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Advances in computer science and information engineering. Volume 2

Autor: David Jin; Sally Lin
Editora: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012.
Séries: Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 169.
Edição/Formato   e-book : Documento : Publicação de conferência : InglêsVer todas as edições e formatos
Fonte:Advances in computer science and information engineering
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CSIE2012 is an integrated conference concentrating its focus on Computer Science and Information Engineering . Firstly, poor quality paper has been refused after reviewing course by anonymous referee  Ler mais...


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Gênero/Forma: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Tipo de Material: Publicação de conferência, Documento, Recurso Internet
Tipo de Documento Recursos de internet, Arquivo de computador
Todos os Autores / Contribuintes: David Jin; Sally Lin
ISBN: 9783642302237 3642302238 364230222X 9783642302220
Número OCLC: 793912615
Descrição: 1 online resource (xix, 720 pages).
Conteúdos: Vehicle Style Recognition Based on Image Processing and Neural Network / ZhengWei Zhu and YuYing Guo --
Feature Model Application in No-Mold-Drawing Control / ShuRong Ning, ShengLi Gan, ChaoEn Xiao and LinJie Miao --
Research of E-Commerce Based on Cloud Computing / Chunling Sun --
Study on Chaos-Based Weak Signal Detection Method with Duffing Oscillator / Fengli Wang, Hui Xing, Shulin Duan and Hongliang Yu --
The Application of Association Rule Mining in CRM Based on Formal Concept Analysis / HongSheng Xu and Lan Wang --
The Design of Data Collection Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Formal Concept Analysis / Yi Wang, Jian Zhang and HongSheng Xu --
The Research of Network Management System Based on Mobile Agent and SNMP Technology / Shiwei Lin and Yuwen Zhai --
A Research of PLD Training for IT Applications / Wei Zhang and Limin Liu --
Terminal Sliding Mode Control for STT Missile Based on RBF Neural Network / Xianjun Shi, Hongchao Zhao and Jie Chen --
Design of Broadband Receiver in Battlefield Electromagnetic Spectrum Monitoring System / Wenjun Lu, Libiao Tong, Lianfei Duan, Fei Ye and Hongjun Zhang --
Discussion of "Sensors and Detection Technology" Curriculum Construction / Shenhui Du and Zheng Li --
Development of Interactive and Virtual Algorithm Animation of C Programming Language / YangNa Su --
Clustering on Multiple Data Streams / Li Tu --
Research on Automatic Scoring for Java Programming Questions / ShanPing Qiao and XueSong Sun. Study on Blind Source Separation of Single-Channel Signal with EEMD / Fengli Wang, Shulin Duan and Hongliang Yu --
Computer Multimedia Technology Status and Development Prospects / Yan Huang --
The Algorithm for 3D Lotus Construction Based on Fractal / Bo Cong --
Mobile Agent Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks / Sheng Zhang, Zhang He and Huili Yang --
The Design of Electronic Transformer Sophisticated Calibration System Based on FFT Algorithm / Lujun Cui, Hui-chao Shang, Gang Zhang, You-ping Chen and Yong Li, et al. --
Application of Data Mining Technology Based on RVM for Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis / Lin Niu, Jian-guo Zhao and Ke-jun Li --
Application of MATLAB in Physical Experiment Processing / Jianguo Lu and Ming Hu --
Video Traffic Detection Method for Deep Packet Inspection / Jun Huang, Botao Zhu and Zujue Chen --
