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Advances in meteorology, climatology and atmospheric physics

Autor: Costas G Helmis; Panagiotis T Nastos
Editora: Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013.
Séries: Springer atmospheric sciences.
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Gênero/Forma: Electronic books
Conference proceedings
Tipo de Material: Publicação de conferência, Documento, Recurso Internet
Tipo de Documento: Recurso Internet, Arquivo de Computador
Todos os Autores / Contribuintes: Costas G Helmis; Panagiotis T Nastos
ISBN: 9783642291722 3642291724
Número OCLC: 806059101
Descrição: 1 online resource.
Conteúdos: Part 1. Meteorology --
Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques for Flood Risk Assessment in Cyprus / D. D. Alexakis, D. G. Hadjimitsis, S. Michaelides, I. Tsanis and A. Retalis, et al. --
Estimating Flash Flood Discharge in a Catchment Area with the Use of Hydraulic Model and Terrestrial Laser Scanner / D. D. Alexakis, D. G. Hadjimitsis and A. Agapiou --
On the Role of Potential Vorticity Perturbations in the Spontaneous Generation of Gravity Waves / N. A. Bakas and B. F. Farrell --
On a Dynamical Mechanism Underlying the Intensification of Tropical Cyclones / N. A. Bakas and P. J. Ioannou --
Radar Derived Storm Characteristics Over Central Greece / D. Bampzelis and T. Karacostas --
Synoptic Aspects of the Eastern Mediterranean Explosive Cyclogenesis of 22 January 2004 / D. Brikas, T. Karacostas and I. Pytharoulis --
Wind Energy in NW Greece / D. C. Chaskos, A. Bartzokas and J. D. Pnevmatikos --
Agrometeorological Remote Sensing of High Resolution for Decision Support in Precision Agriculture / N. R. Dalezios, N. Spyropoulos, A. Blanta and S. Stamatiades --
Surface Meso High and Wake Low Associated with Pre-Monsoon Thunderstorm Over the Kharagpur Region / S. Dawn and M. Mandal --
Evaluation of WRF-ARW Model in Reproducing a Heavy Rainfall Event Over Chalkidiki, Greece: The Effect of Land-Surface Features on Rainfall / G. Efstathiou, D. Melas, N. Zoumakis and P. A. Kassomenos --
On the Effect of Land Use Change on the Meteorological Parameters Above the Greater Athens Area / K. M. Fameli, V. D. Assimakopoulos and V. Kotroni --
Study of a Mesoscale Convective Complex Over Balkans with Meteosat Data / H. Feidas --
Numerical Wave Modeling and Wave Energy Estimation / G. Galanis, G. Zodiatis, D. Hayes, A. Nikolaidis and G. Georgiou, et al. --
Delineation of Convective and Stratiform Rainy Clouds Based on Their Spectral and Textural Features on Meteosat Data / A. Giannakos and H. Feidas --
Development of a Modeling System for Urban Heat Islands: An Application to Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece / T. M. Giannaros, D. Melas, I. Keramitsoglou and I. A. Daglis --
Using Synoptic Classification to Evaluate an Operational Weather Forecasting System / F. Gofa, D. Tzeferi and A. Raspanti --
MODIS Data for Monitoring RedScale (Aonidiella aurantii) Population: The Development of a Regression Model Using Temperature Measurements from Satellite and Meteorological Stations / D. G. Hadjimitsis, A. Agapiou and A. Papachristodoulou --
Studying Surface Observed Meteorological Characteristics Under Different Synoptic Scale Circulation Patterns / C. H. Halios, C. G. Helmis, H. A. Flocas, S. Nyeki and D. N. Asimakopoulos --
Forest Fire Modeling and the Effect of Fire-Weather in Landscape Fire Behavior for the Region of Attica, Greece / N. Iliopoulos, K. Kalabokidis, G. Kallos, H. Feidas and A. Malounis, et al. --
Mobile Radar Network Measurements for Flood Applications During the Field Campaign of HydroRad Project / J. Kalogiros, M. Anagnostou, F. S. Marzano, E. Picciotti and G. Cinque, et al. --
