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成瘾性 /
Cheng yin xing

by Shao liu.;

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An exploration of addiction in China   (2012-04-18)

Very Good

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by jmcgough

This is an exploration of addiction by Shao Liu (Li Shaoliu), a novelist, short-story writer, and screen-writer. Contents: I. Life's Double-edged Sword (1. What kind of book is this?; 2. The savage tide of addiction; 3. The major crisis of the post-war era; 4. Saying goodbye to Freud; 5. Stimulus : pleasure : increased pleasure : addiction; 6. Physiological addiction and psychological addiction; 7. Life's double-edged sword). II. Leisure time and addiction (1. The leisure-time aspects of addiction; 2. Benefit and harm); III. The 21st century's number-one assassin; tobacco (1. Imported cigarette advertising makes television its launching pad; 2. The harmful nature of tobacco and addiction; 3. Revelations about the changes in smoking prevalence in the East and West; 4. Young smokers : female smokers : second-hand smoke; 5. The mixed blessing of smoking prohibition). IV. Tranquilizer : analgesic ; soporific : hallucinogen (1. No good deed goes unpunished; 2. The consequences of medical intervention; 3. Toxics : psychedelics : aphrodisiacs; 4. Psychological dependence and palliative care). V. Alcohol -- An addictive substance with cultural characteristics (1. The prophecy of Yu and the curse of history; 2. The constituents of alcoholic drinks, the addictive nature of alcohol, and its harmful nature; 3. Myths of drinking alcohol; 4. Young and female drinkers; 5. Drunkenness and crime; 6. The [Zhou dynasty] "Edict on drunkenness" and prohibitions on drinking; 7. Methods of dealing with drunkenness; 8.  Satisfying humankind's rational addiction-associated needs; 9. The need to revise the culture of alcohol.). VI. The global landscape of addiction -- Gambling (1. The mechanism of gambling addiction; 2. Gamblers, sharpers, and high-rollers; 3. An exploration of the problem of gambling legalization; 4. The sale of lottery tickets and grand prize chances; 5. The mysteries of gambling; 6. Gambling is an addictive behavior which is relatively easy to give up.). VII. The enemy that could annihilate humanity -- drugs (1. The "white plague" spreading throughout China; 2. Types of drugs; 3. The global scale of drugs; 4. The loss of integrity and the alienation of civilization; 5. Drugs and AIDS; 6. Distinctive features of the contemporary drug problem; 7. Can drugs be banned?; 8. The only road to drug prohibition -- Global cooperation; 9. A struggle uncertain of victory?). Postscript -- Humanity must return to simple truths.  [A copy is held in the library of the Wing Luke Museum, Seattle, Washington State, USA.]

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