Chen Peijiang --
Research on How to Optimize the Structure of China's Foreign Reserve / Ma Jie and Li Lei --
Model Checking Web Applications Based on Web Navigation / Mingyue Jiang and Zuohua Ding --
ESPRIT-Based Joint Angle and Frequency Estimation Using Multiple Delay Output / Sun Zhongwei, Li Jianfeng, Liu Jian and Zhang Xiaofei --
A GAF Algorithm of Dislocated Grid for Wireless Sensor Network / Chen Zu-jue, Ouyang Ye-long and Liu Shao-qing --
An Improved Code Modulation Scheme Based on BICM for IBOC-FM / Song Yang, Li Jianping, Cai Chaoshi and Yang Wei --
An Improved Spatial Division Multiplexing of STBC Scheme Based on BICM / Song Yang, Li Jianping and Cai Chaoshi --
A Traffic Light Detection Method / Chunhe Yu and Ying Bai --
VRLA Battery Management System Based on LIN Bus for Electric Vehicle / Changhao Piao, Qifeng Liu, Zhiyu Huang, Chongdu Cho and Xiaonong Shu --
Analysis of a Ka-Band Phase-Shifter Using Distributed MEMS Transmission Line Structure / Zhen Kelong, Lv Shanwei and Zhang Yan --
File Protection System Based on Driver / Li Wei, Chen Hao, Liu Peng and Ye Shichao --
A Miniaturized UHF RFID Reader Antenna / Zhongbao Wang, Shaojun Fang, Shiqiang Fu and Jun Zheng --
A Good Anti-robust Algorithm with Map Watermarking / Wang Lele, Liu Wei and Dong Yinghong --
An Information Retrieval Methods Based on the Sample of Feature Extraction / Wang Xiaohu, Wang Lele and Li Nianfeng --
Use Case-Based Service-Oriented Analysis and Modeling / Wenjun Liu, Meitao Fu, Sanqiang Luo and Dongcheng Zou --
Performance Study for Java Virtual Machine in Embedded Systems / Liu Wenjun --
A Study on Influence of Design Pattern in Shared Memory Multiprocessor Application / Liu Wenjun --
Land Quality Comprehensive Evaluation on Land Consolidation of Discrepancy Topography / Qu Chenxiao, Meng Qingxiang, Lin Yan and Cai Congfa --
The Effect of a Ratings-Based Approach to Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility / Jun Ma --
Equilibrium Price and Remark on Welfare in Electronic Commerce / Jun Ma --
Equipments Requirement Forecasting Analytical Model of Air-Defence Brigade Considered RMS Factors / Shi Junbin, Zhang Hong, Shi Yanbin and Yao Fushan --
Design of Wireless Monitor System Based on CC2430 and GPRS / Xiuli Zeng, Zheng Yao and Xuemei Song --
A Novel Method of Multi-view Virtual Image Synthesis for Auto-stereoscopic Display / Xi Ming, Xue Jiufei, Wang Lianghao, Li Dongxiao and Zhang Ming --
Binding Mechanism of a MN's Multi-interface Sharing a Unique Network Prefix on PMIPv6 / Wen Wei, Wang Lingjiao and Guo Hua.
Titre de collection : Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 163.
Autres titres : ICTCS 2012
Responsabilité : Wei Zhang (ed.).
Plus d’informations :

Résumé :

2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012) is held on April 1-2, 2012, Macao. This title contains 120 selected papers presented at 2012 International Conference  Lire la suite...


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schema:description"2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012) is held on April 1-2, 2012, Macao. This volume contains 120 selected papers presented at 2012 International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (ICTCS 2012), which is to bring together researchers working in many different areas of teaching and computational Science to foster international collaborations and exchange of new ideas. This volume book can be divided into two sections on the basis of the classification of manuscripts considered. The first section deals with teaching. The second section of this volume consists of computational Science. We hope that all the papers here published can benefit you in the related researching fields."
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