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Coherence and quantum optics VI : proceedings of the Sixth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics held at the University of Rochester, June 26-28, 1989 Preview this item
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Coherence and quantum optics VI : proceedings of the Sixth Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics held at the University of Rochester, June 26-28, 1989

Author: J H Eberly; Leonard Mandel; Emil Wolf
Publisher: New York : Plenum Press, ©1989.
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The conference, held at the U. of Rochester in June 1989, was a sequel to five earlier meetings in this series, held in 1960, 1966, 1972, 1977 and 1983. This volume contains abbreviated versions of  Read more...


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Genre/Form: Conference papers and proceedings
Additional Physical Format: Online version:
Rochester Conference on Coherence and Quantum Optics (6th : 1989).
Coherence and quantum optics VI.
New York : Plenum Press, ©1989
Material Type: Conference publication
Document Type: Book
All Authors / Contributors: J H Eberly; Leonard Mandel; Emil Wolf
ISBN: 0306434857 9780306434853
OCLC Number: 22279647
Description: xix, 1328 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Contents: Emission Frequency of a Homogeneously Broadened Laser Operating below Threshold.- Dynamics of the NH3 FIR Laser and the Lorenz Model.- Quantum Theory of Interaction of a Resonant Field with a Nonlinear Medium Modelled as an Anharmonic Oscillator.- Quantum Effects in Light Propagation through a Nonlinear Medium.- Cooperative Modulation Instability in Dispersive Nonlinear Media.- Large Scale Transverse Interactions in Nonlinear Optical System with 2D-Feedback; Generation, Hysteresis and Interaction of Wave Structures.- Single-Atom Cavity-Enhanced Absorption: Steady-State Field in the Strong-Coupling Limit.- Quantum Theory of Multiwave Mixing in a Squeezed Vacuum.- Measuring the Wigner Angle with a Parametric Amplifier.- Delayed Bifurcations in a CO2 Laser with a Slowly Swept Pump.- Experimental Characterization of Shil'nikov Chaos by Statistics of Return Times.- Determination of a Small Photon Number by Statistical Amplifying Transients.- Progress in Modelling Coherently Pumped Far-Infrared Laser Dynamics.- Extraordinary Behavior of Atoms near a Phase Conjugator.- Squeezed Light Generation with an Incoherent Pump.- Three Wave Mixing for Multimode Beams.- Dimensionality Studies of Chaotic Attractors in Laser with Injected Signal.- Applications of the Optical Phase Operator.- Classically Chaotic Near-Classical Microwave Ionization.- Angular Correlations of Bosons and Fermions.- The Physics of Stored Laser Cooled Ion Clusters: Phase Transitions in a System with only a Few Degrees of Freedom.- Theory of the Two-Photon Laser: Cross-Correlation and Laser Thresholds.- Nonclassical Photon Correlations in Cavity QED.- Silicon Avalanche Photodetectors for Quantum Optics Experiments: Sub-Geiger Performance.- Comparisons of Two Theories of Scattering from Quasi-Homogeneous Media.- Photon-Number Distributions for Number-State Homodyne Photomixing at a Lossless Beam Splitter.- Models and Approximations for Instabilities in Standing-Wave Lasers.- Near Threshold Behavior of Multimode CW Dye Lasers with an Amplitude Modulated Pump.- Radiation Theory for Two-Photon Processes.- Behavior of a Ring Laser with Injected Signal near Threshold.- Optical Manifestations of Berry's Topological Phase: Classical and Quantum Aspects.- Theory and Photon Statistics of a Free Electron Laser.- Investigation of ? Phase Jumps in a Ring Laser.- Phase Fluctuation and Damping in Two-Level Optical Resonance.- Relaxation Problems and Lifetimes in Nonlinear Optical Systems.- Optical Systems Driven by Inputs with Reduced Intensity Fluctuations: A Possible Master Equation Approach.- QED of a Two-Level Atom and Photodetection.- Competion between Counter-Propagating Waves in Laser Dynamics.- Nonlinear Dynamics of a Laser Containing A Modulated Saturable Absorber.- Transition from Classical "Maxwell-Boltzmann" to Quantum, "Bose-Einstein" Partition Statistics by Stochastic Splitting of Degenerate Light.- Strong Photon Localization in Microcavity Stimulated Emission.- Optical Experiments Illustrating the Significance of the Bell Inequalities.- High Intensity Effects in Raman Scattering.- Fluctuation Interferometer as High Angular-Resolution Sensor of Laser Illumination.- Self-Observation and Self-Referral in Lasers: An Analysis of the Transition from Quantum to Classical Behavior.