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The American songbag

Autor: Carl Sandburg
Editorial: New York : Harcourt, Brace & Co., ©1927.
Edición/Formato:   Partitura musical : Inglés (eng)Ver todas las ediciones y todos los formatos
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Melodies and lyrics of American songs, folk-songs, and ballads; many include accompaniment arranged for piano.

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Formato físico adicional: Online version:
Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967.
American songbag.
New York : Harcourt, Brace & Co., c1927
Tipo de documento: Partitura musical
Tipo de música: Cantos; Música folclórica
Todos autores / colaboradores: Carl Sandburg
Número OCLC: 5354945
Notas: Contains music.
Descripción: xxiii, 495 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.
Contenido: Contents: Dramas and portraits. He's gone away --
Boll weevil song --
Moanish lady! --
I ride an old Paint --
Foggy, foggy dew --
Waillie, waillie! --
Dis mornin', dis evenin', so soon --
Oh, bury me not on the lone prairie --
Careless love --
The John B. sails --
John Henry --
Midnight Special --
Alice B. --
Po' boy --
The ould sod. As I was walkin' down Wexford Street --
Sh-ta-ra-dah-dey (Irish lullaby) --
She said the same to me --
Who's the pretty girl milkin' the cow? --
Give me three grains of corn, Mother --
Kevin Barry --
The son of a gambolier --
Minstrel songs. I wish I was single again --
Walky-talky Jenny --
Hayseed --
Good-by Liza Jane --
Wizard Oil --
Tarnished love tales or Colonial and Revolutionary antiques. Barbra Allen --
The frozen girl --
Pretty Polly --
Common Bill --
Little Scotch-ee --
The house carpenter --
A pretty fair maid --
Lord Lovel --
The Quaker's wooing --
The maid freed from the gallows --
Frankie and her man. Frankie and Albert --
Frankie and Johnny --
Frankie blues --
Josie --
Sadie --
Pioneer memories. The little old sod shanty --
Where o where is old Elijah? --
Turkey in the straw --
Who will shoe your pretty little foot? --
The true lover's farewell --
Fair Annie of Lochyran --
Ten thousand miles away --
Old gray mare --
The drunkard's doom --
What was your name in the states? --
Sweet Betsy from Pike --
California --
The banks of Sacramento --
Money --
The monkey's wedding --
Rosie Nell --
Chicken reel --
Hanging out the linen clothes --
Down, Down Derry Down --
The Lane County bachelor --
Contents (cont.): Kentucky blazing star. Sourwood Mountain --
The lover's lament --
Hello, girls --
Kansas boys --
Red River Valley --
Liza Jane --
Mountain top --
Negro reel --
One morning in May --
The troubled soldier --
Post-rail song --
Hammer man --
Love somebody, yes I do --
Ain't gonna rain --
Kentucky moonshiner --
Mister Frog went a-courting --
Kind Miss --
Goin' down to town --
The ship that never returned --
Down in the valley --
I dreamed last night of my true love --
Drivin' steel --
The Lincolns and the Hankses. The Missouri harmony --
Windsor --
Greenfields --
Worthington --
Highbridge --
Legacy --
Brown Girl or Fair Eleanor --
Hey Betty Martin --
Old brass wagon --
Cuckoo waltz --
Weevily wheat --
El-a-noy --
Hoosen Johnny --
My pretty little Pink --
Lincoln and liberty --
Old Abe Lincoln came out of the wilderness --
Great Lakes and Erie Canal. The Erie Canal --
Bigerlow --
Red iron ore --
Raging canawl --
The E-ri-e --
Hobo songs. Shovellin' iron ore --
Hallelujah, I'm a bum! --
Tramp, tramp, tramp, keep on a-tramping --
The dying hogger --
Wanderin' --
A. R. U. --
We are four bums --
The big brutal city. The poor working girl --
Roll the chariot --
Brady --
On to the morgue --
It's the syme the whole world over --
In the days of old Rameses --
The good boy --
Willy the weeper --
Cocaine Lil --
She promised she'd meet me --
No more booze (Fireman save my child) --
Lydia Pinkham --
Prison and jail songs. Bird in a cage --
Yonder comes the high sheriff --
Portland County Jail --
Moonlight --
Midnight Special --
Seven long years in state prison --
When I was young and foolish --
Been in the pen so long --
The preacher and the slave --
Blues, mellows, ballets. Levee moan --
Those gambler's blues --
Got dem blues --
De blues ain' nothin' --
When a woman blue --
Coo-coo (Peacock song) --
Great Gawd, I'm feelin' bad --
O my honey, take me back --
What kin' o' pants does the gambler wear? --
