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Deaf world : a historical reader and primary sourcebook Titelvorschau

Deaf world : a historical reader and primary sourcebook

Verfasser/in: Lois Bragg
Verlag: New York : New York University Press, ©2001.
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An enlightening anthology that places the Deaf on center stage, thus offering them to represent the two worlds (of the hearing & of the deaf) from a Deaf perspective. A most welcome contribution to the burgeoning field of Deaf Studies. The book performs a vital service to readers by providing them with a comprehensive collection of sources that narrate the struggles, accomplishments and aspirations of our nation's  Weiterlesen…
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Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: Lois Bragg
ISBN: 0814798527 9780814798522 0814798535 9780814798539
OCLC-Nummer: 44592664
Beschreibung: xxxviii, 430 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Inhalt: In surdam memoriam / Karl Jaekel --
Prologue: Autobiography of Laurent Clerc / Laurent Clerc --
pt. I. "Scattered as we are and lost among the hearing": Life in the Hearing World. 1. On Planning a Deaf-Mute Commonwealth / J.J. Flournoy and Edmund Booth / [and others]. 2. Coming to California / Albert Ballin. 3. What a Deaf Jewish Leader Expects of a Rabbi / Frederick C. Schreiber. 4. How to Write Like a Hearing Reporter / Tom Willard. 5. CBS Hurt Deaf Children with "Caitlin's Story," / Jack Levesque. 6. Who Speaks for the Deaf Community? Not Who You Would Think! / Elizabeth L. Broecker. 7. My Life on Paper / Shanny Mow. 8. Away from Invisibility, Toward Invincibility: Issues with Deaf Theatre Artists in America / Willy Conley. 9. This Child Is Mine: Deaf Parents and Their Adopted Deaf Children / Barbara J. White --
pt. II. "The noblest gift God has given to deaf people": American Sign Language and Its Literature. 10. The Preservation of the Sign Language / George W. Veditz, Carol A. Padden and Eric Malzkuhn. 11. From Student to Professional: A Personal Chronicle of Sign Language / Gilbert Eastman. 12. Black Signs: Whatever Happened to the Sign for "CORNBREAD"? / Ernest Hairston and Linwood Smith. 13. Reflections of American Deaf Culture in Deaf Humor / M.J. Bienvenu. 14. Folk Explanation in Language Survival / Carol A. Padden. 15. Let's Return ASL to Deaf Ownership / Jack Levesque. 16. What Happens When Languages Come in Contact / Ceil Lucas and Clayton Valli. 17. I've Had Enough of the I-Love-You Sign, Thanks / Tom Willard. 18. Traditions: Hispanic, American, Deaf Culture: Which Takes Precedence in Trilingual Interpreter Training? / Ralph Sedano. 19. Rathskellar: Some Oral-Traditional and Not-So-Traditional Characteristics of ASL Literature / Cynthia Lohr Peters. 20. In Search of the Perfect Sign-Language Script: Insights into the Diverse Writing Styles of Deaf Playwrights / Willy Conley --
pt. III. "The medicine that swallowed the patient": Deaf Education. 21. The Associative Feature in the Education of the Deaf / George Wing. 22. The Attitude of the Adult Deaf towards Pure Oralism / Amos G. Draper. 23. The Fable of the Ass Who Was Taught to Whinny / Warren Milton Smaltz. 24. The Graduate / Albert Ballin. 25. The Deaf Adult's Point of View / Frederick C. Schreiber. 26. Black Deaf Students / Ernest Hairston and Linwood Smith. 27. Who's Itching to Get into Mainstreaming? / Ben Bahan. 28. The Real Meaning of "Hearing Impaired" / Angela Stratiy. 29. Do We Continue This Tragedy? / Jack Levesque. 30. A Taboo Exposed: Using ASL in the Classroom / Clayton Valli. 31. Deaf-centric Teaching: A Case Study in ASL-English Bilingualism / Cynthia Nesse Bailes --
pt. IV. "Impressed with the value of character": The Deaf Ethic. 32. Vagrancy among Deaf-Mutes / H.M. Chamberlayne. 33. Miss Martineau and Deaf-Mutes / Edmund Booth. 34. The habit of being prompt ... / Unsigned. 35. Finding Men for Jobs / B.M. Schowe. 36. The Development of Postwar Employment / B.M. Schowe. 37. A Review of the Little Paper Family for 1944-45 / Thomas A. Ulmer. 38. Place of the Adult Deaf in Society / Toivo Lindholm. 39. What Exactly Am I Supposed to Overcome? / Tom Willard. 40. Thoughts on the Effects of Provisions for the Deaf / David J. Kurs and Benjamin J. Bahan. 41. 'Til All Barriers Crumble and Fall: Agatha Tiegel's Presentation Day Speech in April 1893 / Katherine Jankowski. 42. Dummy Hoy: "Play Ball!" / James A. Nickerson --
pt. V. "Strengthening the spirit of clannishness": The Deaf Community. 43. Racism within the Deaf Community / Glenn B. Anderson and Frank G. Bowe. 44. GLAD Publishes Position Paper on Cochlear Implants / Carol Padden. 45. Reflections on The Deaf Way / Bob Alcorn. 46. Can Deaf People Survive "deafness"? / M.J. Bienvenu. 47. Cochlear Implants vs. Deaf Culture? / Kathryn Woodcock. 48. Into Their Own Hands: The Deaf President Now Protest and Its Consequences / Sharon A. Barnartt and John B. Christiansen. 49. Of Deaf-Mutes, the Strange, and the Modern Deaf Self / Tom Humphries. 50. The Hearing Agenda II: Eradicating the DEAF-WORLD / Harlan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister and Ben Bahan. 51. Deaf Women Now: Establishing Our Niche / Martha A. Sheridan. 52. Contemporary Native Deaf Experience: Overdue Smoke Rising / Valerie L. Dively. 53. Cochlear Implants and Deaf Identity / A. Philip Aiello and Myrna Alello. 54. Signing Off / Bruce A. White --
Further Reading / Arlene Blumenthal Kelly.
Verfasserangabe: edited by Lois Bragg.


To many who hear, the deaf world is as foreign as a country never visited. This title asserts that English is for many signing people a second, infrequently used language and that Deaf culture is the  Weiterlesen…
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"This is one of those marvelous initiatives that, when you see it, leads you to say, 'Why didn't I think of that?' A very valuable resource not only for the growing numbers of students in Deaf Weiterlesen…



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