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Chrystallia & the source of light

by Paul Michael Glaser; Dave Zoboski

  Print book : Elementary and junior high school : Fiction  |  1st ed

A+ Journey into a fun, magical, mesmerizingly magnificent land!   (2011-11-07)


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by Pam325

Chrystallia and The Source of Light' by PM Glaser...


It's more than just a's a fun, fantasy adventurous journey, as well as a beautiful journey of the heart...hold the book close to yours when you read it or just hold it and 'reflect' may feel empowered within...and every time you read it, and I think you will read it many will find something new and that's just one thing that makes this book so extra special.


Chrystallia and the Source of Light is heartfelt, often whimsical and very moving (got tissues??), it’s a story where a brother and sister, Jesse and Maggie, journey to a land never seen or even known before, a 'place' that you cannot even begin to imagine and just when it seems that there is no way out, and the end of 'Light' is eminent, there is a miraculous transformation which takes the characters, and subsequently the reader, to a 'place' within themselves and delivers them all to a realization of what life and our journey together is all about!


It’s told through the eyes and heart of Maggie who takes in quite a bit of the atmosphere around her deeply into herself. Her survival instinct is projected by creating a `false,' tough exterior to her being. She questions her `self-worth,' judges herself harshly, and thereby, indirectly and unknowingly, others. Jesse is a sensitive young boy with the gift of the `positive power of belief.' He is full of unconditional love, and trust, belief in others and 'things.'


And in this new 'land' of Chrystallia, it’s full of wonderful zany characters, made of crystals, are really cool and full of 'attitudes,' and 3D-personality, all 'living' in an incredibly colorful world of crystals where 'rules' govern the order of the 'moment.' I have no doubt that you will find and feel that some of them are 'a part of you’ too! I love Baz, he's one of my favorites...very dutiful, and dedicated, loyal…right to the end. Princess Amethyst for her glowing inner beauty and wisdom...Torri for her 'humor', honesty and inquisitiveness...certainly Pyrope...genuine in his innocence and hopefulness...ahh so many to enjoy and have fun with! King Bloo.. “AAAaaahhh, aaahh-CH-CH-CH-CHOOOOO!!” It will make a great animated film!


Paul's vivid use of descriptive and figurative language is quite imaginative, inspirational, poetic and fresh. There is wordplay full of symbolism and mystery, like a puzzle loaded with laughter, subtle witticisms, terrific puns, comedy, and rhymes and riddles! There are cool messages, some in unique 'sing-song' fashion, of faith, hope, compassion, love, forgiveness, and valuing relationships throughout like a treasure chest full of the richest gems that you've found only after searching high and wide with an ancient world map encrypted with hidden code and symbols.


Through the gift of Paul's narrative writing, you can feel yourself a part of the presence with Maggie and Jesse, and while you can truly feel them grow together in a bond that was deeply hidden within themselves, a bond they didn't even know they shared, you will actually witness how they discover their love for themselves, for each other and the awesome power that grows from 'within' during their journey.


It's very apparent that Paul M. Glaser was able to dig into that very 'place' from deep inside, you know, that 'secret place' most of us have wherein you discover things you didn't really know about your 'self.' He explores the areas of the mind, heart, and well-being in a fun and imaginative, mysterious way that is poignant for anyone in any 'plane of time.' It's a novel for the young and not so young and one that children and young adults especially will identify with. I think you will agree that this is arguably one of the best of all family books, and destined to become one of those classics of world literature that children and adults will enjoy together for generations.


There have been many other fantastic fantasy adventures written in the past, like 'The Wizard of OZ,' 'Alice in Wonderland,' the works of Charles Dickens and currently, 'Harry Potter,' and Twi-Light series etc, but now it’s time for them to move over…clear a neat space on your mantle…there are none like 'Chrystallia and the Source of Light.' So read on, journey on and discover your own new personal adventure by truly finding a unique way of 'thinking outside the box.' Discover ‘love’…’s a ‘big’ thing you know, it can ‘do’ a lot of things to us and Chrystallia will touch your heart in many ways and differently every time you read it! It will help you think about your own love(s), your own life and how, now matter what, there IS love and that you can (and should…don’t take people, things…life for granted) find appreciation for everything and everyone you have in your life, even if you have experienced some great sorrow that overwhelms you, changes you. That’s what Chrystallia IS about...‘love’…OUR ‘Light’ and maybe by reading it a few times, sharing your thoughts with others, you will find what that means for YOU and those around and in you and you will find ‘your way home.' And maybe, just maybe, Chrystallia can help deliver you from situations, feelings of helplessness, fear and deliver you into knowing, experiencing 'love.'


Can’t finish my way too long review without mentioning the artwork by Dave Zaboski (check out his other illustrated books too)…it’s awesome! He really captures the vivid detail and passion of Paul M Glaser's 'world'...some of them would make cool mini posters...especially the inside dust jacket of all the characters...this alone would make a fun border to decorate a room with.  Paint your room in Chrystallia fashion!! Hmmm…I think I will have some fun and paint my own wall murals like that! IS the `purest aspiration of ties us all together'...


Ohhhh. "You've got spaahkle, Mister!"

Thanks for a sharing a part of your 'self'...your experiences...your journey...

I hope You will find Your heart!


Spread the Light!

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