Synoptic, Dynamic and Thermodynamic Characteristics of the 10th August 2008 Intensive Storm Over North-Central Greece / T. Karacostas, V. Spiridonov, D. Bampzelis, I. Pytharoulis and G. Karoutsos, et al. --
A Three-Dimensional Simulation of the 10th August 2008 Storm Occurred Over Greece: AgI Seeding of Cell Merger by Using a Cloud Resolving Model / T. Karacostas, V. Spiridonov, S. Stolaki, I. Pytharoulis and I. Tegoulias --
The Meteorological Setting of a Particulate Air Pollution Episode During November 2009, in Western Macedonia Industrial Area, Greece / A. F. Karagiannidis, A. G. Triantafyllou and T. Karacostas --
A First Comparative Analysis of Temperature Data Collected from Automatic and Conventional Weather Stations in Greece / N. Karatarakis, A. Sarantopoulos, T. Charantonis, P. T. Nastos and K. Lianos, et al. --
Thermal Comfort in Hot Outdoor Environment Under Unsteady Conditions / G. Katavoutas, H. A. Flocas and M. Tsitsomitsiou --
Heat Island and Thermal Bioclimate in Athens, Greece / G. Katavoutas, G. K. Georgiou, D. N. Asimakopoulos and G. Theoharatos --
Seasonal Forecasts for the 2010 Russian Heat Wave Using an Atmospheric General Circulation Model / P. Katsafados, E. Papadopoulou, A. Papadopoulos and E. Mavromatidis --
Nowcasting a Mesoscale Convective System Over Greece with a Satellite-Based Algorithm / S. Kolios and H. Feidas --
openmeteo.org: A Web Service for the Dissemination of Free Meteorological Data / S. Kozanis, A. Christofides, N. Mamassis and D. Koutsoyiannis --
Numerical Investigation of the Role of Topography in Tornado Events in Greece / I. T. Matsangouras, I. Pytharoulis and P. T. Nastos --
Biometeorological Conditions in the Urban Park of Nea Smirni in the Greater Region of Athens, Greece During Summer / A. Matsoukis, A. Kamoutsis, A. Bollas and A. Chronopoulou-Sereli --
Forest Fire Indices in Greece During the Forest Fire Events of Summer 2007 / A. Mavrakis, A. Agelakis and G. Theoharatos --
Satellite Based Estimation of Urban Surface Emissivity with the Use of Sub-Pixel Classification Techniques / Z. Mitraka and N. Chrysoulakis --
Comparison of Actual Thermal Vote with Two Objective Human-Biometeorological Indices Values / K. Pantavou, E. Chatzi and G. Theoharatos --
A Comparison of a Hydrological and an Energy Balance Model for Estimating Evapotranspiration of Chickpeas at Paphos (SW Cyprus) Agricultural Area / G. Papadavid, D. G. Hadjimitsis, S. Michaelides, L. Toulios and A. Agapiou --
High Resolution Gridded Meteorological Data Across the Mediterranean Basin / A. Papadopoulos, P. Katsafados and I. Pytharoulis --
Performance Assessment of an Integrated Sensor for Simultaneous Measurements of Global and Diffuse Radiation Components at Athens Area / B. Psiloglou, S. Lykoudis and D. Kouvas --
Study of the August 2010 Heat Event in Cyprus / A. Retalis, D. Paronis, S. Michaelides, F. Tymvios and D. Charalambous, et al. --
Stable Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric Water Vapor in Greece / V. Salamalikis, A. A. Argiriou and E. Dotsika --
Hailstorm Characteristics Over the Area of Central Macedonia During the Period 1998-2008 / E. Sfiri and T. Karacostas --
The Impact of Topography on the Precipitation Regime over Epirus, NW Greece, During the Cold Period of the Year / O. A. Sindosi, A. Bartzokas, V. Kotroni and K. Lagouvardos --
Meteorological Conditions Associated with Strong Tornadoes in Greece / M. Sioutas, P. T. Nastos, I. T. Matsangouras and H. A. Flocas --
An Attempt for Teaching Meteorological Instruments to the Students of Agriculture by Using Self-Constructions / S. Spanos and X. Vatsios --
Contribution to the Study of Regional Actual Evapotranspiration with the Use of Surface Energy Balance and Remote Sensing for Central Greece / M. Spiliotopoulos, A. Loukas and H. Michalopoulou --
