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[Collection of treatises]

Verfasser/in: John Morewood GresleyWilliam MaskellThomas Phillipps, SirF William CockPre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library)Alle Autoren
Verlag: [England, approximately 1604]
Ausgabe/Format   Print book : Manuskript   Archivarische Materialien : Englisch
"A very complete body of Puritanical objections to Episcopal and primitive Christian methods."--Inscription on fol. [1]r.

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Gattung/Form: Deerskin bindings
Medientyp: Manuskript
Dokumenttyp: Buch, Archivarische Materialien
Alle Autoren: John Morewood Gresley; William Maskell; Thomas Phillipps, Sir; F William Cock; Pre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rare Book & Manuscript Library.
OCLC-Nummer: 260339575
Sprachhinweis: In English with some Latin phrases.
Anmerkungen: Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Paginated 1-259. Each page is frame-ruled in red.
The first and last three leaves are blank, excepting modern annotations (some by previous owners).
Binding: Contemporary gold-ruled and gold-tooled doeskin; gilt edges.
Origin: Presumably copied in England in the early 17th century.
Provenance: 1. John Morewood Gresley -- 2. William Maskell -- 3. Sir Thomas Phillipps -- 4. Bookplate of F. William Cock -- 5. Purchased from Norman, 4 July 1949.
Shelf-mark: Urbana, IL, University of Illinois Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Pre-1650 MS 0197.
Former shelf-mark: Ms. 18827 (Phillipps).
Beschreibung: 137 leaves : paper ; 197 x 158 (168 x 121) mm. bound to 203 x 164 mm.
Inhalt: p. 1-5: Reasons against the crosse in baptisme propounded to the parliam[en]t house by Mr Fleetwood, Mr Barbon, Mr Hildersham and others. p. 6-12: Use of the surplice, cope, crosse in baptisme, kneeling att communion respectively to y[e] sacram[en]t, imposition of hands in confirmation, the ring in marriage, and sundry other ceremonies in o[u]r Churche are not indifferent but simply unlawfull in y[e] publique worshipp and service of God. p. 13-16: To the Kings most Excellent Ma[jes]tie : the humble peticon of 22 preachers in London and the suburbs thereof. p. 17-28: Touching a bill preferred in Parliam[en]t 4to Eliz. concerning rites, & ceremonies in question. p. 29-65: Reasons proving the use of the surplice in divine service and likewise y[e] crosse in baptisme and other the ceremonies in the Church of England ought to be removed and may not be used or yeelded unto by any. p. 66-87: Reasons of good Mr Goodman ag[ains]t the surplice, square capp, and tippet dellivered in pulpit ... p. 87-127: Opinions in briefe of diverse learned men, delivered att their meeting in October A[nn]o. i590. p. 127-131: Dr. Humphraies l[ette]re to y[e] bishopp. p. 132-140: Coppie of a letter from some of Norwich to the chauncellor. p. 140-142: Superstitious crosses. p. 142-146: Subscription. p. 147: Subscription of good Mr. Goodman. Octo. 22. Anno Domini 1571. p. 148-157: Booke of common prayer. p. 157-161: Traditions. p. 161-171: Against kneeling att com[m]union. p. 171-175: Oath of inquisition ministred ex officio by her ma[jes]ties commissioners ... p. 175-184: Certaine considerations why the ministers should not bee moved for the subscription and ceremonies. p. 185-198: Bishopps. p. 199-206: Against bowing of the knee att the nameing of Jesus. p. 207-216: Tytles and attributes given too unfaithfull and wicked ministers by the Holie Scriptures. p. 216: Confused chaos of our horned ministerie. p. 217-220: Superstitious holydaies. p. 221-227: Excommunications. p. 228-234: Dispensation for manie benefices unlawfull. p. 234-239: Holie Scriptures ag[ains]t wicked nonresidents. p. 239-243: Puritans. p. 244-247: Apocryphas Scriptures. p. 247-251: Coppie of a note received ffrom Mr. Harvis. p. 251-257: My proofes and reasons against the addition of the word masse to the blessed name of Christ, calling the day Christs na[tivi]tie Christmas day ... p. 258: blank. p. 259-[262]: A table or index directing the reader where to find the severall subiects contained and discussed in this booke.
Andere Titel Reasons against the cross in baptism


"A very complete body of Puritanical objections to Episcopal and primitive Christian methods."--Inscription on fol. [1]r.


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rdf:valueUnknown value: mss
schema:alternateName"Reasons against the cross in baptism"@en
schema:name"University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rare Book & Manuscript Library."
schema:name"Pre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library)"
schema:datePublished"aroximately 1604"
schema:description""A very complete body of Puritanical objections to Episcopal and primitive Christian methods."--Inscription on fol. [1]r."@en
schema:genre"Deerskin bindings"@en
schema:name"[Collection of treatises]"@en

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