Joe Turner --
Times gettin' hard, boys --
I'm sad and I'm lonely --
C. C. Rider --
You fight on --
Satan's a liah --
Ballet of de boll weevil --
De Titanic --
Contents (cont.): The great wide open spaces. When the curtains of night are pinned back --
When the work's all done this fall --
As I walked out in the streets of Laredo --
The dreary Black Hills --
The Lone Star Trail --
Whoopee ti yi yo, git along little doggies --
The buffalo skinners --
Poor lonesome cowboy --
The tenderfoot (p.274) --
Little Ah Sid --
The Kinkaiders --
Dakota land --
The farmer --
Rabble soldier --
The trail to Mexico --
Mexican border songs. La cucaracha (Mexican cockroach song) --
Mañanitas (De Jalisco) --
Lo que digo --
El abandonado --
Cielito Lindo --
Adelita --
Versos de Montalgo --
Soutnern mountains. Way up on Clinch Mountain --
Liza in the summer time (She died on the train) --
Coon can (Poor boy) --
Gypsy Davy --
Roving gambler --
Yonder comes my pretty little girl --
The gamboling man --
O bury me beneath the willow --
Mag's song --
The orphan girl or no bread for the poor --
I got a gal at the head of the holler --
Lonesome road --
Fond affection --
Go bring me back my blue-eyed boy --
London City --
The midnight train --
I don't like no railroad man --
Picnic and hayrack follies, close harmony, and darn fool ditties. Sucking cider through a straw --
Did you ever,ever, ever? --
I was born almost ten thousand years ago --
Go get the ax --
Abalone --
In de vinter time --
Cigarettes will spoil yer life --
Mary had a William goat --
I wish I was a little bird --
Old Adam --
The horse named Bill --
Crazy song to the air of "Dixie" --
A boy he had an auger --
Abdul, the Bulbul Ameer --
Greens --
Animal fair --
Calliope --
Si Hubbard --
Railroad and work gangs. Bolsum Brown --
Poor Paddy works on the railway --
The railroad cars are coming --
Jerry, go an' ile that car --
If I die a railroad man --
Cap'n I believe --
Jay Gould's daughter and On the Charlie so long --
Casey Jones --
Mama have you heard the news? --
Don' let yo' watch run down --
There's many a man killed on the railroad --
She'll be comin' round the mountain --
I went down to the depot --
Ever since Uncle John Henry been dead --
Go 'way f'om mah window --
My Lulu --
The wind it blew up the railroad track --
Hog-eye --
My sister she works in a laundry --
I found a horse shoe --
Railroad Bill --
Hangman --
Timber --
Contents (cont.): Lumberjacks, loggers, shanty-boys. James Whaland --
The shanty-man's life --
Flat River girl --
The mjm on Gerry's Rock --
Driving saw-logs on the Plover --
Morrissey and the Russian sailor --
Mule skinner's song --
Sailorman. Whisky Johnny --
Blow the man down --
The dead horse --
Heave away --
The wide Mizzoura --
I catch-a da plenty of feesh --
The hog-eye man --
Leave her, bullies, leave her --
Across the western ocean --
Bandit biographies. Jim Fisk --
Jesse James --
Sam Bass --
Five wars. The hunters of Kentucky or Half horse and half alligator --
Jackson --
Poor Kitty Popcorn --
There was an old soldier --
A Filipino hombre --
The sergeant, he is the worst of all --
Wrap me up in my tarpaulin jacket and The handsome young airman --
A war bird's burlesque --
Hinky dinky, parlee-voo --
Where they were --
The hearse song --
Lovely people. Man goin' roun' --
All night long --
Zek'l weep --
I know moonlight --
Blind man lay beside the way --
By'm by --
Go to sleepy --
Jungle mammy song --
Ten thousand miles away from home --
My old hammah --
Chahcoal man --
The weaver --
The Colorado Trail --
I met her in the garden where the praties grow --
Somebody --
I don't want to be a gambler --
When poor Mary came wandering home --
Road to heaven. Jesus, won't you come by'm-by? --
Dese bones gwine to rise again --
Two white horses --
Way over in the new buryin' groun' --
Mary wore three links of chain --
Pharaoh's army got drownded --
Good-bye, Brother --
God's goin' to set this world on fire --
Ain'go'n' to study war no mo' --
Things I used to do --
In my father's house --
Standin' on the walls of Zion --
A hundred years ago --
You got to cross it foh yohself --
I got a letter from Jesus --
Ezekiel, you and me.
Responsabilidad: Carl Sandburg.


Melodies and lyrics of American songs, folk-songs, and ballads; many include accompaniment arranged for piano.


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