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The complete writings of William Blake; with variant readings, Titelvorschau

The complete writings of William Blake; with variant readings,

Verfasser/in: William Blake; Geoffrey Keynes
Verlag: London, New York Oxford U.P., 1966.
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Physisches Format Online version:
Blake, William, 1757-1827.
Complete writings of William Blake.
London, New York [etc.] Oxford U.P., 1966
Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: William Blake; Geoffrey Keynes
OCLC-Nummer: 260215
Anmerkungen: The Mazal Holocaust Collection
Beschreibung: xv, 944 pages 23 cm
Inhalt: To Spring --
To Summer --
To Autumn --
To Winter --
To the evening star --
To morning --
How sweet I roam'd from field to field --
My silks and fine array --
Love and harmony combine --
I love the jocund dance --
Memory, hither come --
The wild winds weep --
Fresh from the dewy hill, the merry year --
Fresh from the dewy hill, the merry year --
When early morn walks forth in sober grey --
Whether on Ida's shady brow --
Gwin, King of Norway --
King Edward the third --
Prologue to King Edward the Fourth --
Prologue to King John --
A war song to Englishmen --
The couch of death --
Contmplation --
Samson --
Then she bore pale desire --
Woe, cried the muse --
An island in the moon --
Welcome, stranger to this place --
When the trees do laugh with our merry wit --
When silver snow decks Sylvio's clothes --
Annotations to Lavater's aphorisms on man --
Annotations to Swedenborg's Wisdom of angels ... --
There is no natural religion --
All religions are one --
Tiriel --
Introduction / from Songs of Innocence --
A dream / from Songs of Innocence --
The little girl lost / from Songs of Innocence --
The little girl found / from Songs of Innocence --
The lamb / from Songs of Innocence --
The blossom / from Songs of Innocence --
The ecchoing green / from Songs of Innocence --
The divine image / from Songs of Innocence --
The chimney sweeper / from Songs of Innocence --
Infant joy / from Songs of Innocence --
The shepherd / from Songs of Innocence --
Night / from Songs of Innocence --
A cradle song / from Songs of Innocence --
The liggle boy lost / from Songs of Innocence --
The little boy found / from Songs of Innocence --
Nurse's song / from Songs of Innocence --
Holy Thursday / from Songs of Innocence --
On another's sorrow / from Songs of Innocence --
Spring / from Songs of Innocence --
The school boy / from Songs of Innocence --
Laughing song / from Songs of Innocence --
The little black boy / from Songs of Innocence --
The voice of the ancient bard / from Songs of Innocence --
The Book of Thel --
The French Revolution --
The marriage of heaven and hell --
A song of liberty --
Inscription to "The dance of Albion --
A flower was offer'd to me --
Never seek pain to tell thy love --
Love seeketh not itself to please --
I laid me down upon a bank --
I went to the garden of love --
I saw a chapel all of gold --
I asked a theif to steal me a peach --
I heard an angel singing --
A cradle song --
Christian forbearance --
I fear'd the fury of my wind --
Why should I care for the men of Thames --
Infant sorrow --
Silent, silent night --
O lapwing, thou fliest around the heath --
Thou hast a lap full of seed --
The Earth's answer --
In a mirtle shade --
Londaon --
I slep in the dark --
To Nobodaddy --
The modest rose puts forth a thorn --
When the voices of children are heard on the green --
Are not the joys of morning sweeter --
The Tyger --
How came pride in man --
The human image --
How to know love from deceit --
The wild flower's song --
The sick rose --
Soft snow --
An ancient Proverb --
To my Mirtle --
Nought loves another as itself --
Merlin's prophecy --
Day --
The fairy --
The sword sung on the barren heath --
Abstinence sows sand all over --
In a wife I would desire --
If you trap the moment before it's ripe --
Eternity --
The kid --
The little vagabond --
The question answer'd --
The chimney sweeper --
Lacedemonian instruction --
Riches --
An answer to the parson --
Holy Thursday --
The angel --
The look of love alarms --
Soft deceit & idleness --
Little fly --
Motto to the Songs of Innocence and of Experience --
Her whole life is an epigram --
O, I cannot, cannot find --
Several questions answered --
Let the brothels of Paris be opened --
When Klopstock England defied --
I say I shan't live five years --
Hebrew Nation --
A fairy skipt upon my knee --
Visions of the daughters of Albion --
American, a prophecy --
America, cancelled plates --
As when a dream of Thiralatha flies the midnight hour --
Prospectus to the public --
Subjects for "The history of England.." --
For Childred, the gates of paradise --
Introduction / from Songs of Experience --
Earth's answer / from Songs of Experience --
The clod & the pebble / from Songs of Experience --
Holy Thursday / from Songs of Experience --
The chimney sweeper / from Songs of Experience --
Nurse's song / from Songs of Experience --
The sick rose / from Songs of Experience --
The fly / from Songs of Experience --
The angel / from Songs of Experience --
They tyger / from Songs of Experience --
My pretty rose tree / from Songs of Experience --
Ah! sun-flower / from Songs of Experience --
The lilly / from Songs of Experience --
The garden of love / from Songs of Experience --
