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Brian Jacques' Redwall. Season one

by FUNimation Productions, Ltd.;

  DVD video : Animation : NTSC color broadcast system

Redwall Season 1 Review   (2009-12-17)


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by lukeforsee


Young mouse Matthias lost his parents when a group of evil rats attacked his town and killed his parents. His sister died trying to take care of him.

But now he lives at Redwall Abbey with a group of kind animals such as mice and moles.

He lives there for awhile without a lot of trouble until one day...The rat named Cluny who killed his mom and dad comes to the abbey and try's to take over. From then on there is fighting and battling for Redwall. At the end Cluny breaks in and battle ensues. Finally Matthias cuts down the big bell in the belltower and kills Cluny the Scourge.


Positive Content:


In the end, the video shows that the good guys win the battle which in turn shows that good will ultimately win.

Violent Content:

There is a lot of fighting in this movie. People get killed. A spy rat falls from the top of Redwall. Another rat gets shot with a crossbow. Matthias chops off the head of a wicked snake. A lot of die. Also some parts will probably be too intense for younger listeners.

Spiritual Content:

Well the little critters are in an Abbey, so... Also before the main course in a Redwall feast the Abbot does give a prayer although not Christian per se.

Sexual Content:

A young mouse kisses and hugs Matthias.

Crude or Profane Language:

"Gee", possibly "Heck" and "D-mn".


Other Negative Content


The video is sad in places. The Abbot dies. A shrew dies of a snake bite and another “disappears.” And others as well. Also a mouse that has been long dead magically “talks” to Matthias. And when a group of shrews and Matthias are stuck in a stone quarry trying to find their way out, Matthias takes his sword, puts it on a stone, spins it and takes the tunnel it points into. Later a cat says something along the line of: “Maybe the old sword does have some power after all.” 

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