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Computing science and statistics : statistics of many parameters : curves, images, spatial models : proceedings of the 22nd Symposium on the Interface, East Lansing, MI, May 16-19, 1990

저자: Connie Page; Raoul LePage; Interface Foundation of North America.
출판사: New York : Springer-Verlag, ©1992.
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Proceedings of the 22nd Symposium on the Interface, East Lansing, MI, May 16-19, 1990


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장르/형태: Conference papers and proceedings
자료 유형: 컨퍼런스 간행물
문서 형식:
모든 저자 / 참여자: Connie Page; Raoul LePage; Interface Foundation of North America.
ISBN: 0387977198 9780387977195 3540977198 9783540977193
OCLC 번호: 27047336
메모: "Interface Foundation of North America"--Cover.
설명: xiii, 582 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
내용: Keynote Address.- Bootstrap Confidence Intervals in Curve Estimation.- Plenary Addresses.- Bayesian Radial Basis Function Interpolation.- GAD: Graphic-Aided Design of Experiments.- Invited Papers Bayesian Computation.- Bayesian Inference for Hard Problems Using the Gibbs Sampler.- Asymptotic Evaluation of Integrals Arising in Bayesian Inference.- Software Quality and Reliability.- Data Redundacy for the Detection and Tolerance of Software Faults.- Constrained Least Squares.- Solution of Sparse Weighted and Equality Constrained Least Squares Problems.- Nonnegatively Constrained Confidence Interval Estimation for Ill-Posed Problems.- Small Sample Performance of Computer Intensive Statistical Methods.- On the Double Bootstrap.- Empirical Likelihood and Small Samples.- Bootstrap Tests and Confidence Intervals for a Hazard Ratio when the Number of Observed Failures is Small, with Applications to Group Sequential Survival Studies.- Curve and Density Estimation.- A Nonparametric Resampling Procedure for Multivariate Confidence Regions in Time Series Analysis.- Sequential Design for Nonparametric Regression of Curves and Surfaces.- Local Bandwidth Selection for Density Estimation.- Graphical Techniques for Analyzing Data.- Displays for Data from Large Designed Experiments.- Breaking out of 2-D Cartesian Coordinates.- The Grand Tour in K-Dimensions.- Nonparametric Regression.- Some Diagnostics for Additive Spline Models.- Smooth Mixture Estimation from Multichannel Image Data.- Spatial Statistics and Image Reconstruction.- Image Reconstruction Using A-Priori Boundary Information.- Simple Monte Carlo P-Values.- Neural Network Computations.- A Constructive Proof and an Extension of Cybenko's Approximation Theorem.- Learning Algorithms for Artificial Neural Nets for Analog Circuit Implementation.- Bayesian Applications.- Modeling the Dynamics of Transaction Prices on the NYSE in a Bayesian State-Space Filtering Framework.- Modern APL.- APL as a Statistical Specification Language.- Neural Networks and Related Techniques.- Nonparametric Estimation of Conditional Quantiles Using Neural Networks.- Techniques for Developing and Applying Polynomial Network Synthesis Software.- Systematic Initialization of Local Search Procedures and Application to the Synthesis of Neural Networks.- Nonlinear and Spatical Time Series.- An Innovations Approach for Interpolating a Random Surface Based on Sparse Data.- Space-Time ARMA Models for Satellite Ozone Data.- Nonparametric Data Analysis.- Unification of Statistical Methods for Discrete and Continuous Data.- Some Issues in Bayesian Nonparametrics.- Software Metrics.- Scalable Techniques for Modeling Software Interconnectivity.- The Use of Complexity Metrics Throughout the Software Lifecycle.- Evaluating the Quality of Software Quality Indicators.- Algorithmic Statistical Process Control.- Algorithmic Statistical Process Control: The Concept, an Elaboration.- Contributed Papers.- A New Exact Runs Tests for Randomness.- Algorithms for Bayesian Computing Using Mathematica.- Bootstrap Inference Relating to Pr[X < Y].- Breaking Dependence in Graphical Belief Models.- Inference for Spatial Time Series.- Maximum Likelihood Transfer Function Modelling.- Simulation vs. Practice: Estimation of the Distribution Function of a Finite Population.- Simulation of Polarized Radar Signals Using Multivariate Complex Gaussian and Exponential Series.- Evaluationing Functions over Lattices.- The Fallacy of Shotgun Correlations for Software Measures.