Automatic Knot Adjustment for Reverse Engineering by Immune Genetic Algorithm / Li Xu, Xiuyang Zhao and Bo Yang --
Research on the Key Technology of Computer Multimedia Terminal Software / JingMin Li --
Effect of Turbocharging on Exhaust Brake Performance in an Automobile / Chengye Liu and Jianming Shen --
A Study on Classification Method of Discrete Data Basic on Improved Association Rules / YueQin Cao --
The Research of Collaborative Learning Based on Network Environment / DaoJun Tan --
The Investment Decision-Making Index System and the Grey Comprehensive Evaluation Method under Hybrid Cloud / Donglin Chen, Min Fu, Xuerong Jiang and Dawei Song. A Novel Convergence DRM System Based on a Trusted Third Service Center / Wenxue Jia, Yang Song and Yanhui Xia --
Nonlinear Plant Identifier Using the Multiple Adaptive RBF Network Convex Combinations / Xiangping Zeng, Haiquan Zhao and Weidong Jin --
Estimation of Rotor Resistance of Induction Motor Based on Extended Kalman Filter / Guohan Lin and Qin Wan --
Data Exchange Solution for Seismic Precursory Observation Data / WeiFeng Shan, Jun Li, QingJie Liu and Bing Zhang --
Design and Realization of the Online Bookstore System Based on Struts Framework / Yufen Wang, Changjiang Li and Chaohua Lu --
The Evolution Strategy Implementation of the Least Trimmed Square Algorithm / Yuhua Dong and Jifeng Ding --
Research on the Information Security Technology of University Campus Network / Changyi Wang, Zhuo Zhang and Xianhua Song --
Robot Reinforcement Learning Methods Based on XCSG / Jie Shao, Shuai Chen and ChengDong Zhao --
Research on Multi-robot Path Planning Methods Based on Learning Classifier System with Gradient Descent Methods / Jie Shao, JunPeng Zhang and ChengDong Zhao --
Robot Hybrid Architecture Based on Parallel Processing of Multi-DSP / YongBin Ma, JunPeng Zhang, Jie Shao and ChengDong Zhao --
Method of Image Fusion Based on Improved Probability Theory / Chengdong Zhao, Xuhui Wang and Jie Shao --
Advanced Incremental Mining Algorithm for Risk Analysis Based on the Association Rules / Ying Mei. LEACH-Based Security Routing Protocol for WSNs / Jianli Wang, Laibo Zheng, Li Zhao and Dan Tian --
A System of Robot Detecting and Tracking Moving Objects Based on Modified Optical Flow / GuangZhao Cui, KeKe Liang and JinChao Guo --
The Presentation of the Quarternary Super-Wavelet Wraps and Applications in Computer Science / Ping-An Wang --
Predicting Gas Emission Based on Combination of Grey Relational Analysis and Improved Fuzzy Neural Network / Xiaoyan Tang and Zhengguo Wang --
Calibration for Zooming Image Shrink-Amplify Center / Hongwei Gao, Changyi Luan, Fuguo Chen, Guang Yang and Kun Hong --
Research of Circuit Board Fast-Scanning Detecting Device / ZhiLiang Chen, Yue Liu, LiGuo Tian, Meng Li and JiePing Zhang --
Design of Farmland Information Intelligent Collection Node Based on GPS / Yue Liu, LiGuo Tian, Meng Li and ZhiLiang Chen --
An Improved Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm for Knapsack Problem / Zhoufang Li, Yan Zhou and Peng Cheng --
Bounding Box Modeling in Virtual Orthodontics Treatment System / Zhanli Li and Youlan Chen --
Learning to Observation Matrices of Compressive Sensing / Guosheng Gu and Jie Ling --
Steady Data Judgment Algorithm and Neutral Network Robust Training in Boiler Combustion Optimization / XuGuang Wang and Jie Su --
Triangulation Inequality Violation in Internet Delay Space / Yifei Zhang and Hongli Zhang --
Towards the Design of Network Structure of Data Transmission System Based on P2P / Jian Yu and Hua Wang --