- Mode-Locked Superfluorescence.- The Wigner Function of Two-Mode Squeezed States; Free and Dissipative Evolution.- Coherent Scattering of Light in an Aharonov-Bohm Geometry.- Bloch Electrons in Coherent Light: A New Type of Renormalization.- Coherent Population Trapping and Its Effects on Light-Induced Drift.- Stochastic Resonance in Bistable Systems.- Spontaneous and Induced Emission of Soft Bosons: Exact Non-Markovian Solutions.- Coherence and Interference in Photoionization of a Rydberg Atom.- Photon Antibunching in Spontaneous Emission from Two Nonidentical Atoms.- Excitation into a Quasicontinuum by a Fluctuating Laser Field.- Stimulated Photon Echo Induced by Broad-Bandwidth Pulses.- Scattering of Electromagnetic Fields of Any State of Coherence from Fluctuating Media.- Local and Global Bifurcations of Optically-Pumped Three-Level Lasers.- A New Test of Bell's Inequality Using Optical Interference.- Soliton Collisions for Quantum Non-Demolition Measurement of Photon Number: The QND Soliton Interferometer.- A Semiclassical Theory of Ultrafast Pump-Probe Spectroscopy: Visualization and Interpretation of Experiment.- Elimination of the Dynamics of the Rotational Levels in a Four-Level CO2 Laser Model.- Quantum Statistical Properties of Optical Phase Conjugation.- Universal Normal-Form Description of Squeezing in Two-Photon Processes.- Microwave Excitation and Ionization of H Atoms at High Scaled Frequencies: Comparisons of Experiments and Theories.- Spectral Changes in Light Propagation from a Class of Partially Coherent Sources.- Phase-Sensitive Light Amplifiers in Stellar Interferometry.- Using Modulation Response to Determine Dynamical Parameters and Appropriate Models for Single-Mode Lasers.- Squeezed Light and the Single Atom.- Atomic Coherent States, Phase Transitions and Squeezing from Rydberg Atoms.- Saturation Behavior of Parametric Four-Wave Mixing Due to Two-Photon Interference Effect.- Bistability and Chaos in Counterpropagating Laser Beams.- Experimental Study of Two-Photon Rabi Oscillations.- Manifestation of Berry's Phase in Parametric Amplifiers.- Photo-Dynamics of a Single Trapped Three-Level Ion.- Atoms in Cavities.- Optical Correlation Functions and Squeezing in the Jaynes-Cummings Model.- Higher Order Squeezing of Thermal Radiation through Parametric Amplification.- Some Modal Expansions of Partially Coherent Fields.- Two-Photon Transition Driven by Parametrically Down-Converted Light: A Linear Intensity Dependence.- Quantum Noise Initiated Mode-Hopping in Semiconductor Lasers.- Measurement of the Effect of Resonant Light Pressure on the Dispersion Curve of a Gas of Two- Level Atoms.- Detection of Decay Processes and Cavity Fields by Means of Quantum-Jump Statistics.- Diffracting Atoms from Evanescent Light Fields.- Production of a (Phase) Random Telegraph Field.- Composite Materials for Nonlinear Optics: Theory and Experiment.- Test of the Linearity of Quantum Mechanics by RF Spectroscopy of the 9BE+ Ground State.- Gain Noise in Dye Lasers.- Sum and Difference Squeezing.- Excitation of Three-State Atom with Minimum Population of Intermediate State.- Self-Focusing Limitations on Squeezed State Generation in Two-Level Media.- Observations of Sub-Poisson and Poisson Photon Statistics from the Fluorescence of Individual Barium Atoms.- Enhancement of Antibunching in Second Harmonic Generation.- Phase-Dependent Lineshape in Multiple Pump-Probe Interactions.- Comparison of Lorenz-Like Laser Behavior with the Lorenz Model.- Atom-Photon Interaction Modified by a Microwave Cavity.- Influence of the Local Oscillator on Homodyne Detection of Squeezed Vacuum.- Sensitivity to Initial Conditions in Classical and Quantum Dynamics.- Quantum Optics of Single, Trapped Ions.- Generation, Detection and Applications of Sub-Poissonian Light.- The Spectrum of Radiation from a Moving Source of Any State of Coherence.- Intermittency and Chaos in Intracavity Doubled Lasers.- Rectification of the Light Pressure Force Acting on a Three-State Atom.- Optical Second-Harmonic Generation from Jellium. The Collective-Mode Pattern Studied Via the Nonlinear Energy Reflection Coefficient.- Squeezing in Two-Photon Optical Bistability and Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing.- Metric-Perturbed Shifts in Superradiant States.- Optical Second-Harmonic Generation and Rectification in a Superconductor with Cooper-Pairing.- Optical Spectra of a Strongly Coupled System of Atoms in a Cavity Driven by Squeezed Light.- The Squeezing of Fock and Thermal Field States.