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Comprehensive perspectives on speech sound development and disorders : pathways from linguistic theory to clinical practice

by Beate Peter; Andrea Asenath Nora MacLeod;

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Table of Contents   (2013-06-29)


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by zajdo

<div>Table of Contents:

I Background

Chapter 1. Child Phonology, Phonological Theories, Clinical Phonology: Reviewing the History of Our Field
(Carol Stoel-Gammon and (Barbara) May Bernhardt)

Chapter 2. Describing and Measuring Children’s Speech Sound Abilities: From Articulation Tests to Acoustic Analysis for Clinicians and Researchers
(Megan Hodge and Karen Pollock)

II Chronological Development: The First Cry and Beyond

Chapter 3. Biological Substrates of Speech Development: A Brief Synopsis of the Developing Neuromuscular System
(Beate Peter)

Chapter 4. An Acoustic Phonetic Catalog of Prespeech Vocalizations from a Developmental Perspective
(Eugene H. Buder, Anne S. Warlaumont, and D. Kimbrough Oller)

Chapter 5. Transitions to First Words
(Anna Sosa)

Chapter 6. The Trajectory Towards Mastery of the Phonological System: From Toddlers to School-Age Children
(Andrea A.N. MacLeod)

Chapter 7. Beyond Segments: How Children Acquire Prosody
(Margaret Kehoe)

Chapter 8. Acquiring a Phonological System in Adulthood
(Amber Franklin)

III Beyond English: Children Acquiring Other Languages or Multiple Languages

Chapter 9. Crosslinguistic Trends in the Acquisition of Speech Sounds
(Krisztina Zajdó)

Chapter 10. Acquiring French
(Andrea A.N. MacLeod)

Chapter 11. Acquiring Portuguese
(Daniela Galea)

Chapter 12. Acquiring Korean
(Minjung Kim)

Chapter 13. Understanding Bilingual Phonological Development
(Andrea A.N. MacLeod)

Chapter 14. Acquisition of the English Voicing Contrast by Native Spanish-Speaking Children: Phonological Development In Voice Onset Times
(Eugene H. Buder, Linda Jarmulowicz, and D. Kimbrough Oller)

IV Disordered Speech Development

Chapter 15. Subtypes of Primary Speech Sound Disorder: Theories and Case Studies
(Beate Peter)

Chapter16. Interactions Between Speech Sound Disorder and Dyslexia
(Beate Peter)

Chapter 17. Cleft Lip and Palate
(Amy Skinder-Meredith and Alice Smith)

Chapter 18. Motor Speech Disorders in Children
(Amy Skinder-Meredith and Andrea A.N. MacLeod)

Chapter 19. Hearing Impairment and Developmental Disabilities
(Kiyoshi Otomo)

V The Path from Diagnosis to Therapy

Chapter 20. Diagnostic Guidelines
(Amy M. Glaspey)

Chapter 21. Evaluating the Evidence of Therapy: Many Hands Make Light Work – or at Least Lighter Work
(Rebecca J. McCauley)

Chapter 22. Treatment Design and Implementation
(Carol M. Ellis & Barbara W. Hodson)




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