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The cross goes north : processes of conversion in northern Europe, AD 300-1300 Voorbeeldweergave van dit item
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The cross goes north : processes of conversion in northern Europe, AD 300-1300

Auteur: M O H Carver
Uitgever: Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : York Medieval Press ; Rochester, NY : Boydell & Brewer, 2003.
Editie/Formaat:   Print book : Conferentie-uitgave : EngelsAlle edities en materiaalsoorten bekijken.
In Europe, the cross went north and east as the centuries unrolled: from the Dingle Peninsula to Estonia, and from the Alps to Lapland, ranging in time from Roman Britain and Gaul in the third and fourth centuries to the conversion of peoples in the Baltic area a thousand years later. These episodes of conversion form the basic narrative here.
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Genre/Vorm: Church history
Conference papers and proceedings
Aanvullende fysieke materiaalsoort: Online version:
Cross goes north.
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : York Medieval Press ; Rochester, NY : Boydell & Brewer, 2003
Genre: Conferentie-uitgave
Soort document: Boek
Alle auteurs / medewerkers: M O H Carver
ISBN: 1903153115 9781903153116
OCLC-nummer: 50269699
Beschrijving: xiv, 588 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Inhoud: Introduction: Northern Europeans negotiate their future / Martin Carver --
The politics of conversion in North Central Europe / Przemyslaw Urbańczyk --
'How do you pray to God?' : fragmentation and variety in early Medieval Christianity / Aleksander Pluskowski and Philippa Patrick --
Processes of conversion in North-west Roman Gaul / Susan M. Pearce --
Roman Britain, a failed promise / William H.C. Frend --
Where are the Christians? late Roman cemeteries in Britain / Christopher Sparey-Green --
Votive deposits and Christian practice in Late Roman Britain / David Petts --
Basilicas and barrows: Christian origins in Wales and Western Britain / Jeremy Knight --
A landscape converted: archaeology and early church organisation on Iveragh and Dingle, Ireland / Tomás Ó Carragáin --
Romanitas and Realpolitik in Cogitosus' description of the Church of St Brigit, Kildare / Carol Neuman de Vegvar --
Making a Christian landscape: early Medieval Cornwall / Sam Turner --
Early Medieval parish formation in Dumfries and Galloway / Christopher Crowe --
Christian and pagan practice during the conversion of Viking Age Orkney and Shetland / James H. Barrett --
Anglo-Saxon pagan and early Christian attitudes to the dead / Audrey L. Meaney --
The adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon royal courts to Christianity / Barbara Yorke --
The control of burial practice in middle Anglo-Saxon England / Helen Geake --
The straight and narrow way: Fenland causeways and the conversion of the landscape in the Witham Valley, Lincolnshire / David Stocker and Paul Everson --
Three ages of conversion at Kirkdale, North Yorkshire / Philip Rahtz and Lorna Watts --
The confusion of conversion: Streanaeshalch, Strensall and Whitby and the Northumbrian church / P.S. Barnwell, L.A.S. Butler and C.J. Dunn --
Design and meaning in early Medieval inscriptions in Britain and Ireland / John Higgitt --
Spaces between words: word separation in Anglo-Saxon inscriptions / Elisabeth Okasha --
Sacraments in stone: the mysteries of Christ in Anglo-Saxon sculpture / Jane Hawkes --
Alcuin's narratives of evangelism: the life of St Willibrord and the Northumbrian hagiographical tradition / Kate Rambridge --
Pagans and Christians at a frontier: Viking burial in the Danelaw / Julian D. Richards --
The body of St AEthelthryth: desire, conversion and reform in Anglo-Saxon England / Catherine E. Karkov --
From a late Roman cemetery to the Basilica Sanctorum Cassii et Florentii in Bonn, Germany / Christoph Keller --
The cross goes north: from late antiquity to Merovingian times South and North of the Alps / Volker Bierbrauer --
The cross goes north: Carolingian times between Rhine and Elbe / Michael Müller-Wille --
The cross goes north: Christian symbols and Scandinavian women / Jörn Staecker --
The role of Scandinavian women in Christianisation: the neglected evidence / Anne-Sofie Gräslund --
Runestones and the conversion of Sweden / Linn Lager --
Christianity, politics and ethnicity in early Medieval Jämtland, Mid Sweden / Stig Welinder --
The Scandinavian animal styles in response to Mediterranean and Christian narrative art / Nancy L. Wicker --
The role of secular rulers in the conversion of Sweden / Alexandra Sanmark --
Byzantine influence in the conversion of the Baltic Region? / Per Beskow --
St Botulph: an English saint in Scandinavia / John Toy --
Christianisation in Estonia: a Process of dual-faith and syncretism / Heiki Valk.
Verantwoordelijkheid: edited by Martin Carver.


Features 37 studies of the adoption of Christianity across northern Europe over 1000 years, and the diverse reasons that drove the process.  Meer lezen...
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A valuable, handsomely bound and superbly illustrated collection. SAGA-BOOKOne welcomes this broad, well-formed perspective on early medieval European conversion. INTERNATIONAL HISTORY REVIEW A Meer lezen...

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