- Dissipative Quantum Dynamics in Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics.- Scaling of Spontaneous Emission and Intermolecular Interactions in a Dielectric Medium Using Polaritons.- Excited-State Relaxation Dynamics in a Continuous Wave Dye Laser.- Temporal Instabilities and Chaos in Photorefractive Four-Wave Mixing.- Diagrammatic Methods for Nonlinear Response of a System Dressed by Resonant External Fields.- Spatial Quantum Fluctuations in Stimulated Raman Scattering.- Field-Matter Interactions in Photonic Bandgaps.- Detection of Squeezed Light by Coherently Superposed Detector States.- Analysis of Super-Gaussian Statistics of N-Harmonic Fields by Nonlinear Gaussian Expansions.- Transient Squeezing and Time-Dependent Spectra of a Strongly Driven Three-Level Atom Undergoing Quantum Jumps.- Delayed Feedback Acting as Noise to Induce Phase Transitions.- Spectral Analysis for the Coherence Collapsed Diode Laser.- On the Analogy between Electrons and Light.- Population Trapping Effect for System with Double Autoionizing Levels.- Information Performance for a Binary Channel with Photoncounting Detection.- Heterodyne Spectrum of the Fluorescence from Optical Molasses.- An Infinite Ladder Coupled to a Quantum Mode; An Exactly Solvable Quantum Model.- Super-Regenerative Laser Receiver.- Very High Order Harmonic Conversion of an Intense YAG Laser Radiation in Rare Gases.- Spatially-Localized Two-Particle Interference at a Beam Splitter.- Comparative Study of Various Quasiprobability Distributions in a Two-Photon Correlated-Emission Laser.- Quantum Theory of Two-Photon Correlated-Spontaneous-Emission Lasers: Exact Atom-Field Interaction Hamiltonian Approach.- Nonlinear Dynamics of Raman Lasers in the Good and Bad Cavity Limit.- A Monte Carlo Study of Superradiance.- Polarization Dynamics in a Quasi-Isotropic Laser.- Understanding Squeezed States and Their Detection Using the Schrodinger Picture..- Para-Bose Squeezed States.- Measurements, Dynamics and State Preparation in a Micromaser.- Preparation of Nonclassical States by Conditional Measurement.- Observation of Chaos in a Passive Nonlinear Resonator.- Optically Induced Coherent Spin Transients in an Atomic Ground State.- Stability Analysis of Active Mode-Locking through Loss Modulation.- Continuous and Discontinuous Phase Transitions in the Laser with a Saturable Absorber.- Polaritons and Retarded Interactions in Nonlinear Optical Susceptibilities.- Monolithic Optical Parametric Oscillators for Quantum Optics.- Instabilities of a Coupled Cavity Laser.- Spatial Instabilities and Symmetry Breaking in Lasers.- Exact Quantum Theory of a Rydberg Atom in Cavities of Arbitrary Q at Finite Temperature T, and the 85Rb Atom Maser.- Depletion Effects in Second Harmonic Generation with a Partially Coherent Beam.- Tunneling and Resonances in MIE Scattering.- Frequency Locking, Quasiperiodicity and Chaos in Modulated External Cavity Injection Lasers.- Adiabatic Elimination for Laser Equations via Center Manifold Theory.- On the Phase-Space Approach to Squeezed Phenomena in Quantum Optics.- Optical Phase Information Due to the Vacuum in Two-Photon Down-Conversion.- Transient Response of a Two-Level Atom to Bichromatic Excitation with Pump Detuning.- Correlated Decay of Atoms Interacting with Broad Band Squeezed Light.- Transverse Modulational Instabilities in Kerr Media.- Subharmonic Bifurcation Route to Chaos in Asymmetric External Cavity Semiconductor Lasers.- The Effect of Dissipation on Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in a Double Well System.- Quantum Theory of Nondegenerate Four-Wave Mixing in Semiconductor Media.- Exact Geometrical Description of Free Space Radiative Energy Transfer for Scalar Wavefields.- Squeezed State Generation and Nonclassical Correlations in Nondegenerate Parametric Down Conversion.- Principal Squeezing in Optical Devices.- Gas Ring Lasers with Backscattering: One-Time Statistical Properties and Intensity Correlation Functions.- Fractal Properties of the Rotating Wave Van der Pol Oscillator with Phase.- Instabilities in Degenerate Subharmonic Generation.- Correlation Functions of a He:Ne Laser with Multiplicative White Noise.- How Strongly Can We Correlate Two Optical Fields?.- Brillouin Enhanced Reflectivity for Different Intensity Pump Waves.- Generalized Jump Model for Phase Fluctuations in Nonlinear Optics.- Light Forces and Atom Diffraction - An Illustrated Summary.- Collective Dynamical Statistical, and Equilibriim Properties of N Rydberg Atoms Making Two-Photon Transitions.- On the Characteristics of Rabi Oscillations in a Coherently Prepared Two Level Atom in the Binomial State of the Field.