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The child whisperer : the ultimate handbook for raising happy, successful, cooperative children

by Carol Tuttle

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***PLAGIARISM***   (2013-02-02)


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by LibraryR

Tuttle continues plagiarizing the same sources (see my reviews). Examples:
Style Strategy: Winning the Appearance Game:
Segerstrom: "Type Three with a Type Four secondary" "T3-4"
Tuttle: "Type 3" "secondary Type 4"

Segerstrom Type 1: "bright-eyed" "apple-cheeked"
Tuttle Type 1: "bright-eyed" "apple cheeks"

Segerstrom Type 1: "bouncy" "energetic" "The butterfly who's light on her feet and rarely sits still indicates T-1"
Tuttle Type 1: "Bouncy energetic and light on their feet" "Social butterfly" "never sits still"

Segerstrom Type 2: "features are soft and blended" "T-2's have...low-contrast, blended coloring."
Tuttle Type 2: "softened, blended features" "Contrasts in Type 2...are low" "soft...blended skin tones"

Irenee: "uplifting...'down-feeling'...'outward feeling'...'inward feeling'"
Tuttle: "uplifting" (Type 1) "downward" (Type 2) "outward" (Type 3) "inward" (Type 4)

Irenee: "Spring energy...animates" "Summer energy...softens" "Autumn energy...busy" "Winter energy...still"
Tuttle: "animated" (Type 1) "softens" (Type 2) "busy" (Type 3) "still" (Type 4)

Irenee: "Spring energy...'Life'" "Summer energy...'Beauty'" "Autumn energy...'Strength'" "Winter energy...'Poise'"
Tuttle: "new life" (Type 1) "beautiful" (Type 2) "strong" (Type 3) "poise" (Type 4)

Irenee Riter: "Round shaped face...a 'cherub' look"
Tuttle Type 1: "face has a cherub...look to it...round"

Irenee Riter: "Round eyes; a wide-eyed"
Tuttle Type 1: "Eyes:...wide-eyed, and often round"

Irenee Riter: "round full-bellied forehead"
Tuttle Type 1: "Very high rounded forehead"

Irenee Riter: "features...animated or have a cartoon-like quality"
Tuttle Type 1: "Features:...face...animated shapes" "make faces that look like a cartoon"

Irenee Spring: "Flushing, blushing, glowing...and freckles"
Tuttle Type 1: "freckles. Type 1 skin often features a...rosy glow"

Irenee Spring: "asymmetrical" "random" "charismatic"
Tuttle Type 1: "asymmetrical" "random" "charismatic"

Irenee Riter: "Down-slanted eyes"
Tuttle Type 2: "eyes...downward quality"

Irenee Riter: "large cleft in chin"
Tuttle Type 3: "cleft in...chin"

Irenee Riter: "Cat eyes; eyes that slant upward; noticeable because of their unusual angle"
Irenee Type 3: "cat eyes" "eyes...set at an angle"

Irenee Riter: "extreme peaks on lips"
Tuttle Type 3: "various form of or around the mouth"

Irenee Autumn: "earthy...textured...heavy" (clothing)
Tuttle Type 3: "heavier textures...earthy" (clothing)

Irenee Riter Winter: "symmetrical"
Irenee Riter: "Widow's peak automatically dividing the hair into even balance"
Tuttle Type 4: "Widows peak" "Face Shape: Symmetrical You could fold their face in half and each side would be a mirror image"

Irenee Winter: "Energy is still and set. Stripes" (clothing)
Tuttle Type 4: "still energy" "stripes" (clothing)

Irenee Winter: "proper...poised...dignified....mature"
Tuttle Type 4: "Dignified...Mature...Poised...Proper"

Irenee Riter: "Straight eyebrows"
Tuttle Type 4: "eyebrows that go straight across"

Irenee Riter: "nose; easy straight lines"
Tuttle Type 4: "Nose: straight"

Irenee Riter: "Eyes are even-set; lined up straight and even across." {diagram of horizontal line from outside corner of one eye to outside corner of other eye}
Tuttle Type 4: "Eyes:...if you drew a line from the outside corner of one eye all the way to outside corner of the other eye corner of the other eye, it would make a straight horizontal line."

Jane Segerstrom's Look Like Yourself and Love It:
Segerstrom Type 1: "sparkling eyes"
Tuttle Type 1: "Eyes: Sparkly"

Segerstrom Type 3: "rough textured skin" "Appearance...exotic" "aquiline...noses" (aquiline = like an eagle's beak)
Tuttle Type 3: "Hands:...rough...texture" "exotic look" "exotic eyes" "Nose: beak"

Segerstrom Type 3: "T-3 voices are...loud" "explosive...spirited...fiery"
Tuttle Type 3: "Voice/Language: Loud voice" "explosive" "spirited, and fiery"

Segerstrom Type 4: "They speak clearly, walk erectly"
Tuttle Type 4: "clear...voice" "erect posture"

Segerstrom Type 4: "Faces are elongated ovals"
Tuttle Type 4: ""Face Shape:....Shape is elongated oval"

