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Barack Obama in Hawai'i and Indonesia : the making of a global president

by Dinesh Sharma

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A Must Read   (2011-12-26)


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by TheGuru

"Sharma is currently on his world tour receiving already in Europe great press coverage and acclaim. He appears today in Belgian press. An interesting and thought provoking assessment of the global nature of the first black President of the USA and the first multicultural head of a Western democracy" Jonathan Murray, Brussels, Belgium.

"Dinesh Sharma spoke about the genesis of the book and the awakening of a global superpower towards its obligations....Here is the nuance that makes Obama the aformentioned one in a million candidate, figuratively if not literally. He grew up in the Pacific, but also in Indonesia, the largest Islamic democracy. He understands both Asian powers and "the Islamic Street", which America has been trying to court, both pre and post-9/11." --Brian Power, 352LuxMag.

"The Luxembourg chapter of Democrats Abroad welcomed author and cultural psychologist Dr. Dinesh Sharma to a discussion and book signing event on Monday....Whether you've left [the United States] to live abroad for three or thirty years, there's no reason you can't be marked when you go outside your bubble, to any new country. We have this global perspective, and that's what this book is about, the making of a global perspective," said Kathleen Connors Bouchard, vice chair of Democrats Abroad, who hosted the event in her home. "Luxembourg mirrors this global perspective. We have a very cosmopolitan mix of people living here. In Auchan, for example, you pass by 40 different languages in one setting!" --Jessica Love, The Luxemberger Wort.

"Whatever the final historical judgment of Obama's presidency, the very fact of it resonates globally as it signals that the U.S. is more in sync with the rest of the world than its power-wielding implies and is ready for the multicultural changes of the twenty-first century, says cultural anthropologist Sharma... Sharma offers intriguing glimpses of Obama's life and a compelling argument that Obama's singular background and his election as U.S. president despite distrust of his "otherness" make him a transformative figure as the U.S. grapples with emerging nations and its own decline as the world's only superpower." -- Vanessa Bush, Booklist Online.

"An enlightening account of Obama's boyhood chronicling an amazing transformation from an Indonesian slumdog ordinaire into a planetary prophet for the ages." - Kam Williams, Cincinnati Herald, November 2011

"Having read Obama's two books fairly carefully and having studied all of the President's speeches since 2007, I conclude that Sharma's volume trumps all others that are currently out, where the analytic lines of this book run deep and the narrative sometimes moves into a level of artistic brilliance." ~Lawrence J. Friedman Professor, Mind-Brain-Behavior Initiative, Harvard University, Professor of History Emeritus, Indiana University 


"Sharma contends that Obama's childhood in ethnically diverse Hawaii provided a formative experience that gives the president an understanding of the importance of the Pacific in the shift in global power from West to East. He writes that Obama's time in Jakarta provided him with "the real-life experiences of living on the Muslim street" and informed his vision of peace with the Islamic world. "I think he's on to something in this sense: that Obama is unlike anyone else we've ever had running for president," said Jerry Burris, a former political columnist who co-wrote a book on Obama's early years in Hawaii. "So whether you're happy with him or not happy with him, he's transformational. He's different," said Burris, who was interviewed for Sharma's book." --Derrick DePledge, Honolulu Star Advertiser.

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"First, Sharma's new psychobiography is unique among the many books on President Obama, that critique Obama's poli-cies. Rather, Sharma's book is the first to consider the President's childhood development from a cultural psychology perspective, for a more scientific and dispassionate understanding of Obama the person. Second, Sharma comes well-trained to this task. He completed his doctorate in psychology and human development at Harvard University, with psychological anthropologist Robert Levine, and has been a Senior Fellow at the Saint Francis College Institute for Inter-national and Cross-Cultural Psychology. To prepare this volume, Sharma travelled world-wide to interview dozens of Obama family members and associates." --Joseph C. Giardino & Harold Takooshian, Psychology Department, Fordham University, NYC.

"You think you know President Barack Obama? You don't until you've read "Barack Obama in Hawaii and Indonesia: The Making of a Global President" by Dinesh Sharma. In this cultural biography Sharma reveals new aspects of the President, who he is and where he wants to take the country." --Jim Foster, Conversations on the Coast, Green 960, Home of Progessive Talk.  


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