The little vagabond / from Songs of Experience --
London / from Songs of Experience --
The human abstract / from Songs of Experience --
Infant sorrow / from Songs of Experience --
To Tirzah / from Songs of Experience --
A divine image / from Songs of Experience --
The book of Urizen --
Europe, a prophecy --
The song of Los --
The book of Ahania --
The Book of Los --
I asked a theif --
Legends in a small book of designs --
Legends in a large book of designs --
Vala, or the four Zoas --
Annotations to Watson's "Apology for the Bible" --
Annotations to Bacon's "Essays" --
Annotations to Boyd's translation of Dante's "Inferno" --
Lines for the illustrations to Gray's poems --
My spectre around me night & day --
When a man has married a wife --
On the virginity of the Virgin --
Mock on, mock on Voltaire, Rousseau --
I saw a monk of Charlemaine --
When Satan first the black bow bent --
Morning --
Terror in the house does roar --
Each man is in his spectre's power --
Beneath the white thorn, lovely May --
The birds --
The smile --
The golden net --
The mental traveller --
The land of dreams --
The crystal cabinet --
The grey monk --
Auguries of innocence --
Long John Brown & Little Mary Bell. William Bond --
Blake's memorandum --
Remarks on the drawings of Thomas Heath Malkin --
Memoranda from the note-book --
Inscription on the back of "The fall of man" --
Dedication of the illustrations to Blair's Grave --
Description of a vision of the last judgement --
Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds's "Discourses" --
Milton, a poem in 2 books --
No real style of colouring ever appears --
You don't believe I won't attempt to make ye --
And his legs carried it like a long fork --
Was I angry with Hayley who us'd me so ill --
Anger & wrath my bosom reds --
The Sussex men are noted fools --
Old acquaintance well renew --
Madam I have been call'd --
To H --
To F --
Can there be any thing more mean --
S in childhood on the nursery floor --
To Nancy F --
Of H's birth --
Sir Joshua praises Michael Angelo --
He's a blockhead --
Cr loves artists as he loves his meat --
A petty sneaking knave --
Sir Joshua praised Rubens with a smile --
He is a cock would --
He has observ'd the golden rule --
To S --
Mr. Stothard to Mr. Cromek --
Mr. Cromek to Mr. Stothard --
I am no Homer's Hero, you all know --
The angel that presided o'er my birth --
Floretine Ingratitude --
A pitiful case --
To the Royal Academy --
If it is true, what the prophets write --
On F & S --
P loved me not as he lov'd his friends --
To forgive enemies H --
To F --
On H's friendship --
Some men, created for destruction, come --
On S --
Imitation of Pope: a compliment to the ladies --
To H --
Cosway, Frazer & Baldwin --
An epitaph --
Another --
My title as an genius thus is prov'd --
I, rubens, am a statesman. --
To English Connoisseurs --
Swell'd limbs, with no outline --
A pretty epigram for the entertainment of --
The swallow sings in Courts of Kings --
Rafael sublime, majestic, graceful, wise --
If I e'er grow to man's estate --
The cripple every step drudges & labours --
On the great encouragement --
Give pensions to the learned pig --
All pictures that's painted --
On H the pick thank --
Cromek speaks --
English encouragement of Art --
When you look at a picture --
You say their pictures well painted be --
The washersonan's song --
When I see a Rubens, Rembrandt, Correggio --
Great things are done --
I have you the end of a golden string --
William Cowper Esq --
The only man that e'er I knew --
I will tell you what Joseph of Arimathea --
Grown old in love from seven till seven --
Why was cupid a boy --
excerpts from Bell's Weekly Messenger --
To Venetian artists --
Blake's apology for his Catalogue --
From Cratelos --
Having given great offence by writing in prose --
If men will act like a maid smiling over a churn --
Some people admire the work of a fool --
Jesus does not treat --
To God --
Since all the riches of this world --
To Chloe's breast young Cupid --
Now art has lost its mental charms --
Nail his neck to the cross --
The caverns of the grave I've seen --
I rose up at the dawn of day --
A woman scaly & a man all hairy --
Advertisement of exhibition of paintings --
Advertisement of a descriptive catalogue --
A descriptive catalogue --
Prospectus of the engraving of Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims --
Draft for prospectus of the engraving of Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims --
Public address --
Joseph of Arimathea --
A vision of The Last Judgement --
Descriptions of the illustrations to Milton's "L'Allegro" and "Il Penseroso" --
Jerusalem --
The everlasting gospel --
For the Sexes: the gates of paradise --
Notes on Spurzheim's "Observations on insanity" --
Note on a pencil drawing of Nine grotesque heads --
Mirth and her companions --
Annotations to Berkeley's "Siris" --
The Laocoön --
On Homer's poetry and on Virgil --
Note in Cennini's "Trattato della Pittura" --
The ghost of Abel --
Inscription in the autograph album of William Upcott --
Annotations to "Poems" by William Wordsworth --
Annotations to "The excursion" by William Wordsworth --
Notes on the illustrations to Dante --
Annotations to Dr. Thornton's "New Translation of the Lord's Prayer" --
The letters.
Andere Titel Works.
Verfasserangabe: edited by Geoffrey Keynes.


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