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[Collection of treatises]

Auteur: John Morewood GresleyWilliam MaskellThomas Phillipps, SirF William CockPre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library)Alle auteurs
Uitgever: [England, approximately 1604]
Editie/Formaat:   Print book : Manuscript   Archiefmateriaal : Engels
"A very complete body of Puritanical objections to Episcopal and primitive Christian methods."--Inscription on fol. [1]r.

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Genre/Vorm: Deerskin bindings
Genre: Manuscript
Soort document: Boek, Archiefmateriaal
Alle auteurs / medewerkers: John Morewood Gresley; William Maskell; Thomas Phillipps, Sir; F William Cock; Pre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rare Book & Manuscript Library.
OCLC-nummer: 260339575
Taalopmerking: In English with some Latin phrases.
Opmerkingen: Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Paginated 1-259. Each page is frame-ruled in red.
The first and last three leaves are blank, excepting modern annotations (some by previous owners).
Binding: Contemporary gold-ruled and gold-tooled doeskin; gilt edges.
Origin: Presumably copied in England in the early 17th century.
Provenance: 1. John Morewood Gresley -- 2. William Maskell -- 3. Sir Thomas Phillipps -- 4. Bookplate of F. William Cock -- 5. Purchased from Norman, 4 July 1949.
Shelf-mark: Urbana, IL, University of Illinois Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Pre-1650 MS 0197.
Former shelf-mark: Ms. 18827 (Phillipps).
Beschrijving: 137 leaves : paper ; 197 x 158 (168 x 121) mm. bound to 203 x 164 mm.
Inhoud: p. 1-5: Reasons against the crosse in baptisme propounded to the parliam[en]t house by Mr Fleetwood, Mr Barbon, Mr Hildersham and others. p. 6-12: Use of the surplice, cope, crosse in baptisme, kneeling att communion respectively to y[e] sacram[en]t, imposition of hands in confirmation, the ring in marriage, and sundry other ceremonies in o[u]r Churche are not indifferent but simply unlawfull in y[e] publique worshipp and service of God. p. 13-16: To the Kings most Excellent Ma[jes]tie : the humble peticon of 22 preachers in London and the suburbs thereof. p. 17-28: Touching a bill preferred in Parliam[en]t 4to Eliz. concerning rites, & ceremonies in question. p. 29-65: Reasons proving the use of the surplice in divine service and likewise y[e] crosse in baptisme and other the ceremonies in the Church of England ought to be removed and may not be used or yeelded unto by any. p. 66-87: Reasons of good Mr Goodman ag[ains]t the surplice, square capp, and tippet dellivered in pulpit ... p. 87-127: Opinions in briefe of diverse learned men, delivered att their meeting in October A[nn]o. i590. p. 127-131: Dr. Humphraies l[ette]re to y[e] bishopp. p. 132-140: Coppie of a letter from some of Norwich to the chauncellor. p. 140-142: Superstitious crosses. p. 142-146: Subscription. p. 147: Subscription of good Mr. Goodman. Octo. 22. Anno Domini 1571. p. 148-157: Booke of common prayer. p. 157-161: Traditions. p. 161-171: Against kneeling att com[m]union. p. 171-175: Oath of inquisition ministred ex officio by her ma[jes]ties commissioners ... p. 175-184: Certaine considerations why the ministers should not bee moved for the subscription and ceremonies. p. 185-198: Bishopps. p. 199-206: Against bowing of the knee att the nameing of Jesus. p. 207-216: Tytles and attributes given too unfaithfull and wicked ministers by the Holie Scriptures. p. 216: Confused chaos of our horned ministerie. p. 217-220: Superstitious holydaies. p. 221-227: Excommunications. p. 228-234: Dispensation for manie benefices unlawfull. p. 234-239: Holie Scriptures ag[ains]t wicked nonresidents. p. 239-243: Puritans. p. 244-247: Apocryphas Scriptures. p. 247-251: Coppie of a note received ffrom Mr. Harvis. p. 251-257: My proofes and reasons against the addition of the word masse to the blessed name of Christ, calling the day Christs na[tivi]tie Christmas day ... p. 258: blank. p. 259-[262]: A table or index directing the reader where to find the severall subiects contained and discussed in this booke.
Andere titels: Reasons against the cross in baptism


"A very complete body of Puritanical objections to Episcopal and primitive Christian methods."--Inscription on fol. [1]r.


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rdf:valueUnknown value: mss
schema:alternateName"Reasons against the cross in baptism"@en
schema:name"University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rare Book & Manuscript Library."
schema:name"Pre-1650 Manuscript Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library)"
schema:datePublished"aroximately 1604"
schema:description""A very complete body of Puritanical objections to Episcopal and primitive Christian methods."--Inscription on fol. [1]r."@en
schema:genre"Deerskin bindings"@en
schema:name"[Collection of treatises]"@en

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