The Effects of Naturally Produced Dust Particles on Radiative Transfer / C. Spyrou, G. Kallos, C. Mitsakou, P. Athanasiadis and C. Kalogeri --
Numerical Study of an Intense Episode of Vardaris Wind / L. Tsopouridis, I. Pytharoulis, T. Karacostas, P. Zanis and I. Tegoulias --
A Comparison of Storm Characteristic Between Mountainous and Plain Areas within Central Macedonia / K. Tymbanidis, D. Bampzelis, T. Karacostas and E. Chatzi --
ANN-Based Modeling of Daily Global UV, PAR and Broadband Solar Radiant Fluxes in Cyprus / F. Tymvios, A. Georgiou, M. Pelecanou and C. P. Jacovides --
Cloud Detection and Classification with the Use of Whole-Sky Ground-Based Images / P. Tzoumanikas, A. Kazantzidis, A. F. Bais, S. Fotopoulos and G. Economou --
Factors Determined Snow Accumulation Over the Greater Athens Area During the Latest Snowfall Events / A. Voudouri and D. Kotta. Part 2. Climatology --
Simulating the Climatology of Extreme Events for the Central Asia Domain Using the RegCM 4.0 Regional Climate Model / H. Altinsoy, T. Ozturk, M. Turkes and M. L. Kurnaz --
The Precipitation and Temperature Regime Over Three European Sub-regions as a Result of Climate Change / H. Altinsoy, A. Yuncu and M. L. Kurnaz --
Analysis of the Effect of Climate Change on the Yield of Crops in Turkey Using a Statistical Approach / H. Altinsoy, C. Kurt and M. L. Kurnaz --
Drought Index Over Greece as Simulated by a Statistical Downscaling Model / C. Anagnostopoulou, K. Tolika and P. Maheras --
Hellenic Network for Solar Energy / A. F. Bais, A. Kazantzidis, C. S. Zerefos, D. Melas and E. Kosmidis, et al. --
The Climate and Bioclimate of Nevşehir from the Perspective of Tourism / O. Çalışkan and A. Matzarakis --
Indications of Stability of Occurrence of Halcyon Days in the Ancient Greek Drama / C. Chronopoulou and A. Mavrakis --
Remotely Sensed Spatiotemporal Features of Agrometeorological Drought / N. R. Dalezios, A. Blanta and N. Spyropoulos --
Characterization of Dust Storm Sources in Western Iran Using a Synthetic Approach / A. Darvishi Boloorani, S. O. Nabavi, R. Azizi and H. A. Bahrami --
Objective Recognition of Low Pressure Systems and Their Characteristics in the Area of Greece / K. Douvis, G. Tselioudis, M. Bauer and C. S. Zerefos --
Relating Climatic Variables to Geographic Features in Greece / H. Feidas, A. F. Karagiannidis, S. Keppas, G. Marougianni and M. Vaitis, et al. --
The Contribution of Urban Effect to the Warming Trends of Air Temperature in Athens / D. Founda, F. Pierros, M. Petrakis and C. S. Zerefos --
Modeling of Changes in Human Thermal Bioclimate Resulting from Changes in Urban Design: Example Based on a Popular Place in Freiburg, Southwest Germany / D. Fröhlich and A. Matzarakis --
Evaluation of Potential Evapotranspiration in Central Macedonia by EmPEst / S. Gebhart, K. Radoglou, G. Chalivopoulos and A. Matzarakis --
Impacts of Climate Change Over the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Region Using the Hadley Centre PRECIS RCM / C. Giannakopoulos, E. Kostopoulou, P. Hadjinicolaou, M. Hatzaki and A. Karali, et al. --
Spatial Variability of Daily Extreme Surface Air Temperatures Over Europe During 1950-2009 / A. Gkikas, E. Mastrapostoli, F. Stamatoukou, B. D. Katsoulis and N. Hatzianastassiou --
Comparisons of Air Temperature Summer Conditions Between an Urban Forest Park and Its Surrounding Built-Up Area with Their Nearby Mountainous Forest, in the Greater Athens Area, Greece / V. Gouma --
Relationship of South-Eastern Europe Winter Precipitation with North Atlantic SST / M. Hatzaki and R. Wu --
