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Advances in control and communication

Auteur: Dehuai Zeng
Uitgever: Berlin : Springer, ©2012.
Serie: Lecture notes in electrical engineering, v. 137.
Editie/Formaat:   eBoek : Document : Conferentie-uitgave : EngelsAlle edities en materiaalsoorten bekijken.

With success of ICEEE 2010 in Wuhan, China, and December 4 to 5, 2010, the second International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICEEE 2011) will be held in Macau, China, and  Meer lezen...


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Genre/Vorm: Electronic books
Conference papers and proceedings
Aanvullende fysieke materiaalsoort: Print version:
International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2nd : 2011 : Macau, China).
Advances in control and communication.
Berlin ; London : Springer, 2011
Genre: Conferentie-uitgave, Document, Internetbron
Soort document: Internetbron, Computerbestand
Alle auteurs / medewerkers: Dehuai Zeng
ISBN: 9783642260070 3642260071
OCLC-nummer: 777302486
Opmerkingen: Based on the second International Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICEEE 2011)--held in Macau, China, Dec. 1-2, 2011.
Beschrijving: 1 online resource (xvi, 758 pages) : illustrations (some color).
Inhoud: Control Fractional-Order Chaotic System to Approach any Desired Stability State via Linear Feedback Control / Zhang Dong, Zhou Ya-Fei --
A Novel Fuzzy Entropy Definition and Its Application in Image Enhancement / Haitao Yu --
Automatic Security Analysis for Group Key Exchange Protocol: A Case Study in Burmester-Desmedt Protocol / Ren Chunyang, Wang Hongyuan, Zhang Zijian --
A Virtual Organization Model Based on Semantic Web Services and Its Application in Supply Chain for Agricultural Product / Ruoyu Chen, Lejian Liao, Zhi Fang --
Question Answering via Semantic Web Service Composition / Liu Wang, Lejian Liao, Xiaohua Wang --
Quality Evaluation Model Study of B2C E-Commerce Website / Zhiping Hou --
A New Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on NSCT and SVD / Xiong Shunqing, Zhou Weihong, Zhao Yong --
Optimization of Harris Corner Detection Algorithm / Xiong Shunqing, Zhou Weihong, Xia Wei --
Face Recognition Technology Based on Eigenface / Yan Xinzhong, Cui Jinjin. Generalized Diagonal Slices and Their Applications in Feature Extraction of Underwater Targets / Haitao Yu --
The BLAST Algorithm Based on Multi-threading in the DNA Multiple Sequence Alignment / Xiaojun Kang, LiYuan He, LiJun Dong --
Research on TAGSNPS Selection Based on BLAST Algorithm / Xiaojun Kang, LiYuan He, LiJun Dong --
Research on Image Retrieval Based on Scalable Color Descriptor of MPEG-7 / Wen Yong-ge, Peng Sheng-ze --
A Novel Helper Caching Algorithm for H-P2P Video-on-Demand System / Li Xia --
The Design and Implementation of a SMS-Based Mobile Learning System / Long Zhang, Linlin Shan, Jianhua Wang --
Summary of Digital Signature / Long Zhang, Linlin Shan, Jianhua Wang --
Optimal Selection of Working Fluid for the Organic Rankine Cycle Driven by Low-Temperature Geothermal Heat / Wang Hui-tao, Wang Hua, Ge Zhong --
Development Tendency of the Embedded System Software / Chen Jiawen. Numerical Simulation on the Coal Feed Way to 1000MW Ultra-Supercritical Boiler Temperature Field / Liu Jian-quan, Bai tao, Sun Bao-min, Meng shun --
Research on the Coking Features of 1900t/h Supercritical Boiler with LNASB Burner Vents / Liu Jian-quan, Bai tao, Sun Bao-min, Wang hong-tao --
Study on Fractal-Like Dissociation Kinetic of Methane Hydrate and Environment Effect / Xu Feng, Wu Qiang, Zhu Lihua --
Repair Geometric Model by the Healing Method / Di Chi, Wang Weibo, Wen Lishu, Liu Zhaozheng --
Fracture Characteristics of Archean-Strata in Jiyang Depression and the Meaning for Oil-Gas Reservoir / Li Shoujun, He Miao, Yuan Liyuan, Yin Tiantao --
Influencing of Liquid Film Coverage on Marangoni Condensation / Jun Zhao, Bin Dong, Shixue Wang --
