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The Dada painters and poets; an anthology. Anteprima di questo documento
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The Dada painters and poets; an anthology.

Autore: Robert Motherwell
Editore: New York, Wittenborn, Schultz [1951]
Serie: Documents of modern art, v. 8.
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Anthology of Dadaist writings.

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Informazioni aggiuntive sul formato: Online version:
Motherwell, Robert.
Dada painters and poets.
New York, Wittenborn, Schultz [1951]
Persona incaricata: Robert Motherwell
Tipo documento: Book
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: Robert Motherwell
Numero OCLC: 1906000
Descrizione: xxxxii, 388 pages illustrations, portraits 27 cm.
Contenuti: Introduction / by Robert Motherwell. --
I. Pre-Dada. Exhibition a the Independents / by Arthur Craven. 1914 ; Arthur Craven and American Dada / by Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia. 1938 ; Memories of an Amnesic (Fragments) / by Erik Satie. 1912-13: i. What am I ; ii. The day of a musician. --
II. En avant Dada: a history of Dadaism / by Richard Huelsenbeck. 1920. --
III. Dada fragments / by Hugo Ball. 1916-17. --
IV. Merz / by Kurt Schwitters. 1920. --
V. A Dada personage. Two letters / by Jacques Vaché (to André Breton) 1917-18. --
Vi. Seven Dada manifestoes / by Tristan Tzara. 1916-20. Manifesto of Mr. Antipyrine ; Dada manifesto 1918 ; Proclamation without pretension ; Manifesto of mr. aa the anti-philosopher ; Manifesto on feeble love and bitter love ; Supplement: how I became charming delightful and delicious ; Colonial syllogism. --
VII. History of Dada / by Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes. 1931. --
VIII. The Dada spirit in painting / by Georges Hugnet. 1932 and 1934. Zurich and New York ; Berlin (1918-22) ; Cologne and Hanover ; Dada in Paris. --
IX. Three Dada manifestoes / by André Breton. Before 1924. For Dada ; Two Dada manifestoes. --
X. Marcel Duchamp / by André Breton. 1922. New York Dada / edited by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. New York, April 1921. Facsimile. XI. Dada fragments from Zurich. Notes from Dada diary / by Jean (Hans) Arp. 1932. monsieur duval ; vases with umbilical cords ; sketch for a landscape ; End of the world / by Richard Huelsenbeck. 1916. --
XII. Dada fragments from Paris. (Two poems) / by Paul Eluard. 1921 ; Project for a history of contemporary literature / by Louis Aragon. 1922. Facsimile ; The magnetic fields / by André Breton and Philippe Soupault. 1920. Fragment: White gloves. --
XIII. From The Annals of Dada. 1915-22. Zurich chronicle / by Tristan Tzara. 1915-19 ; Collective Dada manifesto / by Richard Huelsenbeck. 1920 ; Lecture on Dada / by Tristan Tzara. 1922. --
XIV. Some memories of pre-Dada: Picabia and Duchamp / by Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia. 1949 ; La Pomme de Pins / edited by Francis Picabia. St. Raphael, February 25, 1922. Facsimile. --
XV. Theo van Doesburg and Dada / by Kurt Schwitters. 1931. --
XVI. Dada lives! by Richard Huelsenbeck. 1931. --
XVII. Dada X Y Z / by Hans Richter. 1948. --
XVIII. Dada was not a farce / by Jean (Hans) Arp. 1949 ; Sophie / by Jean (Hans) Arp. 1946. --
Appendices. The Dada case / by Albert Gleizes. 1920 ; A letter on Hugnet's "Dada spirit in painting" / by Tristan Tzara. 1937 ; Marcel Duchamp: anti-artist / by Harriet and Sidney Janis. 1945 ; Sound-rel 1919 and Birdlike 1946 / by Raoul Hausmann. --
Did Dada die?: a critical bibliography / by Bernard Karpel. --
Dada manifesto 1949 / by Richard Huelsenbeck. --
An introduction to Dada / by Tristan Tzara.
Titolo della serie: Documents of modern art, v. 8.
Responsabilità: Texts by Arp [and others] Illus. after Arp [and others] And documents, objects, journals, reviews, manifestoes, photographs, catalogues, invitations, etc.


Anthology of Dadaist writings.


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