Phenological Response of Pear and Orange Trees to Air Temperature at Regions of Thessaly and Peloponnesus, Greece / A. Kamoutsis, A. Matsoukis, P. Kouzounas and A. Chronopoulou-Sereli --
Regional Climate Models' Future Simulations of Mean Air Temperature in Greece / J. Kapsomenakis, P. T. Nastos, K. Douvis, C. M. Philandras and G. Tselioudis, et al. --
Evaluation of the Canadian Fire Weather Index in Greece and Future Climate Projections / A. Karali, A. Roussos, C. Giannakopoulos, M. Hatzaki and G. Xanthopoulos, et al. --
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Extreme Anomalous Hot and Dry Weather Events in Israel / O. Karo and H. Kutiel --
Assessing the Impact of Mineral Dust and Adsorption Activation on Cloud Droplet Formation / V. A. Karydis, P. Kumar, D. Barahona, I. N. Sokolik and A. Nenes --
An Investigation of Iran's Precipitation Anomalies in Relation with Atmospheric Blocking / G. Azizi and M. Khalili --
Changes of Pan Evaporation Measurements and Reference Evapotranspiration in Greece / G. Kitsara, G. Papaioannou and P. Kerkides --
Homogenization of Temperature Time Series of Western Greece / K. V. Kolokythas and A. A. Argiriou --
Evaluation of Cloud Description in General Circulation Models Using A-Train Observations / D. Konsta, H. Chepfer and J. L. Dufresne --
Assessment of Climate Change Extremes Over the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Region Using the Hadley Centre PRECIS Regional Climate Model / E. Kostopoulou, C. Giannakopoulos, M. Hatzaki, A. Karali and P. Hadjinicolaou, et al. --
Viticulture: Climate Relationships in Greece and Impacts of Recent Climate Trends: Sensitivity to "Effective" Growing Season Definitions / G. Koufos, T. Mavromatis, S. Koundouras and N. M. Fyllas --
On the Dynamics of Mediterranean Explosive Cyclogenesis / J. Kouroutzoglou, H. A. Flocas, M. Hatzaki, K. Keay and I. Simmonds --
On the Climate Characteristics of Convection Contribution to Precipitation in Southeastern Europe / C. J. Lolis, A. Bartzokas and B. D. Katsoulis --
Assessment on Temperature Extremes in Montenegro / J. Lukovic, D. Buric, V. Ducic, M. Doderovic and I. Milevski --
Trend Analysis for Climatic Time Series for Greece / G. Marougianni, D. Melas, I. Kioutsioukis, H. Feidas and P. Zanis, et al. --
Transferring Climate Information for Application and Planning: The Climate-Tourism/Transfer-Information-Scheme / A. Matzarakis --
Climatic Classification of an Industrial Area of Eastern Mediterranean (Thriassio Plain: Greece) / A. Mavrakis --
Climate-Cereal Crop Relationships in Greece and the Impacts of Recent Climate Trends: The Role of the Effective "Growing Season" Definition / T. Mavromatis --
Soil Temperature Prediction Using Time-Delay Neural Networks / E. Mazou, N. Alvertos and I. X. Tsiros --
An Objective Classification of Synoptic Types over Europe / C. Michailidou, P. Maheras, C. Anagnostopoulou and I. Tegoulias --
Optimization of a Regional Climate Model for High Resolution Simulations over Greece / S. Mystakidis, P. Zanis, C. Dogras, E. Katragkou and I. Pytharoulis, et al. --
Future Projections of Heat Waves in Greece. Extreme or Common Events? / P. T. Nastos and J. Kapsomenakis --
Composite Mean and Anomaly of Synoptic Conditions for Tornadic Days over North Ionian Sea (NW Greece) / P. T. Nastos and I. T. Matsangouras --
Effect of Sea-Air Interaction of Caspian Sea on Heavy and Super Heavy Precipitation Events in the Southern Coasts of Caspian Sea / H. Nouri, M. Azadi and G. Ghasempour --
Evaluation of the Climate Change Impact on the Productivity of Portuguese Pine Ecosystems Using the Forest-BGC Model / L. Nunes, M. A. Rodrigues and D. Lopes --
Decadal Analysis of Heat-Wave Events in Thessaloniki and Investigation of Impacts on PM10 / N. Pakalidou, E. Katragkou, A. Poupkou, P. Zanis and A. Bloutsos, et al. --