Study on the Droplet Size Distribution of Marangoni Condensation / Jun Zhao, Bin Dong, Shixue Wang --
Research on Market Influence of Wind Power External Economy and Its Compensation Mechanism / Yu Shunkun, Zhou Lisha, Li Chen --
Research on the Evaluation of External Economy of Wind Power Project Based on ANP-Fuzzy / Yu Shunkun, Zhou Lisha, Li Chen. Liuhang Formation and Its Characteristics of Fracture Development in Western Shandong and Jiyang Depression / He Miao, Li Shoujun, Tan Mingyou, Han Hongwei --
The Long-Range Monitoring System of Water Level Based on GPRS Network / Zhang Yi-Bing --
Chat Analysis to Understand Students Using Text Mining / Yao Leiyue, Xiong Jianying --
Pricing Mechanism on Carbon Emission Rights under CDM / Jiangshan Bao, Jinjin Zuo --
Analytic Solutions of an Iterative Functional Differential Equation Near Resonance / Lingxia Liu --
Local Analytic Solutions of a Functional Differential Equation / Lingxia Liu --
Time to Maximum Rate Calculation of Dicumyl Peroxide Based on Thermal Experimental Analysis / Zang Na --
Thermal Stability Analysis of Dicumyl Peroxide / Zang Na --
Modeling and Simulation of High-Pressure Common Rail System Based on Matlab/Simulink / Haitao Zhi, Jianguo Fei, Jutang Wei, Shuai Sun. Information Technology, Education and Scocial Capital / Huaiwen Cheng --
Analysis of Antibacterial Activities of Antibacterial Proteins/Peptides Isolated from Serum of Clarias Gariepinus Reared at High Stocking Density / Wang Xiaomei, Dai Wei, Chen Chengxun, Li Tianjun --
Prediction Model of Iron Release When the Desalinated Water into Water Distribution System / Wang Jia, Tian Yi-mei, Liu Yang --
Study on Biodegradability of Acrylic Retanning Agent DT-R521 / Xuechuan Wang, Yuqiao Fu, Taotao Qiang --
Relationship between Audible Noise and UV Photon Numbers / Mo Li, Yuan Zhao, Jiansheng Yuan --
Analysis and Design of the Coils System for Electromagnetic Propagation Resistivity Logging Tools by Numerical Simulations / Yuan Zhao, Mo Li, Yueqin Dun, Jiansheng Yuan --
Does Investment Efficiency Have an Influence on Executives Change? / Lijun Ma, Tianhui Xu --
How to Attract More Service FDI in China? / Changhai Wang, Yali Wen, Kaili Kang --
Pretreatment of Micro-polluted Raw Water by the Combined Technology of Photocatalysis-Biological Contact Oxidation / Yingqing Guo, Changji Yao, Erdeng Du. A Singular Integral Calculation of Inverse Vening-Meinesz Formula Based on Simpson Formula / Huang Xiao-ying, Li Hou-pu, Xiang Cai-bing --
An Approach in Greenway Analysis and Evaluation: A Case Study of Guangzhou Zengcheng Greenway / Wu Juanyu, Xiao Yi --
A New Combination Pressure Drop Model Based on the Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Pressure Drop Model / Li Bin, Ma Yu --
Study on Safety Assessment of Gas Station Based on Fuzzy Theory / Liu Jing-cheng, Wang Hong-tu, Li Wen-hua --
The Automatic Control System of Large Cotton Picker / Yang Xu-dong, Sun Dong, Jin Liang-liang --
The Development and Application Prospect of Natural Food Preservative / Wu Jie, Sun Bei, Zhu Fei --
Penalty Function Element-Free Method for Solving Seepage Problem of Complex Earth Dam / Wang Zhi, Shen Zhen-zhong, Xu Li-qun, Gan Lei --
The Natural Gas Pools Characteristics in Sulige Gas Field, Ordos Basin, China / Lin Xiaoying, Zeng Jianhui, Zhang Shuichang --
Evaluation of Excavation Geological Conditions of Wawaigou Quarry / Yongcheng Guo, Jianlin Li, Xing Chen. The Cause and Characteristics of Land Subsidence in Xi'an, China / Weifeng Wan, Juanjuan Zhang, Yunfeng Li --
Origin Analysis on Breccia of the Lower Mantou Fromation of Cambrian System in Reservoir Area in Hekou Village / Weifeng Wan, Qingjun Liu, Yaojun Wang --
The Existence of Analytic Solutions of a Functional Equation for Invariant Curves / Lingxia Liu --
Supply Chain Collaboration Based on the Wholesale-Price and Buy-Back Contracts / Jinyu Ren, Yongping Hao, Yongxian Liu --
