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The animated kid's Bible.

by Tom Broadbridge; Reader's Digest Association.; Questar, Inc.; Kids Bible Company, LLC.;

  DVD video : Animation : Juvenile audience

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Worst Animation Ever    (2012-05-23)


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by JamesBowden

I want to begin this review by stating that I have nothing against the Bible, I do have much against poor quality masquerading as "family entertainment". This series has animation that is extremely poor, it is blocky, slow, and extremely pixilated. The images in the background often do not have any level of detail or they are uneven (clouds move and then stop in mid-motion, charaters are stiff and very plastic in their appearance, and the editing is truly aweful). The quality of this program is somewhere near what I would have expected for something made in the early 90's and to find out that it was made last year is not only shocking but in some ways angering because it shows how disprespectful of Christians and the Bible Reader's Digest is. Further problems consist of bad audio and not just quality of sound but the audio tracks for events such as battles clearly come from sporting events where people are cheering, shouting, and hollaring in favor and even some clapping. Simply put this is the worst possible production of the Bible and any animation ever. If this had been a secular series it would have been sent back to the producers and told to actually make a decent production. But you may say so what, a little kid wont care, I disagree. I rented this for my two year old son who routinely sits through the VeggieTales movies and shows without winking or moving. When my son watched this program it was after a lot of effort and I finally gave up after repeatedly having to sit him down and keep him on the couch. Again, I have never had to do that for much of ANY program that he has seen. For example he watched Godzilla and Mothra without moving during the entire movie. It shows that he knows quality when he sees it and is able to make a good judgement on what is worth watching and what is not.

  Summary: Do not buy this, rent it, or check it out from the library, you will regret it and I have a feeling that someone else did too and that was why it was at the library. Do not let Reader's Digest foist this load of junk on you.

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