Segerstrom Type 4: "smooth skin is white as porcelain"
Tuttle Type 4: "Smooth...porcelain skin"

Color: The Essence of You:
Caygill Spring: "Pixie" "circle, half-circles....Semi-curve with a point" {photo of Spring half circle eyebrows pg163}
Tuttle Type 1: "Pixie" "Eyebrows: Come to a point...or half circle" "bone structure creates circles and points"

Caygill Spring: "face is generally rounded---rounded cheeks...or it may be heart shaped....dimples."
Tuttle Type 1: "Face shape: Circular or heart shaped" "Cheeks look round...dimples"

Caygill Summer: "S-curve" "Features...contours that blend"
Tuttle Type 2: "S-curves" "No obvious cheekbones or jawline, as cheeks blend in with everything else"

Caygill Summer: "fingers are tapered, long....graceful"
Tuttle Type 2: "Long...graceful fingers...fingers taper"

Caygill Autumn: "features are irregular, often very angular and enhanced by the uneven proportions."
Tuttle Type 3: "Angular facial planes with irregular, asymmetrical hairline." "Nose: Angular" "angular features"

Caygill pg127: "chiseled features...cheek bones with triangular hollows, pointed nose and chin"
Tuttle Type 3: "various forms of triangles on the cheeks" "Nose: Angular" "pointed chin" {website promo video: "face shape...chiseled"}

Art And Fashion In Clothing Selection 1973 edition (Belle Northrup's 1930s non-Oriental Yin Yang types):
Northrup: "Nose: Short turned up rounded 'button end'"
Tuttle Type 1: "Nose: Turned up, button nose. Often small and round."

Northrup: "Eyes: twinkling"
Tuttle Type 1: "twinkle in their eye"

Northrup: "Walk: 'skipping'" "dancing"
Tuttle Type 1: "walk looks more like a"

Northrup: "Mouth:...full lips" "rounded" "heart shaped"
Tuttle Type 1: "Lips: Plump" {website promo video: "mouth...heart shaped or circular shaped and...fuller"}

Northrup: "Eyes:...melting"
Tuttle Type 2: "parts of their face...melting"

Positive Personality Profiles: D-i-S-C-over Personality Insights to Understand Yourself and Others!:
Rohm Type C: "keen eyes"
Tuttle Type 4: "keen eye"

You've Got Style:
Rohm : "pull" (Type I) "bend" (Type S) "push" (Type D) "stiffen" (Type C)
Tuttle: "pull" (Type 1) "bend" (Type 2) "push" (Type 3) "stiff" (Type 4)

Different Children, Different Needs: Understanding the Unique Personality of Your Child:
Rohm Type I: "Fun-Loving"
Tuttle Type 1: "Fun-loving"

Rohm Type S: "Sensitive"
Tuttle Type 2: "Sensitive Child"

Rohm Type D: "Determined Children"
Tuttle Type 3: "Determined Child"

Personality Insights For Moms:
Rohm Type C: "more serious type"
Tuttle Type 4: "more serious child"

Rohm Type I: "High energy...tendencies can be misunderstood by parents and ADHD misdiagnosis..."
Tuttle type 1: "labeled hyperactive and ADHD only to find out they were just high movement."

Most of the Irenee examples come from a single page.

Robert A. Rohm is a PhD-level psychology expert who co-authored two D-I-S-C personality 4-type system PARENTING books; both Jane Segerstrom and Harriet McJimsey's style books were college textbooks; Belle Northrup was a university professor who wrote a book about costume; Suzanne Caygill is famous for her television show, from teaching her Caygill 4-type style system, and because several students in her lineage have famous books on style. These people are actual experts in style or psychology. In comparison, Carol Tuttle is an unlicensed EFT Tapping practitioner / "New Age" energy-healing practitioner (NOT a psychotherapist as some websites claim).

"Heavy lidded, almond shaped eyes," "smiling eyes," "dreamy eyes," "sculptured look," & "star" etc. are in my reviews (and in my Listmania of Books related to Dressing Your Truth DYT on Amazon.

Although it seems Caygill-similar Irenee Riter is closest to Dressing Your Truth from energy movement, tools, Yin Yang, and haircoloring & hairstyles for the 4 types; or even Caygill-related Angela Wright with the elements (water/air/fire/earth), personality quiz in book, and colors for the 4 types; the closest style-with-personality system is probably Segerstrom. Segerstrom gives credit to Caygill-student run John Kitchener PSC in her book, and Carol Tuttle at the end of Dressing Your Truth book writes about being typed by Caygill student Taylor B. Sinclaire and then using notes from a class by the same Caygill-student run PSC to create Dressing Your Truth. Segerstrom has 2 books on finding your "SIGNATURE STYLE" (see my review); her first book is about the 4 "PRIMARY TYPES" (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4) and her second book is about the "SECONDARY TYPES" (example: "T3-4"). Segerstrom books have detailed info on how to dress with design lines, texture, pattern, fabrication, & color and also hairstyles.

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