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Encyclopedia of sustainability science and technology

Autore: Robert A Meyers
Editore: New York : Springer, ©2012.
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Genere/forma: Electronic books
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Encyclopedia of sustainability science and technology.
New York : Springer, c2012
Tipo materiale: Document, Risorsa internet
Tipo documento: Internet Resource, Computer File
Tutti gli autori / Collaboratori: Robert A Meyers
ISBN: 9781441908513 144190851X
Numero OCLC: 828671816
Descrizione: 1 online resource (18 v.) : ill.
Contenuti: Topical Table of Contents --
Air Pollution Sources, Statistics and Health Effects, Section Editor: Roy M. Harrison --
Aerosol in Global Atmosphere --
Air Pollution Monitoring and Sustainability --
Air Pollution Sources, Statistics and Health Effects, Introduction --
Air Quality Guidelines and Standards --
Air Quality, Surface Transportation Impacts on --
Aviation and Atmosphere --
Regional Air Quality --
Stratospheric Pollution --
Urban Air Quality: Meteorological Processes --
Urban Air Quality: Sources and Concentrations --
Urban Atmospheric Composition Processes --
Animal Breeding and Genetics, Section Editor: Ignacy Misztal --
Animal Breeding and Genetics, Introduction --
Animal Breeding Methods and Sustainability --
Animal Breeding, Foundations of --
Animal Breeding, Long-Term Challenges --
Animal Breeding, Modeling in --
Animal Genetic in Environment Interaction --
Animal Molecular Genetics from Major Genes to Genomics --
Breeding in Beef Cattle --
Breeding in Developing Countries and Tropics --
Breeding in Horses --
Dairy Cattle Breeding --
Pig Breeding for Increased Sustainability --
Poultry Breeding --
Socially Affected Traits, Inheritance and Genetic Improvement --
Batteries, Section Editor: Ralph J. Brodd --
Batteries, Introduction --
Battery Cathodes --
Battery Components, Active Materials for --
Electrochemical Supercapacitors and Hybrid Systems --
Lead Acid Battery Systems and Technology for Sustainable Energy --
Lithium Battery Electrolyte Stability and Performance from Molecular Modeling and Simulations --
Lithium-Ion Batteries, Electrochemical Reactions in --
Lithium-Ion Batteries, Safety --
Lithium-Ion Battery Systems and Technology --
Medical Device Batteries --
Nanocarbons for Supercapacitors --
Nickel-Based Battery Systems --
Olivine Phosphate Cathode Materials, Reactivity and Reaction Mechanisms --
Rechargeable Batteries, Separators for --
Silicon-Based Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries --
Climate Change Modeling Methodology, Section Editor: Philip J. Rasch --
Atmospheric General Circulation Modeling --
Climate Change Modeling Methodology, Introduction --
Climate Change Projections: Characterizing Uncertainty Using Climate Models --
Climate Predictions, Seasonal-to-Decadal --
Coupled Climate and Earth System Models --
Cryosphere, Modeling of --
Earth System Model, Modeling the Land Component of --
Integrated Assessment Modeling --
Monsoon Systems, Modeling of --
Oceanic General Circulation Models --
Regional Climate Models --
Weather Prediction Models --
Climate Change Remediation, Section Editor: Timothy M. Lenton and Naomi E. Vaughan --
Biochar, Tool for Climate Change Mitigation and Soil Management --
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, Weathering Approaches to --
Climate Change Remediation, Introduction to --
Geoengineering Policy and Governance Issues --
Ocean Fertilization for Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere --
Solar Radiation Management, Cloud Albedo Enhancement --
Stratospheric Aerosols for Solar Radiation Management --
Sunshades for Solar Radiation Management --
Crop Science and Technology, Section Editor: Paul Christou and Roxana Savin --
Abiotic Stress Tolerant Crops: Genes, Pathways and Bottlenecks --
Agroecological Basis for Managing Biotic Constraints --
Agronomic Interactions with CO --
2 --
Sequestration --
Biomass Crops for Biofuels and Bio-based Products --
Biotechnology and Nutritional Improvement of Crops --
Commercialisation of GM Crops: Comparison of Regulatory Frameworks --
Crop Breeding for Sustainable Agriculture, Genomics Interventions in --
Crop Development Related to Temperature and Photoperiod --
Crop Diseases, Management and Control of --
Crop Plants Transformation Methods --
Crop Radiation Capture and Use Efficiency --
Crop Responses to Available Soil Water --
Crop Responses to Nitrogen --
Crop Science and Technology, Introduction --
Crop Traits: Gene Isolation --
Crop Yields Around the World: Closing the Gap and Raising the Potential --
Cropping Systems: Shaping Nature --
Fertilizer Science and Technology --
Genetic Engineering of Crops for Insect Resistance --
Genotype by Environment Interaction and Adaptation --
Global Economic Impact of Transgenic/Biotech Crops (1996-2008) --
GM Crop Risk Debate, Science and Socioeconomics --
Grain Quality in Oil and Cereal Crops --
Increasing Salinity Tolerance of Crops --
Integrated Pest Management --
Irrigation Management for Efficient Crop Production --
Lodging Resistance in Cereals --
Marker-Assisted Breeding in Crops --
Medicinal Plants, Engineering of Secondary Metabolites in Cell Cultures --
Molecular Breeding Platforms in World Agriculture --
Plant Breeding Under a Changing Climate --
Plant Molecular Pharming, Industrial Enzymes --
Plant Molecular Pharming, Pharmaceuticals for Human Health --
Plant Molecular Pharming, Veterinary Applications --
Roots and Uptake of Water and Nutrients --
Seed Dormancy and Agriculture, Physiology --
