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Complete poetry and selected prose. Titelvorschau

Complete poetry and selected prose.

Verfasser/in: Walt Whitman
Verlag: Boston, Houghton Mifflin [1959]
Serien: Riverside editions, A34.
Ausgabe/Format   Print book : EnglischAlle Ausgaben und Formate anzeigen
Representative writings of the nineteenth-century American poet and philosopher are supplemented by textual notes.

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Physisches Format Online version:
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892.
Complete poetry and selected prose.
Boston, Houghton Mifflin [1959]
Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: Walt Whitman
OCLC-Nummer: 224292
Beschreibung: 516 pages 21 cm.
Inhalt: One's-self I sing --
As I ponder'd in silence --
In cabin'd ships at sea --
To foreign lands --
To a historian --
To thee old cause --
Eidolons --
For him I sing --
When I read the book --
Beginning my studies --
Beginners --
To the states --
On journeys through the States --
To a certain Cantatrice --
Me imperturbe --
Savntism --
The ship starting --
I hear America singing --
What place is besieged? --
Wtill though the one I sing --
Shut not your doors --
Poets to come --
To you --
Thou reader --
Starting from Paumanok --
Song of myself --
To the garden the world --
From pent-up aching rivers --
I sing the body electric --
A woman waits for me --
Spontaneous me --
One hour to madness and joy --
Out of the rolling ocean the crowd --
Ages and ages returning at intervals --
We two, how long we were fool'd --
O Hymen! O Hymenee! --
I am he that aches with love --
Native moments --
Once I pass'd through a populous city --
I heard you solemn-sweet pipes of the organ --
Facing west from California's shores --
As Adam early in the morning --
In paths untrodden --
Scented herbage of my breast --
Whoever you are holding me now in hand --
For you O Democracy --
These I singing in spring --
Not heaving from my ribb'd breast only --
Of the terrible doubt of appearances --
The base of all metaphysics --
Recorders ages hence --
When I heard at the close of the day --
Are you the new person drawn toward me? --
Roots and leaves themselves alone --
not heat flames up and consumes --
Trickle drops --
City of orgies --
Behold this swarthy face --
I saw in Louisiana a live-oak growing --
To a stranger --
This moment yearning and thoughtful --
I hear it was charged against me --
The prairie-grass dividing --
When I peruse the conquer'd fame --
We tow boys together clinging --
A promise to California --
Here the frailest leaves of me --
No labor-saving machine --
A glimpse --
A leaf for hand in hand --
Earth my likeness --
I dream'd in a dream --
What think you I take my pen in hand? --
To the east and to the west --
Sometimes with one I love --
To a Western boy --
Fast-anchor'd eternal O love --
Among the multitude --
O you whom I often and silently come --
That shadow my likeness --
Full of life now --
Salut au Monde! --
Song of the open road --
Crossing Brooklyn ferry --
Song of the answerer --
Our old feuillage --
A song of joys --
Song of the broad-axe --
Song of the exposition --
Song of the redwood-tree --
A song for occupations --
A song of the rolling earth --
Youth, day, old age, and night --
Song of the universal --
Pioneers! O pioneers! --
To you --
France. The 18th year of these states --
Myself and mine --
Year of meteors (1859-1860) --
With antecedants --
A Broadway pageant --
Out of the cradle endlessly rocking --
As I ebb'd with the ocean of life --
Tears --
To the man-of-war-bird --
Aboard at a ship's helm --
On the beach at night --
The world below the brine --
On a beach at night alone --
Song for all seas, all ships --
Patroling Barnegat --
After the sea-ship --
A Boston ballad 1854 --
Europe. The 72nd and 73d years of These States --
A hand-mirror --
Gods --
Germs --
Thoughts --
When I heard the learn'd astronomer --
Perfections --
O me! O life! --
To a President --
I sit and look out --
To rich givers --
The dalliance of the Eagles --
Roaming in thought --
A farm picture --
A child's amaze --
The runner --
Beautiful woman --
Mother and babe --
Thought --
Visor'd --
Gliding o'er all --
Hast never come to thee an hour --
To old age --
Locations and times --
Offerings --
To the States. To identify the 16th, 17th, or 18th Presidentiad --
First O songs for a prelude --
Eighteen sixty-one --
Beat! Beat! Drums! --
From Paumanok starting I fly like a bird --
Song of the banner at daybreak --
Rise O days from your fathomless deeps --
Virginia the west --
City of ships --
The centenarian's story --
Cavalry crossing a ford --
Bivouac on a mountain side --
An army corps on the march --
By the Bivouac's fitful flame --
Come up from the fields father --
Vigil strange I kept on the field one night --
A march in the ranks hard-prest --
A sight in camp in the daybreak gray and dim --
As toilsome I wander'd Virginia's woods --
Not the pilot --
Year that trembled and reel'd beneath me --
The wound-dresser --
Long, too long America --
Give me the splendid silent sun --
Dirge for two veterans --
Over the carnage rose prophetic a voice --
I say Old General at bay --
The artilleryman's vision --
Ethiopia saluting the colors --
Not youth pertains to me --
Race of Veterans --
World take good notice --
O tan-faced prairie-boy --
Look down fair moon --
Reconciliation --
How solemn as one by one --
As I lay with my head in your lap Camerado --
Delicate cluster --
Lo, Victres on the peaks --
Spirit whose work is done --
adieu to a soldier --
Turn O libertad --
To the leaven'd soil they trod --
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom'd --
O Captain! My Captain! --
This dust was once the man --
by blue Ontario's shore --
Reversals --
As consequent --
The return of the heroes --