A Study of Divergence and Convergence of the Wind Field over Europe and the Mediterranean / O. Pezoula and A. Bartzokas --
Climatology of Upper Air Temperature in the Eastern Mediterranean Region / C. M. Philandras, P. T. Nastos, J. Kapsomenakis and C. C. Repapis --
Influence of Extreme Weather Events on Insects in Hungary / J. Puskás, L. Nowinszky and É. Nagy --
Cloud Radiative Effects on Solar Radiation Over the Eastern Mediterranean Basin from 1984 to 2007 / M. Pyrina, C. D. Papadimas, A. Fotiadi, C. Matsoukas and N. Hatzianastassiou, et al. --
Large-Scale Variability Over Mediterranean Associated with the Indian Summer Monsoon / D. Rizou, H. A. Flocas, P. Athanasiadis and A. Bartzokas --
ECHAM5/MPI General Circulation Model Simulations of Teleconnection Indices Over Europe / E. Rousi, C. Anagnostopoulou, K. Tolika, P. Maheras and A. Bloutsos --
Atmospheric Circulation Characteristics Associated with high Static Instability Conditions Over the Athens Region / E. Serbis, C. J. Lolis and P. A. Kassomenos --
Construction of Winter Temperature Scenarios over Greece, Using an Alternative Statistical Downscaling Model Based on CCA / A. Skourkeas, F. Kolyva-Machera and P. Maheras --
Climate Variability and Water Mass Formation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea / S. Sofianos, V. Vervatis, N. Skliris, S. Somot and A. Lascaratos, et al. --
Day to Day Variability of Air Temperature over Greece for the Period 1957-2002 / V. Stathopoulos, A. Fotiadi, E. E. Houssos, N. Hatzianastassiou and I. Vardavas --
Investigating with the Ceres-Wheat Model the Impacts of Soil and Climate Factors on Durum Wheat Performance and Earliness in Northern Greece / K. Symeonidis, T. Mavromatis and S. Kotzamanidis --
Information System Regarding the Management and Processing of Data Base Software for Applications in Cases of Remote Sensing / A. Theodorou, K. Nicolaides and F. Tymvios --
Applications of Semi-Analytical Models for Estimating Soil Temperature / E. Thoma, I. X. Tsiros, S. Lykoudis and B. E. Psiloglou --
Extreme Heat Wave Events in the Thessaloniki Region: Past, Present and Future Projections / K. Tolika and C. Anagnostopoulou --
Anticyclonic Blocking Effects Over Europe from an Ensemble of Regional Climate Models in Recent Past Winters / K. Tourpali and P. Zanis --
Thermal Comfort Conditions and Evaluation of the Thermal Bioclimate Index PET in Two European Cities During Summer / A. Tseliou, I. X. Tsiros, M. Nikolopoulou and S. Lykoudis --
Connection of Heat Events in Cyprus with Synoptic Upper Air Patterns / F. Tymvios, S. Michaelides, D. Charalambous, A. Retalis and D. Paronis, et al. --
The Summer Circulation in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East: Influence of the South Asian Monsoon and Mid-Latitude Dynamics / E. Tyrlis, J. Lelieveld and B. Steil --
Study of Frost Days in the Greek Region: Future Projections from the ENSEMBLES Models / K. Velikou and K. Tolika --
A Dynamic-Statistical Downscaling Approach for Simulating Air Temperature Time Series / I. Yiannikopoulou, D. Deligiorgi, H. A. Flocas and K. Philippopoulos --
The Impact of Climate Change in Water Resources: An Example of Hard Rocks Aquifers in Mantoudi Area (Central Euboea Island, Hellas) / G. Yoxas and P. T. Nastos --
Efficient ANN Training for the Reconstruction of Isotopic Time Series / A. Zagouras, V. Salamalikis, A. A. Argiriou and S. Lykoudis --
Land-Atmosphere Coupling: The Feedback of Soil Moisture into Surface Temperature in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East / G. Zittis, P. Hadjinicolaou and J. Lelieveld. Part 3. Atmospheric Physics --
Surface Ozone Spatial Distribution and Trends Over Europe During 1997-2006 / D. Aggelis, P. Zanis, C. S. Zerefos, A. F. Bais and P. T. Nastos --
