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by Kevin Henkes
Type:   Print book : Fiction : Juvenile audience
Publisher: New York : Greenwillow Books, ©1991.

Public Lists that Include "Chrysanthemum"

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1. Predictable and Pattern Books for Children
Items: 191
Updated: 2015-07-24
2. Letter C
Items: 24
Updated: 2015-05-03
3. Bullying
Items: 29
Updated: 2015-03-25
4. Caring, Kindness & Generosity
Items: 40
Updated: 2014-12-22
Titles available in increments of five-for classroom use only (30-50 copies available depending on title)-- For additional information call Cleveland...
Items: 132
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-11-22
6. Our Blessings Books
Items: 337
Updated: 2014-11-05
7. Operation Respect
The selected titles primarily target to grades K-5. All book are available via Montgomery County Public Libraries. Topics cover school issues of...
Items: 63
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-08-17
8. L
Items: 24
Updated: 2014-07-24
9. NSW
by NFeeds
Items: 158
Updated: 2013-10-23
10. Bullying - Picture Books
Items: 7
Updated: 2013-09-19
11. Bullying and Teasing: Picture Books
Most of the titles on this list are appropriate for Preschool through Second Grade. Some titles would also make good read-alouds for older children.
Items: 29
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2013-07-25
12. PCC's New Picture Books
by pcclib
Items: 56
Updated: 2013-01-17
13. Preschool
Items: 27
Updated: 2012-11-21
14. October Books
Books added to the library collection during the month of October 2012.
Items: 77
Updated: 2012-11-01
15. All About Me (Pre-K books)
Books that encourage talking about everything that makes us who we are: feelings, families, homes,favorite things, etc.
Items: 35
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2011-09-20
16. Back to School Books (PrS-2)
Items: 32
Updated: 2011-09-07
17. UT ELC - Lake Avenue Collection
This collection is located at the University of Tennessee Early Learning Center located at Lake Avenue. This collection is shelved according to...
Items: 339
Updated: 2011-07-11
18. Social Justice Picture Books
The picture books on this list can be used to support the teaching of social justice concepts. Check the notes to see the book's Education Library...
Items: 43
Watchers: 6
Updated: 2010-11-26
19. First Day of School
Print: -------- Compiled by staff at the Nashville Public Library.
Items: 23
Watchers: 7
Updated: 2010-04-14
20. children's books
by vchyrd
Items: 40
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2009-11-25
21. Favorite Picture Books
These are picture books I love, to share with your children or give as wonderful gifts. Enjoy!
Items: 47
Watchers: 4
Updated: 2009-11-16
22. Kevin Henkes Bibliography
Items: 150
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2008-10-14
23. Things to Check Out
Items: 18
Updated: 2008-09-02
24. Things to Check Out
Items: 6
Updated: 2008-08-26
25. Vegebrarian's Favorite Children's Titles
Children's books I love and recommend.
Items: 76
Watchers: 3
Updated: 2008-04-03
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