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The cell and environmental temperature; proceedings. The role of cellular reactions in adaptation of multicellular organisms to environmental temperature. Editor-in-chief: A.S. Troshin. English ed. edited by C.L. Prosser, in collaboration with J. Levitt [et al. Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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The cell and environmental temperature; proceedings. The role of cellular reactions in adaptation of multicellular organisms to environmental temperature. Editor-in-chief: A.S. Troshin. English ed. edited by C.L. Prosser, in collaboration with J. Levitt [et al.

Auteur : C Ladd Prosser; A S Troshin; Akademii︠a︡ nauk SSSR.; Unesco.
Éditeur : Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1967]
Collection : International series of monographs on pure and applied biology., Division, Zoology ;, v. 34.
Édition/format :   Livre imprimé : Conference publication : English : 1st English ed.]Voir toutes les éditions et tous les formats
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Genre/forme : Congresses
Conference papers and proceedings
Format – détails additionnels : Online version:
International Symposium on Cytoecology (1963 : Leningrad).
Cell and environmental temperature.
Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1967]
Type d’ouvrage : Conference publication
Format : Book
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs : C Ladd Prosser; A S Troshin; Akademii︠a︡ nauk SSSR.; Unesco.
Numéro OCLC : 506194
Notes : Translation of Kletka i temperatura sredy.
Sponsored by the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. and UNESCO.
Description : x, 462 pages illustrations, portraits.
Contenu : Opening address / A.S. Troshin --
Address of welcome / A. Kepes --
The frost-hardening process of plants / I.I. Tumanov --
A principle of the frost-resistance mechanism in plant and animal cells / É. Asahina --
Relation of internal and external factors on the increase of the frost-hardiness in woody plants / A. Sakai --
Biochemical and physiological aspects of plant frost-resistance / U. Heber and K.A. Santarius --
The autofluorescence of cells of some northern forest plants with regard to their frost-resistance / O.A. Krasavtsev --
Protoplasmic dehydration as one of the causes of cell death from the formation of extracellular ice / G.A. Samygin --
On some metabolic changes in shoot apices of wheat plants at low temperatures / L. Teltscherová --
Morphological and functional changes of chloroplasts after cooling of leaves of Cucumis sativus L. / I.M. Kislyuk --
Effect of low temperature on mitosis in plants / V.G. Grif --
Cell resistance to low temperatures as a function of the vitamin factors / S.N. Matsko --
Cytochemical peculiarities of woody plants and their winter-hardiness / L.I. Sergeev and K.A. Sergeeva --
The first phase of frost-hardening of winter crop plants in darkness on sugar solutions / T.I. Trunova --
Biophysical aspects of the action of low temperatures on living cells and tissues / L. Rey and D. Simatos --
The resistance of insects to deep cooling and to intracellular freezing / L.K. Losina-Losinsky --
Some biochemical mechanisms of low temperature acclimation in tropical poikilotherms / K. Pampapathi Rao --
Mechanisms of resistance of poikilothermic animals to subfreezing temperatures / H.T. Meryman --
The comparative resistance of tissues of some hibernating and non-hibernating rodents to cooling and supercooling / L.G. Volfenson, N.V. Kesemanly, V.A. Filov, E.V. Andreyeva and F.L. Losina-Losinskaya --
Investigations on the variability of heat-resistance in plants / O.L. Lange --
A study of the changes in resistance of plant cells to the action of various agents in the light of cytoecological considerations / V.Y. Alexandrov --
Heat-hardening of plant cells under natural and experimental conditions / N.L. Feldman, V.Y. Alexandrov, I.G. Zavadskaya, I.M. Kislyuk, A.G. Lomagin, M.I. Lyutova and A. Jaskuliev --
The influence of cultivation temperature on cellular resistance of Cabomba aquatica Aubl. to various agents / E.I. Denko --
Temperature adaptation of cells of marine and freshwater algae / M.I. Lyutova, I.G. Zavadskaya, A.F. Luknitskaya and N.L. Feldman --
Effects of high temperature and light on the thermosstability of cells of different crop varieties / T.V. Oleinikova --
On reparation of heat injury by plant cells / V.Y. Alexandrov --
The influence of heat-hardening on the resistance of plant cells to different injurious agents / A.G. Lomagin, T.A. Antropova and A. Ilmete --
