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APA handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality

Autore: Kenneth I Pargament; Julie J Exline; James William Jones; Edward P Shafranske
Editore: Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association, 2013.
Serie: APA handbooks in psychology.
Edizione/Formato:   Libro : English : First editionVedi tutte le edizioni e i formati
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This two-volume handbook presents the most comprehensive coverage of the current state of the psychology of religion and spirituality.


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Genere/forma: Handboeken (vorm)
Tipo documento: Book
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: Kenneth I Pargament; Julie J Exline; James William Jones; Edward P Shafranske
ISBN: 9781433810770 1433810778 9781433810794 1433810794 9781433810800 1433810808
Numero OCLC: 792941510
Descrizione: 2 volumes : illustrations ; 29 cm.
Contenuti: V. 1. Context, theory, and research / Julie J. Exline and James W. Jones, associate editors --
v. 2. An applied psychology of religion and spirituality / Annette Mahoney, Edward P. Shafranske, associate editors. Volume 1 : Context, theory, and research --
Part I. Setting the stage : themes, contexts, measures, and methodology --
ch. 1. Envisioning an integrative paradigm for the psychology of religion and spirituality / Kenneth I. Pargament [and others] --
ch. 2. The social context of religion and spirituality in the United States / Christopher G. Ellison and Michael J. McFarland --
ch. 3. Measurement in the psychology of religiousness and spirituality : existing measures and new frontiers / Peter C. Hill and Evonne Edwards --
ch. 4. Methodological diversity in the psychology of religion and spirituality / Ralph W. Hood Jr. --
Part II. Why people are religious and spiritual : explanatory models --
ch. 5. Sacred armor : religion's role as a buffer against anxieties of life and the fear of death / Melissa Soenke, Mark J. Landau, and Jeff Greenberg --
ch. 6. Religion, self-control, and self-regulation : how and why are they related? / Michael E. McCullough and Evan C. Carter --
ch. 7. Religion, spirituality, and attachment / Pehr Granqvist and Lee A. Kirkpatrick --
ch. 8. Why religion? meaning as motivation / Crystal L. Park, Donald Edmondson, and Amy Hale-Smith --
ch. 9. Spirituality, religiousness, and personality : theoretical foundations and empirical applications / Ralph L. Piedmont and Teresa A. Wilkins --
ch. 10. Spiritual modeling and the social learning of spirituality and religion / Doug Oman --
ch. 11. The neurophysiology of religious experience / Joanna Maselko --
ch. 12. Cognition, evolution, and religion / Justin L. Barrett and Bonnie Poon Zahl --
ch. 13. Religion, spirituality, and culture : clarifying and direction of effects / Kate Miriam Loewenthal --
ch. 14. Searching for the sacred : toward a nonreductionistic theory of spirituality / Kenneth I. Pargament --
Part III. How people are religious and spiritual : expressions and experiences --
ch. 15. God image and the sacred / Todd W. Hall and Annie M. Fujikawa --
ch. 16. Prayer : a review of the empirical literature / Kevin L. Ladd and Bernard Spilka --
ch. 17. Contemporary spiritual meditation : practices and outcomes / Amy B. Wachholtz and elizabeth T. Austin --
ch. 18. Rituals and practices / Ellen L. Idler --
ch. 19. Religious and spiritual coping : current theory and research / Terry Lynn Gall and Manal Guiguis-Younger --
ch. 20. The spirituality of us : relationship spirituality in the context of family relationships / Annette Mahoney --
ch. 21. Mystical experience : conceptualizations, measurement, and correlates / Ralph W. Hood Jr. and Leslie J. Francis --
ch. 22. Spiritual experience : conversion and transformation / Steven J. Sandage and Shane P. Moe --
ch. 23. The virtues : gratitude and forgiveness / Robert D. Carlisle and Jo-Ann Tsang --
ch. 24. Religion, spirituality, and altruism / Vassilis Saroglou --
ch. 25. Religious and spiritual struggles / Julie J. Exline --
ch. 26. Religion and evil in the context of genocide / James E. Waller --
Part IV. Who is religious and spiritual : specific populations --
ch. 27. The nature and functions of religion and spirituality in children / Chris J. Boyatzis --
ch. 28. Searching for the sacred : religion, spirituality, and adolescent development / Pamela Ebstyne King, Jenel Sanchez Ramos, and Casey Erin Clardy --
ch. 29. Religious involvement in the later years of life / Neal Krause --
ch. 30. Faith and the sacred in African American life / Jacqueline S. Mattis and Nyasha A. Grayman-Simpson --
ch. 31. The spiritual and sacred among North American Indians and Alaska Natives : mystery, wholeness, and connectedness in a relational world / Jeff King and Joseph E. Trimble --
ch. 32. Asian American spirituality and religion : inherent diversity, uniqueness, and long-lasting psychological influences / Amy L. Ai [and others] --
ch. 33. Religion and spirituality in Latino life in the United States / Joan Koss-Chioino --
ch. 34. Unlikely congregation : gay and lesbian persons of faith in contemporary U.S. culture / Edouard Fontenot --
ch. 35. Buddhism : a blend of religion, spirituality, and psychology / Jean Dristeller and Lobsang Rapgay --
ch. 36. What does it mean to be a Hindu? a review of common Hindu beliefs and practices and their implications for health / Nalini Tarakeshwar --