There was a child went forth --
Old Ireland --
The city dead-house --
This compost --
To a foil'd European revolutionaire --
Unnamed lands --
Song of prudence --
The singer in the prison --
Warble for lilac-time --
Outlines for a tomb. Out from behind this mask --
Vocalism --
To him that was crucified --
You felons on trial in courts --
Law for creations --
To a common prostitute --
I was looking a long while --
Thought --
Miracles --
Sparkles from the wheel --
To a pupil --
Unfolded out of the folds --
what am I after all --
Kosmos --
Others may praise what they like --
Who learns my lesson complete --
Tests --
The torch --
O star of France --
The ox-tamer --
An old man's thought of school --
Wandering at morn --
Italian music in Dakota --
With all thy gifts --
My picture-gallery --
The prairie states --
Proud music of the storm --
Passage to India --
Prayer of Columbus --
The sleepers --
Transpositions --
To think of time --
Darest thou now O soul --
Whispers of heavenly death --
Chanting the square deific --
Of Him I love day and night --
Yet, yet, ye downcast hours --
As if a phantom caress'd me --
Assurances --
Quicksand years --
That music always round me --
What ship puzzled at sea --
A noiseless patient spider --
O living always, always dying --
To one shortly to die --
Night on the prairies --
The last invocation --
As I watch'd the ploughman ploughing --
Pensive and faltering --
Thou mother with thy equal brood --
A Paumanok picture --
Thou orb aloft full-dazzling --
Faces --
The mystic trumpeter --
To a locomotive in winter --
O magnet-south --
Mannahatta --
All is truth --
A riddle song --
Excelsior --
Ah poverties wincings, and sulky retreats --
Mediums --
Weave in, my hardy life --
Spain, 1873-74 --
by broad Potomac's shore --
From far Dakota's canons --
Old war-dreams --
Thick-sprinkled bunting --
What best I see in thee --
Spirit that form'd this scene --
As I walk these broad majestic days --
A clear midnight --
As the time draws nigh --
Years of the modern --
Ashes of soldiers --
Song at sunset --
As at thy portals also death --
My legacy --
Pensive on her dead gazing --
Camps of green --
The sobbing of the bells --
As they draw to a close --
Joy, shipmate, joy --
The untold want --
Portals --
These carols --
Now finale to the shore --
So long! --
Mannahatta --
paumanok --
From Montauk Point --
To those who've fail'd --
A carol closing sixty-nine --
The bravest soldiers --
A font of type --
As I sit writing here --
My canary bird --
Queries to my seventieth year --
The wallabout martyrs --
The first dandelion --
America --
Memories --
To-day and thee --
After the dazzle of day --
Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 12, 1809 --
Out of May's shows selected --
Halcyon days --
Fancies at navesink --
Election day, November 1884 --
With husky-haughty lips, o sea --
Death of General Grant --
Red jacket --
Washington's monument, February 1885 --
Of that blithe throat of thine --
Broadway --
To get the final lilt of songs --
Old Salt Kossabone --
The dead tenor --
Continuities --
Yonnondio --
Life --
"Going somewhere" --
Small the theme of my chant --
True conquerors --
The United States to old world critics --
The calming thought of all --
Thanks in old age --
Life and death --
The voice of the rain --
Soon shall the winter's foil be here --
While not the past forgetting --
The dying veteran --
Stronger lessons --
A prairie sunset --
Twenty years --
Orange buds by mail from Florida --
Twilight --
You lingering sparse leaves of me --
Not meagre, latent boughs alone --
The dead emperor --
As the greek's signal flame --
The dismanteld ship --
Now precedent songs, farewell --
An evening lull --
Old age's lambert peaks --
After the supper and talk --
Sail out for good, Eidolon Yacht --
Lingering last drops --
Good-bye my fancy --
On, on the same, ye jocund Twain --
My 71st year --
apparitions --
The pallid wreath --
An ended day --
Old age's ship and crafty death's --
To the pending year --
Shakspere-Bacon's cipher --
Long, long hence --
Bravo, Paris exposition --
Interpolation sounds --
To the sunset breeze --
Old chants --
A Christmas greeting --
Sounds of the winter --
A twilight song --
When the full-grown peot came --
Osceola --
A voice from death --
A Persian lesson --
The commonplace --
"The rounded catalogue divine complete" --
Mirages --
L. of G.'s Purport --
The unexpress'd --
Grand is the seen --
Unseen buds --
Good-bye my Fancy --
To soar in freedom and in fullness of power --
Then shall perceive --
The few drops unknown --
One thought ever at the fore --
While behind all firm and erect --
A kiss to the bride --
Nay, tell me not to-day the publish'd shame --
Supplement hours --
of many a smutch'd deed reminiscent --
To be at all --
Death's valley --
On the same picture --
A thought of Columbus --
Great are the myths --
Poem of remembrance for a girl or a boy of these States --
Think of the soul --
Respondez! --
Apostroph --
O sun of real peace --
So far and so far, and on toward the end --
In the new garden, in all the parts --
States! --
Long I thought that knowledge --
Hours continuing long, sore and heavy-hearted --
Who is now reading this? --
To you --
Of the visages of things --
Says --
Debris --
thought --
Solid, Ironical, rolling orb --
Bathed in war's perfume --
not my enemies ever invade me --
This day, O soul --
Lessons --
One song, America, before I go --
After an interval --
The beauty of the ship --
Two rivulets --
Or from that sea of time --
From my last years --
In former songs.
Serientitel: Riverside editions, A34.
Verfasserangabe: Edited with an introd. and glossary by James E. Miller, Jr.


Representative writings of the nineteenth-century American poet and philosopher are supplemented by textual notes.


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