Changes in carbohydrate content of plants under heat-hardening / I.G. Zavadskaya --
Cellular ecological adaptations and reactions, demonstrated by surviving isolated gill tissues of bivalves / C. Schlieper --
Some peculiarities in temperature adaptations of protozoa as compared to multicellular poikilotherms / G.I. Poljansky and K.M. Sukhanova --
A comparative study of cellular thermostability of marine invertebrates in relation to their geographical distribution and ecology / A.V. Zhirmunsky --
Thermostability of muscle tissue of molluscs as a cytophysiological characteristic of a species / T.A. Dzhamusova --
Analysis of seasonal change in thermostability of frog muscles / I.M. Pashkova --
The relation of tissue heat-resistance of polychaetes to osmotic and temperature conditions of the environment / I.V. Ivleva --
A study of cell thermostability of some Coelenterata / I.N. Dregolskaya --
Heat-resistance of cells of animals from thermal springs / V.B. Andronikov (Svinkin), T.A. Dzhamusova and A.A. Kusakina --
The effect of maintenance temperature of multicellular poikilotherms on the thermostability of intact organisms and their cells / A.V. Zhirmunsky and I.M. Pashkova --
Specific and non-specific changes in resistance of Paramecium caudatum adapted to different temperatures / I.S. Irlina --
Phenomena of conservatism and changes in the level of cellular heat-resistance in cultures of the myocardia and their cytophysiological interpretation / P.P. Rumyantsev --
Temperature adaptations in endoparasitic protozoans of amphibians in connexion with peculiarities of their ecology and life cycle / K.M. Sukhanova --
The role of SH and SS in the resistance of cells to high and low temperatures / J. Levitt --
Biochemical mechanisms of the death of plants and their tolerance and adaptation to high temperature in natural conditions / V.F. Altergott --
The effect of temperature on respiration and oxidative phosphorylation of pea seedlings / O.A. Semichatova, T.M. Bushuyeva and G.N. Nikulina --
Physiological and biochemical characteristics of plant cell responses to continuous action of high temperature / P.S. Belikov, M.I. Dmitrieva and T.V. Kirillova --
Reparation of heat injury in plant cells of different ages / I.S. Gorban --
Influence of heating on the rate of protoplasmic streaming and cellular resistance of plants / M.D. Shkolnikova and L.Y. Shterman --
A survey of experiments on resistance-adaptation / H. Precht --
Thermostability of cells and protoplasmic proteins in poikilothermic animals in relation to the problem of species / B.P. Ushakov --
Species differences in the heat-resistance of protoplasmic proteins of multicellular poikilothermic animals / A.A. Kusakina and A.N. Vinogradova --
The relation between resistance of cells and tissues to damage and denaturation capacity of proteins / A.D. Braun, N.M. Nesvetayeva and N.V. Fizhenko --
The study of actomyosin thermostability of skeletal muscles of Sevan trout / S.S. Hovanessian and V.P. Petrossian --
Cytophysiological and serological analysis of intraspecific differentiation of the Black Sea horse mackerel / J.P. Altukhov --
Changes in thermostability level of Rana temporaria tadpole muscle tissue as a result of the action of temperature on spermatozoa / B.P. Ushakov and I.S. Chernokozheva --
On the absence of constant correlation between heat-resistance of cells and the melting point of their lipids / B.P. Ushakov and M.A. Glushankova --
Metabolic and central nervous acclimation of fish to cold / C.L. Prosser --
Ontogenetic adaptive changes in heat-resistance of silkworm eggs in relation to the seasonal changes in the periods of active development and rest (diapause) / B.L. Astaurov --
Heat-resistance of gametes of poikilothermic animals / V.B. Andronikov --
Regulation of excitability in nervous and muscle tissues of various animals due to temperature changes / I.P. Suzdalskaya --
The analysis of compensatory processes in isolated rodent muscles during heat injury / E.D. Skholl --
Reaction to heating of the ciliated cells of some gastropod mollusc larvae / N.I. Arronet --
Changes in heat-resistance of isolated tissues as a result of preliminary heating / N.A. Schlachter and I.S. Chernokozheva --
Concluding remarks / K. Schlieper --
Concluding remarks / G.I. Poljansky --
Intermolecular aspects of the structural stability of protoplasm at the temperature extremes/ J. Bělehrádek.
Titre de collection : International series of monographs on pure and applied biology., Division, Zoology ;, v. 34.
Autres titres : Cytoecology
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