FPGA Implementation and Verification System of H.264/AVC Encoder for HDTV Applications / Teng Wang, Chih-Kuang Chen, Qi-Hua Yang and Xin-An Wang --
Image Quality Assessment Method Based on Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization / Xiang Li and Yuan-yuan Wang. Research and Design of Heterogeneous Data Exchange System in E-Government Based on XML / Huaiwen He, Yi Zheng and Yihong Yang --
Study on Soft Measurement of Moisture Eliminating Ratio in Tobacco Leaf Re-drying Line / Jingjie Dong, Lihui Feng, Wen Chen, Wei Song and Wenyong Yang --
Registration Algorithm of Multi-sensor System Errors Based on High-Precision Navigation Equipments / Pixu Zhang, Hangyu Wang and Zhangsong Shi --
Research and Design of Universal and Open Software Development Platform for Digital Home / CaiFeng Cao --
A 3D Clipping Simulation Based on Virtual Surgery / Peng Wu, Kai Xie, Houquan Yu, Yunping Zheng and Chao Wu --
Ranking Software Risks Based on Historical Data / Yu Wang, Shun Fu and Teng Zhang --
The Application of the Computer Simulation in the Stability Analysis of Roadway / Fengzhen Liu and Weiguo Qiao --
Research on Electric Differential for Steering Electric Vehicles / Zitong Wang, Wei Yao and Wei Zhang --
Research on Learning Resources Grid Information Retrieval Based on Metadata / Li Yang, Luo Zhong and Bo Zhu --
Fault Feature Extraction of Cylinder-Piston Wear in Diesel Engine with EMD / Fengli Wang, Shulin Duan and Hongliang Yu --
The Personalized Recommendation Method Based on Improve-Collaborative Filtering Algorithms / TingZhong Wang and XiHu Zhi --
Multi-step Predictions Based on TD-DBP ELMAN Neural Network for Wave Compensating Platform / Zhigang Zeng --
Soft-Sensing Based on Genetic Algorithm for Auto-Product-Line / Zhigang Zeng --
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Two Sub-swarms / Zhihui Yu, Wenhuan Wu and Lieyang Wu --
Research and Design of Personalized Information Retrieval Based on Users' Clustering / Yan Hu and Baohong Yu. The Application Analysis of Clustering and Partitioning Algorithm in Web Data Mining / GuoFang Kuang and MingLi Song --
Digital Temperature Measurement System Based on Oscillator / Ling Zhu --
Numerical Simulation Research of Weld Stress Field after Welding Trailing / Qinghua Bai, Yuejin Ma and Weilian Sun --
Technology Roadmap of Electric Vehicle Industrialization / Qinghua Bai, Shupeng Zhao and Pengyun Xu --
Visualization Method of Trajectory Data Based on GML, KML / Junhuai Li, Jinqin Wang, Lei Yu, Rui Qi and Jing Zhang --
Study on Improved Rijndael Encryption Algorithm Based on Prefix Code / Zhiqiang Xie, Pengfei Gao, Yujing He and Jing Yang --
An Integrated Flexible Scheduling Algorithm by Determining Machine Dynamically / Zhiqiang Xie, Yuzheng Teng, Yujing He and Jing Yang --
An Optimum Design to the Simulation Platform of Combustion Process of Diesel Engines / Jing Wang, Qian Wang and Cisheng Lin --
Optimization of Test Points at Circuit Board Based on Network Topology Structure / Ying Liu, HaiLiang Ma and FangJun Zhou --
Selection Method of Minimum Test Set at Circuit Board Based on Improved Node Matrix / Ying Liu, HaiLiang Ma and FangJun Zhou --
Design of Monitoring and Alarming System for Urban Underground Gas Pipe Leakage Based on C8051F060 / Shiwei Lin and Yuwen Zhai --
The Research of Fast File Search Engine Based on NTFS and Its Application in Fast Electronic Document Destruction / Jun Huang and ShunXiang Wu --
Improved Genetic Algorithm Based 2-D Maximum Entropy Image Segmentation Algorithm / Jianjun Wang --
