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Charlotte's web

by Jordan Kerner; Gary Winick; Susannah Grant; Karey Kirkpatrick; Sam Shepard; Julia Roberts; Dakota Fanning; Steve Buscemi; John Cleese; Oprah Winfrey; Cedric, the Entertainer; Kathy Bates; Reba McEntire; Robert Redford; Thomas Haden Church; Andre 3000; Dominic Scott Kay; Kevin Anderson; Gary Basaraba; Beau Bridges; Essie Davis; Siobhan Fallon Hogan; Nate Mooney; Louis Corbett; Abraham Benrubi; Seamus McGarvey; Susan Littenberg; Sabrina Plisco-Morris; Danny Elfman; Sarah McLachlan; Bob Carlisle; Lucy Kane; Paramount Pictures Corporation,; Walden Media,; K Entertainment Company,; Nickelodeon Movies,; Paramount Home Entertainment (Firm),;
Type:   DVD video : Partial animation   Computer File
Publisher: Los Angeles, Calif. : K Entertainment, 2006.

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