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[Collection of eleven English Civil War documents]. Voorbeeldweergave van dit item
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[Collection of eleven English Civil War documents].

Auteur: Hudson GurneyJ H GurneyCox MacroWilliam PrynneHenry Spelman, SirAlle auteurs
Uitgever: [England], 1640-1646.
Editie/Formaat:   Print book : Manuscript   Archiefmateriaal : Engels
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Genre/Vorm: Manuscripts
Genre: Manuscript
Soort document: Boek, Archiefmateriaal
Alle auteurs / medewerkers: Hudson Gurney; J H Gurney; Cox Macro; William Prynne; Henry Spelman, Sir; Bernard Quaritch (Firm),; Pre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rare Book & Manuscript Library.
Taalopmerking: English.
OCLC-nummer: 240732228
Opmerkingen: Ms. documents.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Origin: Copied in England between 1640 and 1646.
Provenance: Acquired from Quaritch, 30 November 1943.
Shelf-mark: Urbana, IL, University of Illinois Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Pre-1650 MS 0190.
Removed from a larger codex based on manuscript foliation (240-273), which matches a miscellany of 359 leaves previously in the hands of John Henry Gurney, Esq. Some of the documents possibly owned (and written) at one point by Sir Henry Spelman. The miscellanea are thought to have been compiled by Dr. Cox Macro.
Two leaves (fols. 17-18) not described as part of the miscellany owned by Gurney.
Beschrijving: 36 leaves : paper ; 305 x 217 mm
Inhoud: Fol. 1r-6v: To the right hono[ura]ble the Knightes Cittizens & Burgesses now assembled in the com[m]ons house of parliament : The humble petition of William Prynne late exile and close prisoner in the Isle of Jersey. Signed and dated December 2 1640 on fol. 6v. Printed in 1641 under the title "The humble petition of Mr. Prynne, late exile, and close prisoner in the Ile of Iersey" (ESTC R5106). Fol. 7r-10v: From Northamptonshire : Grounde[s] of exceptions against the oath required in the 6. canon establisht in the Synod 1640. Fol. 11r-12v: The humble petition of the subscribers with the consent of many gentlemen and others of good worth of this countye of Devon. Fol. 13r-14v: [News from York and Newcastle concerning the movements of the Scots] dated Sept. 18th 1640 on fol. 13r. Fol. 15r: A message sent unto his ma[jes]tie by a speciall com[m]ittee of both houses concerning the present dangers of this kingdome. Dated 1 Martij. 1641. Fol. 16r: His ma[jes]ties answere to ye last messuage & resolution of both houses of parliam[en]t. Dated 2 March 1641/2. Fol. 17r-18r: A copie of the letter of father Philips the Queens confessor, wh[ich] was thought to be sent into France to Mr. Montague, discovered & read in the House of Commons ... June 25 1641. Fol. 19r-24r: Diurnall occurrences or the heads of proceedings in parliament from the 11th of Aprill to the 18th 1642. Fol. 25r-34v: Diurnall occurrences in parl[iamen]t from the 30th of May to the 6th of June 1642. Fol. 35r-35v: [Letter from King Charles in reply to the 19 propositions delivered by the Commissioners of the Parliaments of England and Scotland]. Dated 1 August [1646] at Newcastle. Fol. 36r: [Copy of a letter from King Charles to Dr. Hudson]. Dated 18 June 1646 at Newcastle.
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