- Wigner Distribution Function for Optical Fields and Its Application to the Detection of Squeezed States.- Quantum Statistical Analysis of Superfluorescence and Amplified Spontaneous Emission in the Dense Atomic Systems.- G(2) (0) and the Two-Photon Transition Rate: An Experimental Study.- Spatially Separated Two Color Photons in Fourth Order Interference.- Temporal Quantum Fluctuations in Stimulated Raman Scattering.- Optical Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Correlations.- Nonclassical Radiation in the One-Atom Maser.- A Semi-Classical Linear Input Output Transformation for Quantum Fluctuations.- Quasiprobabilities for the Jaynes-Cummings Model with Damping.- Strong Field Ionization in Classical and Quantum Dynamics.- Atomic Systems Driven by Colored Squeezed Light.- Amplitude and Phase Dynamics of Superradiant and Raman Pulse Trains.- Absorptive Optical Bistability in Two-State Atoms.- Spontaneous Spatial Symmetry Breaking in a Fabry-Perot Cavity.- Resonance Behavior of a Two-Level Atom Driven by Amplitude- or Frequency-Modulated Fields.- Intrinsic Optical Bistability in a Cavity.- On the Quantum Malus Law for Photon and Spin Quantum Correlations.- Theory of the Correlated-Spontaneous-Emission Laser.- A New Projection-Operator Method for Treating Interactions of Atoms with Radiation Field.- Deviations from Exponential Decay in the Spontaneous Emission by a Two-Level Eydrogenic Atom.- Collective Radiation Inhibition Effects in the Many-Atom Jaynes-Cummings Model.- A New Number-Phase Uncertainty Principle.- Coherent Phase States and Squeezed Phase States.- Geometric Representation for Squeezing: the abcd-Law.- Geometric Phase in Optics: Some Pedestrian Considerations.- Intensity Fluctuation Suppression in Injection - Locked Dye Ring Laser.- Radiation from an Atom Located in the Vicinity of Dielectric - Space-Time Analysis.- Schrodinger Kittens from Optical Back-Action Evasion.- Superradiant Effects in Photon Echo Decays - The Superradiant Echo.- Photon Band Structure.- Quantum Fluctuations in the Stimulated Raman Scattering Spectrum.- Experimental Test of the Optical Block Equations for Solids Using Free Induction Decay and Hole-Burning.- Bistability and Optically Induced Switching of Spatial Field Patterns in a Laser.- Transverse Mode Structure of Laser Beams Determined from Spatial Coherence.- Transient Spectrum of Two Level Atoms Interacting with Amplitude Modulared Intense Radiation.- A Theory for Second Harmonic Generation in Dense Atomic Vapour.- Two Pulse Nonlinear Excitations in Optical Fibers.- On the Theory of Slow Identical Atom Collisions in a Radiation Field.- Bistable and Sustained Oscillatory Behaviour of Coherently Pumped Three Level CW Laser.- Bidirectional Laser with an Injected Signal: An Optical Switch.- Nonlinear Interaction of Modes in the Ring Laser with a Saturable Absorber.- Photon Counting Statistics of Squeezed Light.- Transient and Spectral Properties of Several Rydberg Atoms in a Squeezed Vacuum.- Amplitude Noise Reduction in Quietly Pumped Lasers.- Coherence Properties of Light Propagating in a One-Dimensional Lorentz Medium.- Resonance Fluorescence, Amplitude Modulation and Fibonacci Numbers.- Quantum Noise Reduction in Photodetection Processes.- Instabilities and Chaos in Phase Locked Semiconductor Laser Arrays.- Quantum Jumps and Continuous Observations.- Optical Resonance Equations in the Presence of Strong Radiation and Shot-Noise Collisions.- On the Possibility of Generating Doppler-Like Frequency Shifts of Spectral Lines by Scattering from Space-Time Fluctuations.- Photoelectron Counting Statistics for the Degenerate Parametric Oscillator.- Macroscopic Quantum Jumps from a Two Atom System.- Enhanced and Inhibited Spontaneous Emission of Free Excitons in GaAs Quantum Wells in a Micro Cavity.- The Production and Detection of Spatially Localized Atomic Electron Wave Packets.- Efficient Photon Number Detection.- Hanle Effect in Frequency Dependent Photon Reservoir.- Multimode Semiconductor Laser Theory with Application to Sidemode Generation.- Photostatistics of Continuous-Wave Squeezed Light.- Lasing without Inversion Due to Initial Coherence between Lower Atomic States.- Polarization of Dressed Atom-Field States in the Transient and Steady-State Regimes.- Experimental Study of the Fluorescence Spectrum Emitted by Two-Level Atoms under Strong Bichromatic Excitation.- Author Index.
Other Titles: Coherence and quantum optics 6.
Responsibility: edited by Joseph H. Eberly, Leonard Mandel, and Emil Wolf.


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