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Bede, The reckoning of time

Autor: Bède, le Vénérable saint; Faith Wallis
Editorial: Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 1999.
Serie: Translated texts for historians, v. 29.
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Género/Forma: [commentaire]
Ouvrages avant 1800
Persona designada: Bède, le Vénérable saint; Bède, (le Vénérable).
Tipo de documento: Libro/Texto
Todos autores / colaboradores: Bède, le Vénérable saint; Faith Wallis
ISBN: 0853236933 9780853236931
Número OCLC: 228780813
Nota del idioma: Translated from the Latin.
Descripción: ci, 479 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.
Contenido: Bede: The Reckoning of Time. 1. Calculating or speaking with the fingers. 2. Three ways of reckoning time. 3. The smallest intervals of time. 4. The reckoning of duodecimal fractions. 5. The day. 6. The world's first day. 7. Night. 8. The week. 9. The seventy prophetic weeks. 10. The week of the World-Ages. 11. The months. 12. The Roman months. 13. Kalends, nones and ides. 14. The Greek months. 15. The English months. 16. The signs of the twelve months. 17. The course of the Moon through the signs. 18. More on the course of the Moon: for those who are ignorant of the signs. 19. More on the same subject: for those who do not know how to calculate. 20. What the age of the Moon is on any given first day of the month. 21. What day of the week it is on the kalends. 22. A formula for any Moon or weekday. 23. For those who do not know how to calculate the age of the Moon. 24. The number of hours of moonlight. 25. When and why the Moon appears to be facing upwards, facing downwards, or standing upright. 26. Why the Moon, though situated beneath the Sun, sometimes appears to be above it. 27. On the size, or eclipse, of the Sun and Moon. 28. What the power of the Moon can do. 29. The harmony of the Moon and the sea. 30. Equinoxes and solstices. 31. The varying length of days and the different position of the shadows. 32. Why the same days are unequal in length. 33. In what places the shadows or days are equal. 34. The five circles of the universe and the passage of the stars under the Earth. 35. The four seasons, elements and humours. 36. Natural years. 37. The different years of the ancients. 38. The calculation of the leap-year day. 39. Measuring the leap-year increment. 40. Why it is intercalated on the sixth kalends of March. 41. The Moon also has its quarter-day. 42. The "leap of the Moon" 43. Why the Moon sometimes appears older than its computed age. 44. The nineteen-year cycle. 45. Embolismic and common years. 46. The ogdoas and the hendecas. 47. The years of the Lord's Incarnation. 48. Indictions. 49. Formula for finding the indiction. 50. Lunar epacts. 51. How certain people err concerning the beginning of the first month. 52. Formula for finding the number of the lunar epacts. 53. Solar epacts. 54. Formula for finding the number of the solar epacts, and when leap year will fall. 55. The cycle of both epacts, and how to calculate them using the fingers. 56. The lunar cycle. 57. Formula based on the lunar cycle for finding the age of the Moon on 1 January. 58. A formula to find what year of the lunar cycle or of the nineteen-year cycle it is. 59. The fourteenth Moon of Easter. 60. A formula for finding it. 61. Easter Sunday. 62. The Moon of that day. 63. The difference between the Pasch and the Feast of Unleavened Bread. 64. The allegorical interpretation of Easter. 65. The Great Paschal Cycle. 66. The Six Ages of this world. 67. The remainder of the Sixth Age. 68. Three opinions of the faithful as to when the Lord will come. 69. The time of Antichrist. 70. The Day of Judgement. 71. The Seventh Age, and the Eighth Age of the world to come --
App. 1. Bede's solar calendar --
App. 2. Bede's Paschal table --
App. 3.1. Bede's letters on computus: Letter to Plegwin --
App. 3.2. Bede's letters on computus: Letter to Helmwald --
App. 3.3. Bede's letters on computus: Letter to Wicthed --
App. 4. A note on the term computus --
App. 5. Brief glossary of computistical terms.
Título de la serie: Translated texts for historians, v. 29.
Otros títulos: De temporibus.
Reckoning of time.
Responsabilidad: translated, with introduction, notes and commentary by Faith Wallis.


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