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Dark delicacies

by Del Howison; Jeff Gelb;

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by billborre

"Part of the Game" by F. Paul Wilson - Hank is a detective who demands a cut of the Mandarin's Chinatown gambling earnings. Hank backhands the Mandarin's representative across the face while making his point that he wants to be part of the game. When the man returns to the Mandarin and relates the detective's demand the Mandarin says that he will grant his wish. The Mandarin places a rare millipede from the south China seas into the detective's bed and when it bites his shoulder it lays tens of thousands of eggs in the wound which migrate to his lungs. He talks to a doctor but they can't do anything for him. Hank gets a call from the representative who asks him to meet again in Chinatown. Hank has lost much weight from the infestation and isn't far from dying as he attends the meeting. The man he struck earlier offers him a box with paper cylinders which he says Hank must inhale the contents three times daily to fight the infestation. Hank struggles to get his hopes up for a cure but the man reiterates that it will fight the infestation. It isn't a cure. They are parasite eggs which attack the millipede larvae. Hank's wish has been granted to be part of the game. Everyone in Chinatown is betting on whether he will live or die, and if so, when.

"Bloody Mary Morning" by John Farris - George is murdered by his wife but in the brief moments before he dies he fantasizes he has murdered her and the limo driver and walks to the office. There is a spot of his wife's blood on his glasses which continues to bleed and it is noticed by the people in the elevator he takes to the forty-fourth floor. A woman's small dog carried in her purse continually barks and when George threatens to shoot it the dog lunges for his face. George removes his pistol from his briefcase and kills the dog but it won't relax the hold it has on his cheek. The elevator opens and George waves the gun at the people and tells them to go on about their business. George returns to his office and meets with his dead relatives.

"Black Mill Cove" by Lisa Morton - Jim and Maren are camping at a cove when Jim discovers a human arm in a tide pool. Jim is making his way back when he sees a man coming down the ravine with a large black sack and assumes he is a killer disposing of body parts in the tide pool. They struggle and Jim comes out on top but when he returns to the camper and finds only blood he realizes that the body parts in the black sack belonged to Maren.

"Kaddish" by Whitley Strieber - After the Religion in Life Act of 2010 passes America becomes a fundamentalist Christian nation. Hal is the warden of the Russell Unit which is conducting the first public execution since 1936 of a Jewish doctor convicted of performing one hundred and sixteen abortions.

"The Diving Girl" by Richard Laymon - A man is seduced by the ghost of a young woman who only appears at night to dive into a next door pool that is empty during the day.

"The Reincarnate" by Ray Bradbury - A ghost spends a final night with his lover and then reincarnates into the baby she gives birth to.





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