Air Quality Simulations Over Europe for the Period 1996-2006 with Emphasis on Tropospheric Ozone / D. Akritidis, P. Zanis, E. Katragkou, I. Tegoulias and A. Poupkou, et al. --
Trends of Shortwave and Longwave Surface Radiation in Europe: Spatiotemporal Analysis and Comparison of Satellite and Ground-Based Observations / G. Alexandri, C. Meleti, A. K. Georgoulias and D. Balis --
Evaluation of CALIPSO's Aerosol Classification Scheme During the ACEMED Experimental Campaign Over Greece: The Case Study of 9th of September 2011 / V. Amiridis, E. Marinou, S. Kazadzis, E. Gerasopoulos and R. E. Mamouri, et al. --
Estimating Direct Effects of Secondary Organic Aerosol Over Europe Using COSMO-ART / E. Athanasopoulou, H. Vogel, K. Lundgren, B. Vogel and C. Fountoukis, et al. --
High Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth in the Broader Greek Area Using MODIS Satellite Data / G. Athanassiou, C. D. Papadimas and N. Hatzianastassiou --
The Application of a Mixed-Phase Statistical Cloud-Cover Scheme to the Local Numerical Weather Prediction Model COSMO.GR / E. Avgoustoglou and T. Tzeferi --
Changes in Total Solar Irradiance Measured at Thessaloniki, Greece Since 1993 Associated with Changes in Aerosols / A. F. Bais, Th. Drosoglou, C. Meleti and N. Kouremeti --
Forest Fire Aerosols: Vertically Resolved Optical and Microphysical Properties and Mass Concentration from Lidar Observations / D. Balis, E. Giannakaki, V. Amiridis, R. E. Mamouri and P. Kokkalis, et al. --
Comparative Analysis of MERIS/AATSR Synergy Algorithm Aerosol Retrievals Versus MODIS Aerosol Product and Validation Against AERONET Observations / N. Benas and N. Chrysoulakis --
Aerosol Shortwave Direct Radiative Effect and Forcing Based on MODIS Level 2 Data in the Eastern Mediterranean (Crete) / N. Benas, N. Hatzianastassiou, C. Matsoukas, A. Fotiadi and N. Mihalopoulos, et al. --
Total Ozone Observations Made by Dobson Spectrophotometer at the Most SE Station in Europe the Last Twenty Years / J. Christodoulakis, C. Varotsos, D. N. Asimakopoulos and C. Tzanis --
Particulate Matter and Airborne Fungi Concentrations in Schools in Athens / P. V. Dorizas, E. Kapsanaki-Gotsi, M. N. Assimakopoulos and M. Santamouris --
On the SUVR Variability in Athens, Greece: An Overview / M. Efstathiou, C. Tzanis, C. Varotsos, P. Birmpakos and M. N. Assimakopoulos --
Comparison of Ozone Variations from Model Calculations (OsloCTM2) and Satellite Retrievals (SBUV) / K. Eleftheratos, I. S. A. Isaksen, C. S. Zerefos, K. Tourpali and P. T. Nastos --
Simulating Ultrafine Particle Formation in Europe Using a Regional CTM: Contribution of Primary Emissions Versus Secondary Formation to Aerosol Number Concentrations / C. Fountoukis, I. Riipinen, H. Denier van der Gon, P. E. Charalampidis and C. Pilinis, et al. --
Effect of Atmospheric Temperature Variations on Total Ozone Measured with a Brewer MKII Spectrophotometer at Thessaloniki / K. Fragkos, A. F. Bais and C. Meleti --
Summer Total Cloud Cover Weekly Variability over Europe: Sign of Aerosols' Indirect Effect? / A. K. Georgoulias, K. A. Kourtidis, G. Alexandri and A. Sanchez-Lorenzo --
Factors Controlling the Variability of Photolysis Rates of NO2 and O1D in the Complex Environment of the Eastern Mediterranean / E. Gerasopoulos, N. Mihalopoulos, S. Kazadzis, M. Vrekoussis and E. Liakakou, et al. --
Vertical Separation of Aerosol Types Using of CALIPSO Level-2 Products / E. Giannakaki, D. Balis and V. Amiridis --
Air Pollution Monitoring Based on Remote Sensing and Simultaneous Ground PM 10 and PM2.5 Measurements: The 'WebAir-2 Project' / D. G. Hadjimitsis, A. Agapiou, K. Themistokleous, C. Achilleos and A. Nisantzi, et al. --
