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Black theatre : ritual performance in the African diaspora Voorbeeldweergave van dit item
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Black theatre : ritual performance in the African diaspora

Auteur: Paul Carter Harrison; Victor Leo Walker, II.; Gus Edwards
Uitgever: Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 2002.
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Contains essays written by playwrights, scholars, and critics that analyze African American theatre as it is practiced. This book acknowledges that Black experience is not monolithic. It also argues  Meer lezen...

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Genre/Vorm: Aufsatzsammlung
Criticism, interpretation, etc
Genre: Internetbron
Soort document: Boek, Internetbron
Alle auteurs / medewerkers: Paul Carter Harrison; Victor Leo Walker, II.; Gus Edwards
ISBN: 1566399432 9781566399432 1566399440 9781566399449
OCLC-nummer: 48263784
Beschrijving: ix, 418 pages ; 26 cm
Inhoud: Praise/word / Paul Carter Harrison --
pt. 1. African roots. Roots in African drama and theatre / J.C. de Graft --
The African heritage of African American art and performance / Babatunde Lawal --
Agones : the constitution of a practice / Tejumola Olaniyan --
What the twilight says : an overture / Derek Walcott --
Caribbean narrative : carnival characters--in life and in the mind / Gus Edwards --
Rebaptizing the world in our own terms : Black theatre and live arts in Britain / Michael McMillan and SuAndi --
pt. 2. Mythology and metaphysics. The fourth stage : through the mysteries of Ogun to the origin of Yoruba tragedy / Wole Soyinka --
The Candomblʹe and Eshu-Eleggua in Brazilian and Cuban Yoruba-based ritual / Marta Moreno Vega --
Legba and the politics of metaphysics : the trickster in Black drama / Femi Euba --
Art for life's sake : rituals and rights of self and other in the theatre of Aimʹe Cʹesaire / Keith L. Walker --
Sycorax mythology / May Joseph --
Conjuring as radical re/membering in the works of Shay Youngblood / Joni L. Jones --
Archetype and masking in LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka's Dutchman / Victor Leo Walker II --
pt. 3. Dramaturgical practice. The dramaturg's way : meditations on the cartographer at the crossroads / Deborah Wood Holton --
Introduction to Moon marked and touched by sun / Sydnʹe Mahone --
Kennedy's travelers in the American and African continuum / Paul K. Bryant-Jackson --
Mojo and the sayso : a drama of Nommo that asks, "Is your mojo working?" / Andrea J. Nouryeh --
Ritual poetics and rites of passage in Ntozake Shange's for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf / Jean Young --
pt. 4. Performance. Form and transformation : immanence of the soul in the performance modes of Black church and Black music / Paul Carter Harrison --
The sense of self in ritualizing new performance spaces for survival / Beverly J. Robinson --
Barbara Ann Teer : from holistic training to liberating rituals / Lundeana M. Thomas --
Bopera theory / Amiri Baraka --
From hip-hop to Hittite : part X / Keith Antar Mason --
Members and lames : language in the plays of August Wilson / William W. Cook --
Porque tu no m'entrende? Whatcha mean you can't understand me? / Ntozake Shange --
Performance method / George C. Wolfe --
Afterword : testimony of a witness / Eleanor W. Traylor.
Verantwoordelijkheid: edited by Paul Carter Harrison, Victor Leo Walker II, Gus Edwards.
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"Black Theatre is an indispensable volume--insightful, wide-ranging, global in scope--to be enjoyed, studied, mulled over and argued with." --Douglass Turner Ward, Founder of The Negro Ensemble Meer lezen...

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