- Multivariate Congruential Methods.- Measuring the Local Dimension of Point Clouds.- Estimation of Generalized Poisson Distribution by the Method of Weighted Discrepancies.- Confidence Intervals on Individual Variances in Unbalanced Models with Missing Cells.- Computing the Percentage Points of Run Length of an Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart.- A Graphical Tool for Exploring Simulated Sampling Distributions.- Asymptotic Optimality of Extended Non-Delete Set Compound Rules for Classification Between N(-1,1 ) and N(l,l).- Comparison of Empirical Bayes and Extended Set Compound Rules for Classification of a Sequence of Crop Types.- Comparison of the Gauss-Christoffel and Gauss-Galerkin Approximations of the Law of the Solution of Some Stochastic Differential Equations.- Simulating the Performance of Estimators of the Number of Duplicates in a Database.- Using the Fast Fourier Transform to Compute Some Multiple Comparisons Critical Values.- Model Fitting with Tree- Structured Regression.- Verifying Small Sample Bootstrap Estimates of Species Interactions.- Three-dimensional Contour Projections from Objective Functions.- A Review of the Controlled Rounding Problem.- Simulated Power Comparison of MRBP Rank Tests for Three Treatments.- Exact Computation of the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Distribution with Zeros and Ties.- Optimal Quantile Principle for Selecting Variable Bandwidth in Regression Estimators.- Estimating the Parameters of the Complex Valued Exponential Signals.- Sensitivity Analysis for Conceptual Design.- Wrapping Mathematical Tools.- Improving the EM Algorithm.- Use of Bootstrapping to Evaluate Infrequent Genetic Abnormalities as Prognostic Factors for Survival in Human Acute Leukemias.- An Efficient Method for Noncentral Beta Probabilities When Parameters Are Small or Moderate.- Testing the Random Number Tests.- Use of the Bootstrap in a High Energy Physics Experiment.- Bilinear (?,0,1,1) Model and its Consistent Identification.- Stochastic Approximation in Bootstrap and Bayesian Approaches to Interval Estimation in Hierarchical Models.- SHAW: an Auditor for S.- Conditioning for Variance Reduction in Estimating the Sensitivity of Simulations.- Computing the Symmetries and Exponents of Operator-Stable Laws.- Dwyer Functions DU and Their Applications to Sampling Without Replacement from a Finite Population.- On the Distribution of the Sample Correlation Coefficient.- Interpretable Exploratory Projection Pursuit.- Recursive Algorithms and Constructs for Multidimensional Table Computations.- The Spreadsheet as a Statistical Platform.- Computational Aspects of Dirichlet Distribution.- An Object Oriented Architecture for Statistical Software.- Probability Plots and Modern Statistical Software.- Situations, Summaries and Model Objects.- Measuring the Dispersion of Cancer Mortality Rates by Interquartile Range.- Generalized Projection Pursuit Regression and Density Approximation.- Patterns of Data Yielding Significant Regression Interaction Terms.- Supercomputer-Intensive Multivariable Randomization Tests.- Nonlinear Canonical Correlation Analysis with Simulated Annealing Solution.- Computing Probabilities for the Difference of Two t-Variables.- Two Line Sampling Plans: A Path-Counting Problem.- An EM Algorithm for Estimating Log Linear Models with Additional Marginal Constraints.- Surface Fitting with Orthogonal Additive Models.- Some Computational Aspects in Projection Pursuit.- Xgobi: A Dynamic Graphics Program Implemented in X with a Link to S.- Distance Based Binary Matching.- Influence Diagnostics for a Class of Biased Estimators in Regression.- A Bread-and-Butter Algorithm for Probability Integrals.- Generating Mixed Multilevel Orthogonal Arrays by Simulated Annealing.- Bootstrap Evaluation of Calibration Procedures used for Decision Rules in the Fellegi-Sunter Model of Record Lindage.- Smoothing Cures in Manifolds.- Estimating Optimal Transformations for Correlation and Coherence.- Parallel Bootstrap and Inference for Means.- Bootstrap Methods for Extreme Order Statistics.
다른 제목 Statistics of many parameters
책임: Connie Page, Raoul LePage, editors.


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<http://experiment.worldcat.org/entity/work/data/1368631722#Place/east_lansing_mich> # East Lansing, Mich.)
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