ch. 37. The religion, spirituality, and psychology of Jews / Adam B. Cohen, Benjamin J. Gorvine, and Harold Gorvine --
ch. 38. The psychology of Islam : current empirically based knowledge, potential challenges, and directions for future research / Hisham Abu-Raiya --
ch. 39. The Christian religion : a theological and psychological review / Richard Beck and Andrea D. Haugen --
ch. 40. Atheists, agnostics, and apostates / Heinz Streib and Constantin Klein --
ch. 41. Charismatic groups and cults : a psychological and social analysis / Marc Galanter. Volume 2 : An applied psychology of religion and spirituality --
Part I. Introduction to an applied psychology of religion and spirituality --
ch. 1. From research to practice : toward an applied psychology of religion and spirituality / Kenneth I. Pargament [and others] --
ch. 2. Religious and spiritual beliefs, affiliations, and practice of psychologists / Edward P. Shafranski and Jeremy P. Cummins --
ch. 3. Value and ethical issues : the interface between psychology and religion / Mark A. Yarhouse and Veronica Johnson --
ch. 4. Models of healthy and unhealthy religion and spirituality / Brian J. Zinnbauer --
Part II. Religion and spirituality from the perspective of major orientations to change --
ch. 5. Assessing spirituality and religion in the context of counseling and psychotherapy / David R. Hodgy --
ch. 6. Addressing religion and spirituality in treatment from a psycho dynamic perspective / Ana-Maria Rizzuto and Edward P. Shafranske --
ch. 7. Jung's approach to spirituality and religion / Lionel Corbett --
ch. 8. Addressing religion and spirituality from a cognitive=behavioral perspective / Siang-Yang Tan --
ch. 9. Religion and spirituality : a family systems perspective in clinical practice / Froma Walsh --
ch. 10. Mindful awareness, spirituality, and psychotherapy / Eric R. Bergemann [and others] --
ch. 11. Distinctive approaches to religion and spirituality : pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, and spiritually integrated psychotherapy / Len Sperry --
Part III. Religion and spirituality, depression, and anxiety : theory, research, and practice / Simon Dein --
ch. 13. Religion, spirituality and severe mental disorder : from research to clinical practice / Sylvia Mohr --
ch. 14. Religion and spirituality in coping with acute and chronic illness / Harold G. Koenig --
ch. 15. Addiction and the search for the sacred : religion, spirituality, and the origins and treatment of substance use disorders / Thomas J. Johnson --
ch. 16. Religiousness and spirituality in the etiology and treatment of eating disorders / P. Scott Richards [and others] --
ch. 17. Spirituality, religion, and sexual trauma : integrating research, theory, and clinical practice / Nichole A. Murray-Swank and Lynn D. Waelde --
ch. 18. The psychology of contemporary religious violence : a multidimensional approach / James W. Jones --
ch. 19. Religious and spiritual dimensions of traumatic violence / Roger D. Fallot and Andrea K. Blanch --
ch. 20. An applied integrative approach to exploring how religion and spirituality contribute to or counteract prejudice and discrimination / Carrie Dochring --
ch. 21. The interface among spirituality, religion, and illness in families of children with special health care needs / Sian Cotton, Micahel S. Yi, and Jerren C. Weekes --
ch. 22. Spiritual and religious problems : integrating theory and clinical practice / Aaron Murray-Swank and Michole A. Murray-Swank --
ch. 23. Faith and health behavior : the role of the African American church in health promotion and disease prevention / Marlyn Allicock, . . .[et al.] --
ch. 24. Can religion and spirituality enhance prevention programs for couples? / Frank D. Fincham and Steven R.H. Beach --
ch. 25. The role of religion and spirituality in positive psychology interventions / Mark S. Rye [and others] --
Part IV. Religion and spirituality applied to specific contexts --
ch. 26. Consultation with religious institutions / Thomas G. Plante --
ch. 27. Addressing religion and spirituality in health care systems / Michelle J. Pearce --
ch. 28. Addressing religion and spirituality in correctional settings : the role of faith-based prison programs / Byron R. Johnson --
ch. 29. Addressing religion and spirituality in military settings and veterans' services / David W. Foy, Kent D. Drescher, and Mark W. SMith --
ch. 30. Addressing religion and spirituality in educational settings / Alyssa Bryant Rockenbach and Tyler Townsend --
ch .31. Addressing religion and spirituality in the workplace / Stephen R. CArroll --
ch. 31. Addressing religion and psychology in communities : the congregation as intervention site, community resource, and community influence / Kenneth I. Maton, Mariano R. Sto. Domingo, and Anna M.L. Westin --
Part V. Future directions for an applied psychology of religion and spirituality --
ch. 33. Pathways toward graduate training in the clinical psychology of religion and spirituality : a spiritual competencies model / William Hathaway --
ch. 34. Conducting empirical research on religiously accommodative interventions / Everett L. Worthington Jr., . . .[et al.].
Titolo della serie: APA handbooks in psychology.
Altri titoli: Handbook of psychology, religion, and spirituality
Psychology, religion, and spirituality
Responsabilità: Kenneth I. Pargament, editor-in-chief.


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