Research and Development on a Three-Tier C/S Structure-Based Quality Control System for Nano Plastics Production / Cunrong Li, Chongna Sun --
A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Grain Emergency Scheduling Problem / Bao Zhan Biao, Wu Jianjun --
Fast Sparse Recovery in Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Based on Smoothed l 0 Norm / Tianbao Dong, Jingshu Yang --
Chinese Text Classification Based on VC-Dimension and BP Neural Network / Wang Yaya, Ji Xueyun. Research of Credit Risk Based on Credit Transition Matrix / Zheng Zhi-hong, Lu Shi-bao --
A Cluster-Based Load Balancing for Multi-NAT / Linjian Song, Jianping Wu, Yong Cui --
The Evaluation Theory on Credit Levels of Retailers Based on Analytic Network Process / Ruan Lili, Ma Ke --
The Research on the Permissible Delay in Payments in Oligopoly Market / Ruan Lili, Ma Ke, Liang Guangyan --
A Hybrid Method for the Dynamics Response of the Complicated Structure / Jie Gao, Bing Li --
Optimization of Coatings for Vascular Stent with Ultrasonic Spray Technology / Gu Xingzhong, Huang Jie, Ni Zhonghua --
Research on Photoelectric-Precise Monitoring System of Thin-Film Deposition / Xu Shijun, Zhang Chunmin, Ren Xiaoling --
Research on J2ME-Based Mobile Random Chat System / Gang Qiang, Yanqi Liu, Chong Zhang, Chao Mu --
Optimization of Bilinear Interpolation Based on Ant Colony Algorithm / Olivier Rukundo, Hanqiang Cao, Minghu Huang --
Parallel Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm / Mingyan Jiang, Dongfeng Yuan. A Modified Discrete Shuffled Flog Leaping Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction / Juan Lin, Yiwen Zhong, Jun Zhang --
On the Equilibrium of Outsourcing Service Competition When Buyer Has Different Preference towards Supplier / Shengli Chen, Xiaodong Liu --
On Interval Assignment Games / Xiaodong Liu, Minghai Zhang, Zhengyu Zang --
A Trust Computing Method Based on Feedback Credibility / Runlian Zhang, Xiaonian Wu, Qihong Liu --
The Factors Impact Customer Satisfaction in Online Banking Sector: The Chinese Perspective / Zhengwei Ma --
Post Environmental-Sustainable Assessment of the Soil and Water Conservation Project of Yanhe River Watershed in China / Chen Li --
Semi-supervised Laplacian Eigenmaps on Grassmann Manifold / Xianhua Zeng --
Application of Closed Gap-Constrained Sequential Pattern Mining in Web Log Data / Xiuming Yu, Meijing Li, Dong Gyu Lee --
Kernelized K-Means Algorithm Based on Gaussian Kernel / Kuo-Lung Wu, You-Jun Lin --
A Novel Sparse Learning Method: Compressible Bayesian Elastic Net Model / Cheng Ke-yang, Mao Qi-rong, Zhan Yong-zhao. Evolutional Diagnostic Rules Mining for Heart Disease Classification Using ECG Signal Data / Minghao Piao, Yongjun Piao, Ho Sun Shon --
Extracting Image Semantic Object Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm / Xiao Yong-hao, Chen Yong-chang, Yu Wei-yu --
Comparing Content Analysis of Mathematics Websites between Taiwan and China / Hsiu-fei Lee --
Analysis of Online Word of Mouth of Student Teachers in Internship-A View on Mathematics Teaching / Hsiu-fei Lee --
An Effective Sequence Image Mosaicing Approach towards Auto-parking System / Jinze Song, Bin Dai, Yuqiang Fang --
Pro-detection of Atrial Fibrillation with ECG Parameters Mining Technique / Mohamed Ezzeldin A. Bashir, Kwang Sun Ryu --
On Supporting the High-Throughput and Low-Delay Media Access for IEEE 802.11 Enhancements / Shih-Tsung Liang, Jin-Lin Kuan --
A Study on the Degree Complement Based on Computational Linguistics / Li Cai --
Stability in Compressed Sensing for Some Sparse Signals / Sheng Zhang, Peixin Ye --
Research and Comparison on the Algorithms of Sampled Data Preprocess in Power System On-Line Insulation Monitoring / Xuzheng Chai, Xishan Wen, Yan Li, Yi Liu.
Serietitel: Lecture notes in electrical engineering, v. 137.
Andere titels: ICEEE 2011
Verantwoordelijkheid: Dehuai Zeng (ed.).
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