A Design of the Urban Well Environment Monitoring System Based on M-BUS / JianYun Ni, Jing Luo, ZeRen Yu, Lian Li and Ming Zhao. A Color Image Representation Method Based on Double-Rectangle NAM / Peng Wu, Kai Xie, Houquan Yu, Chuanbo Chen and Chao Wu --
Method for Image Shape Recognition with Neural Network / Wenpeng Lu --
Brief Introduction of Back Propagation (BP) Neural Network Algorithm and Its Improvement / Jing Li, Ji-hang Cheng, Jing-yuan Shi and Fei Huang --
Research of Colorde Image Digital Watermark / Cun Shang and Peng Yang --
The Design of Web Services in e-Commerce Security Based on XML Technology / Wei Xu and DaPeng Zhang --
The Research of Agent Software Engineering Technology / Jinhao Lu, Chi Dong and Fei Zhan --
Prediction of the Busy Traffic in Holidays Based on GA-SVR / MeiLi Guo, DianJun Li, ChaoBen Du, ZhenHong Jia and XiZhong Qin, et al. --
Research on Software Simulation Technique for Qingha Oil Pipeline Production Run Process / Lixin Wei, Hang Dong and Yu Wang --
Study on Improved Collision Detection Algorithm / LiMei Fan --
Coefficient Statistic Based Modified SPIHT Image Compression Algorithm / Jianjun Wang and Ying Cui --
Holidays Busy Traffic Forecasting Based on MPSO-SVR Algorithm / Jiao Lan, DianJun Li, XiZhong Qin, ZhenHong Jia and Li Chen, et al. --
Busy Hour Traffic of Wireless Mobile Communication Forecasting Based on Hidden Markov Model / DongLing Zhang, ZhenHong Jia, XiZhong Qin, DianJun Li and ChaoBen Du, et al. --
The Development of Web Log Mining Based on Improve-K-Means Clustering Analysis / TingZhong Wang --
Automatically-Controlled System for Detecting Quartz Crystal Based on PLC / Wei Li, Guanying Zhu and Bin Lin --
The Design of the Weeds Classification System Based on BP Neural Network / DongMing Li, Bo Du and Li Zhang. The Research of Ontology Merging Based on Rough Concept Lattice Isomorphic Merging / HongSheng Xu and MingLi Song --
An Improved Electric Vehicle Regenerative Braking Strategy Research / Qingsheng Shi, Chenghui Zhang and Naxin Cui --
An Improved Image Encryption Method Based on Total Shuffling Scheme / Yan Shen, Guoji Zhang, Xuan Li and Qing Liu --
The Study and Analysis of Fast Iterative Algorithms in Industrial Computerized Tomography Image Reconstruction / RuiFang Zhang --
Design and Implementation of FPGA Network Simulation and Verification Platform / Keke Wang, Bo Yang, Zhenxiang Chen and Tao Sun --
Application of Simulated Annealing Algorithm to Optimization Deployment of Mobile Wireless Base Stations / Zih-Ping Ho and Chien-Sheng Wu --
Low Computation Resource Allocation for Adaptive OFDM Power Line Communication / Lei Wang, Jun Lu, XianQing Ling and Qian Huang --
The Study of Apodization of Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer in the Spectrum Reconstruction / XueJun Zhao and Bin Zhao --
The Application of Semi-supervised Clustering in Web Services Composition / QiPing Zheng and Yi Wang --
A Fast and Effective Algorithm for Image Co-segmentation / Ji Kai Chen, Shunxiang Wu and YanYun Qu --
Crowd Simulation Using Heat Conduction Model / Nan Xiang and Ling Lin --
Design of Semantic Web Retrieval Model Based on Ontology / Chaoyang Ji and Lingli Zhang --
Integrated Scheduling Algorithm Based on Dynamic Essential Short Path / Zhiqiang Xie, Peng Wang, Zhongyan Gui and Jing Yang.
Título da Série: Advances in intelligent and soft computing, 169.
Responsabilidade: David Jin and Sally Lin.


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