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Dispersal ecology and evolution Titelvorschau

Dispersal ecology and evolution

Verfasser/in: Jean Clobert
Verlag: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.
Ausgabe/Format   Buch : Englisch : 1st edAlle Ausgaben und Formate anzeigen

Provides a timely and wide-ranging overview of the fast expanding field of dispersal ecology, incorporating the very latest research. The causes, mechanisms, and consequences of dispersal at the  Weiterlesen…


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Dokumenttyp: Buch
Alle Autoren: Jean Clobert
ISBN: 9780199608898 019960889X 9780199608904 0199608903
OCLC-Nummer: 785869554
Beschreibung: xxxiii, 462 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
Inhalt: Case study 1. The common lizard (Zootoca vivipara, anciently Lacerta vivipara) : a model system for the study of the causes, mechanisms, and consequences of dispersal / Jean Clobert --
Case study 2. Spiders as a model in dispersal ecology and evolution / Dries Bonte --
Case study 3. Spatial structure and dynamics in the Glanville fritillary (Melitaea cinxia) metapopulation / Ilkka Hanski --
Case study 4. Heterocarpy in Crepis sancta (Asteraceae) as a model system to study dispersal / Pierre-Olivier Cheptou --
Multicausality of dispersal : a review / Erik Matthysen --
The theory of dispersal under multiple influences / Jostein Starrfelt and Hanna Kokko --
Multi-determinism in natal dispersal : the common lizard as a model system / Jean Clobert, Manuel Massot, and Jean-François Le Galliard --
Dispersal in invertebrates : influences on individual decisions / Tim G. Benton and Diana E. Bowler --
Integrating context- and stage-dependent effects in studies of frugivorous seed dispersal : an example from south-east Kenya / Valérie Lehouck [and others] --
Quantitative, physiological, and molecular genetics of dispersal/migration / Anthony J. Zera and Jennifer A. Brisson --
Evolution of genetically integrated dispersal strategies / Renée A. Duckworth --
Dispersal genetics : emerging insights from fruitflies, butterflies, and beyond / Christopher W. Wheat --
Genetics of plant dispersal / Jocelyn C. Hall and Kathleen Donohue --
Dispersal syndromes / Ophélie Ronce and Jean Clobert --
Evolution of condition-dependent dispersal / Eva Kisdi, Margarete Utz, and Mats Gyllenberg --
Dispersal syndromes in the common lizard : personality traits, information use, and context-dependent dispersal decisions / Julien Cote and Jean Clobert --
Dispersal syndromes in butterflies and spiders / Dries Bonte and Marjo Saastamoinen --
Plant dispersal phenotypes : a seed perspective of maternal habitat selection / Rafael Rubio de Casas, Charles G. Willis, and Kathleen Donohue --
Dispersal kernels : review / Ran Nathan [and others] --
Evolution and emergence of dispersal kernels : a brief theoretical evaluation / Thomas Hovestadt [and others] --
Quantifying individual differences in dispersal using net squared displacement / Luca Börger and John Fryxell --
Temporal variation in dispersal kernels in a metapopulation of the bog fritillary butterfly (Boloria eunomia) / Nicolas Schtickzelle, Camille Turlure, and Michel Baguette --
How random is dispersal? From stochasticity to process in the description of seed movement / Frank M. Schurr --
Linking dispersal to spatial dynamics / Tim G. Benton and Diana E. Bowler --
Demographic consequences of the selective forces controlling density-dependent dispersal / François Rousset --
Landscape effects on spatial dynamics : the natterjack toad as a case study / Virginie M. Stevens and Aurélie Coulon --
Dispersal and eco-evolutionary dynamics in the Glanville fritillary butterfly / Ilkka Hanski --
Urban metapopulation dynamics, and evolution of dispersal traits in the weed Crepis sancta / Pierre-Olivier Cheptou and Antoine Dornier --
Dispersal and range dynamics in changing climates : a review / Jean François Le Galliard, Manuel Massot, and Jean Clobert --
Dispersal and climate change : a review of theory / Justin M.J. Travis and Calvin Dytham --
Influence of temperature on dispersal in two bird species / Henrik Pärn and Bernt-Erik Sæther --
Dispersal under global change : the case of the pine processionary moth and other insects / Hans Van Dyck --
Plant dispersal and the velocity of climate change / James M. Bullock --
Evolutionary ecology of dispersal in fragmented landscape / Michel Baguette [and others] --
Modelling the effects of habitat fragmentation / Calvin Dytham and Justin M.J. Travis --
High connectivity despite high fragmentation : iterated dispersal in a vertebrate metapopulation / Xavier Lambin [and others] --
Dispersal and habitat fragmentation in invertebrates : examples from widespread and localized butterflies / Hans Van Dyck and Michel Baguette --
Gene flow allows persistence of a perennial forest herb in a dynamic landscape / Olivier Honnay and Hans Jacquemyn --
Human expansion : research tools, evidence, mechanisms / Francesco d'Errico, William E. Banks, and Jean Clobert.
Verfasserangabe: edited by Jean Clobert [and others].
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This will be of interest to a broad readership, both as a reference text and as a source of stand?alone examples for biogeographers, ecologists, evolutionary biologists and geneticists alike, whether Weiterlesen…

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