On the Vertical Structure and Spectral Characteristics of the Marine Low-Level Jet / C. G. Helmis, G. Sgouros and Q. Wang --
Atmospheric Conditions Associated with High and Low Ozone Concentrations in the Boundary Layer and the Lower Troposphere over the Eastern Mediterranean (Aegean Sea) / P. D. Kalabokas --
A Case of African Dust Transport over Athens Captured by a Ceilometer / H. D. Kambezidis, A. G. Paliatsos, N. Kappos and B. Kasselouri --
Drivers of Air Quality in the East Mediterranean / M. Kanakidou, N. Mihalopoulos, U. Im, S. Myriokefalitakis and N. Daskalakis --
Model for Estimating Atmospheric Ozone Content over Northern Europe for Use in Solar Radiation Algorithms / K. Karavana-Papadimou, B. Psiloglou, S. Lykoudis and H. D. Kambezidis --
Aerosol Characteristics over Bay of Bengal During W-ICARB Cruise Campaign / D. G. Kaskaoutis, P. R. Sinha, S. K. Kharol, P. G. Kosmopoulos and R. K. Manchanda, et al. --
The Effect of Aerosol Absorption in Solar UV Radiation / S. Kazadzis, V. Amiridis and N. Kouremeti --
Estimation of the Cloud Modification Factor from Satellite and Ground Data at Thessaloniki, Greece / A. Kazantzidis, E. Nikitidou and A. F. Bais --
Aerosol Size over the Broader Greek Area Based on Satellite and Ground Measurements / M. Koras-Carraca, A. Gkikas, C. D. Papadimas, N. Mihalopoulos and N. Hatzianastassiou --
Experimental Study of the Turbulent Structure of the Surface Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer over the Aegean Pelagos Under Etesian Winds / V. E. Kostopoulos, C. G. Helmis and P. I. Raptis --
Use of Shadowband Correction Models for Predicting Beam Solar Irradiance / M. C. Kotti and A. A. Argiriou --
Investigating the GOME2/MetopA Total Sulphur Dioxide Load with the Aid of Chemical Transport Modelling over the Balkan Region / M. E. Koukouli, P. Valks, A. Poupkou, I. Zyrichidou and M. Rix, et al. --
Phaethon: A System for the Validation of Satellite Derived Atmospheric Columns of Trace Gases / N. Kouremeti, A. F. Bais, D. Balis and I. Zyrichidou --
Effects of Albedo on Solar Irradiance / A. Kreuter, M. Blumthaler, A. R. Webb, A. F. Bais and R. Kift, et al. --
The Impact of Wind Conditions on Particle Mass Concentrations in Athens, Greece / M. Lianou, I. G. Kavouras, T. Kopania and A. Kotronarou --
Emissions of Megacities and Their Impact on Air Quality Over Europe / A. G. Megaritis, C. Fountoukis and S. N. Pandis --
Stratospheric Responses to the 11-year Solar Cycle in MAECHAM5 with and without Ocean Coupling / S. Misios and H. Schmidt --
24-Hours Ahead Forecasting of PM10 Concentrations Using Artificial Neural Networks in the Greater Athens Area, Greece / K. Moustris, I. Larissi, P. T. Nastos, K. Koukouletsos and A. G. Paliatsos --
Aerosols Optical Properties and Their Effect on the UV Solar Irradiance at Uccle, Belgium / E. Nikitidou, V. De Bock, H. De Backer and A. Kazantzidis --
Study of Air Pollution with the Use of MODIS Data, LIDAR and Sun Photometers in Cyprus / A. Nisantzi, D. G. Hadjimitsis, E. Akylas, A. Agapiou and M. Panayiotou, et al. --
Ground-Based Aerosol Optical Depth Inter-Comparison Campaigns at EUSAAR Sites in Athens, Greece / S. Nyeki, C. H. Halios, K. Eleftheriadis, V. Amiridis and J. Gröbner, et al. --
Regression of the Scattered Radiation Intensity with Precipitable Water Depth and Relative Atmospheric Mass / M. D. Panagiotopoulou, A. S. Rapti and N. D. Panagiotopoulos --
Air Quality During Heat Waves / D. K. Papanastasiou, D. Melas and H. D. Kambezidis --
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Título da Série: Springer atmospheric sciences.
Responsabilidade: Costas G. Helmis, Panagiotis T. Nastos, editors.
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