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The cluetrain manifesto : the end of business as usual

by Rick Levine;
Type:   Print book
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : Perseus Books, ©2000.

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1. Things to Check Out
Items that I would like to read, just haven't yet.
Items: 130
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2017-03-08
2. Leader's Bibliography
This is a list of the books that I have in my office. I continually am adding to it.
Items: 295
Updated: 2014-03-13
3. Customer Service (General)
Items: 14
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2013-11-15
4. Books and Articles About Building Community
Community building is deeper and more complex than the technologies that enable it. It is bigger and deeper than our current fascination with social...
Items: 31
Watchers: 9
Updated: 2012-07-03
5. Things to Check Out
Items: 20
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2011-10-11
6. Things I Own
I own very few books because I don't feel the need to hold onto the physical copy of the book after I've read and digested the ideas and concepts. ...
Items: 22
Watchers: 3
Updated: 2011-07-21
7. Things I Recommend
From fiction to non-fiction. Books, novels, articles and eventually Web sites and blogs ... these are the things that I've found to be most...
Items: 32
Watchers: 3
Updated: 2011-03-08
8. Technology & Community Building
Items: 13
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2010-11-21
9. LIS 768 Context Book Report selection: Fall 2010
List Created by Michael Stephens.
Items: 38
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2010-10-04
10. Innovation Book Ideas
by jfried
Items: 21
Watchers: 4
Updated: 2010-01-04
11. gokuum
Items: 10
Updated: 2009-10-22
12. h
by heces
Items: 11
Updated: 2008-11-09
13. Things to Check Out
Items: 14
Updated: 2008-09-27
14. Things I Recommend
Items: 10
Updated: 2008-09-15
15. My Favorite Books
Some of these books are non-fiction, but others are fiction. The novels are mostly SciFi though I don't know why. That's not all that I read. ...
Items: 25
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2008-08-15
16. Reading for Staff Development - Libraries / Librarians / Librarianship
A social- / technology-oriented list for librarians who want to understand how libraries can leverage social and digital resources to connect with...
Items: 26
Watchers: 3
Updated: 2008-07-03
17. LIS Empfehlungen
Literaturliste auf der Basis der Liste von Betsy Van der Veer Martens "100 Best LIS Readings". Einzelne Titel sind in Worldcat nicht vorhanden,...
by Hobohm
Items: 122
Updated: 2008-04-03
18. Information/Internet Technology Books
This is a list of books that I like to use when designing things for and/or thinking about the Web.
Items: 7
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2008-01-30
19. Read
Items: 18
Updated: 2008-01-18
20. Non-Fiction to be Read
Items: 21
Updated: 2008-01-17
21. books I wrote
Items: 3
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2008-01-15
22. Things to Check Out
by keach
Items: 25
Updated: 2007-07-15
23. Community Building Books Bob Recommended
Suggested by Bob R.
Items: 3
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2007-06-14
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