Simulation Models as Tools for Crop Management --
Spatial Crop Structure in Agricultural Systems --
Sustainable Herbicide-Resistant Crops --
Sustainable Productivity, Heat Tolerance for --
Transgene Expression in Plants, Control of --
Transgenic Crops Resistant to Fungal, Bacterial, and Viral Pathogens --
Transgenic Crops, Environmental Impact --
Transgenic Crops, Next Generation --
Transgenic Crops, Risk Assessment and Regulatory Framework in the European Union --
Earth System Monitoring, Section Editor: John Orcutt --
Airborne and Space-borne Remote Sensing of Cryosphere --
Aircraft and Space Atmospheric Measurements Using Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) --
Contemporary Sea Level Variations, Observations and Causes --
Coral Reef Ecosystems --
Earth System Environmental Literacy --
Earth System Monitoring, Introduction --
Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE): Detection of Ice Mass Loss, Terrestrial Mass Changes, --
and Ocean Mass Gains --
Heat Content and Temperature of the Ocean --
Hurricane and Monsoon Tracking with Driftsondes --
Large-Scale Ocean Circulation: Deep Circulation and Meridional Overturning --
Long-Term Ecological Research Network --
Ocean Acidification --
Ocean Evaporation and Precipitation --
Ocean Observatories and Information: Building a Global Ocean Observing Network --
Oil Spill Remote Sensing --
Remote Sensing of Natural Disasters --
Remote Sensing of Ocean Color --
Volcanoes, Observations and Impact --
Ecological Systems, Section Editor: Rik Leemans --
Atmospheric Biogeochemistry --
Ecological Succession and Community Dynamics --
Ecological Systems, Introduction --
Ecosystem Engineers, Keystone Species --
Ecosystem Flow Analysis --
Ecosystem Services --
Ecosystems and Spatial Patterns --
Ecosystems, Adaptive Management --
Ecotones and Ecological Gradients --
Invasive Species --
Landscape Ecology --
Marine Biogeochemistry --
Species Competition and Predation --
Species Diversity Within and Among Ecosystems --
Urban Ecology --
Electric, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Section Editor: Mehrdad Ehsani --
AC Machines: Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Induction Machines --
Batteries, Battery Management, and Battery Charging Technology --
Battery Technologies --
Electric, Hybrid, and Fuel Cell Vehicles, Introduction --
Electric, Hybrid Electric and Fuel cell Vehicles, Architectures of --
Energy Storage: Ultracapacitor --
Fuel-Cell-Powered Hybrid electric vehicle HEV Design and Control --
Hybrid Electric and Hydraulic Technology Applications in Off-Road Vehicles --
Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Vehicle Applications --
Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative Fuels for --
PHEVs and BEVs in Coupled Power and Transportation Systems --
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles --
Regenerative Braking --
Sustainable Transportation --
Sustainable Vehicle Fuels, Well-to-Wheel Analysis --
Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Propulsion and Regenerative Braking in EV and HEV --
Vehicle Biofuels --
Vehicle Dynamics and Performance --
Vehicle Energy Storage: Batteries --
Vehicle Traction Motors --
Electrical Transmission Systems and Smart Grids, Section Editor: Miroslav M. Begovic --
Distribution Systems, Substations, and Integration of Distributed Generation --
Electrical Transmission Systems and Smart Grids, Introduction --
Energy and Water Interdependence, and Their Implications for Urban Areas --
Renewable Generation, Integration of --
Smart Grids, Distributed Control for --
Sustainable Smart Grids, Emergence of a Policy Framework --
Transmission Blackouts: Risk, Causes, and Mitigation --
Underground Cable Systems --
Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control --
Environmental Geology, Section Editor: James W. LaMoreaux --
Construction Planning, Environmental Impact of Foundation Studies and Earthquake Issues --
Dam Engineering and Its Environmental Aspects --
Desertification and Impact on Human Systems --
Dredging Practices and Environmental Considerations --
Earthquake Faulting, Ground Motions and Deformations --
Environmental Geology, Introduction --
Geochemical Modeling in Environmental and Geological Studies --
Geologic Carbon Sequestration: Sustainability and Environmental Risk --
Groundwater Impacts of Radioactive Wastes and Associated Environmental Modeling Assessment --
Groundwater Salinity Due to Urban Growth --
Karst Terrane and Transportation Issues --
Land Subsidence in Urban Environment --
Marine Life Associated with Offshore Drilling, Pipelines, and Platforms --
Mining and Its Environmental Impacts --
Natural Resource Flows and Sustainability in Urban Areas --
Volcanoes of Mexico --
Environmental Radioactivity and Ecotoxicology of Radioactive Substances, Section Editor: Glen A. Bird --
Environmental Countermeasures and Restoration --
Environmental Radioactivity and Ecotoxicology of Radioactive Substances, Introduction to --
Fallout Radionuclides and the Study of Erosion and Sedimentation --
Ionizing Radiation on Nonhuman Biota, Effects of Low Levels of --
Nuclear Accidents, Chernobyl Fallout in Scandinavian Watersheds --
Radioactivity in the Marine Environment --
Radiation Assessment, Use of Transfer Parameters --
Radiation Effects on Caribou and Reindeer --
Radiation in the Environment, Sources of --
Radionuclide Fate and Transport in Terrestrial Environments --
Radionuclide Migration from Catchments, Modeling --
Radionuclides as Tracers of Ocean Currents --
Speciation of Metals, Effects on Aquatic Biota --
Tritium in the Environment --
Tritium, Health Effects and Dosimetry --
Uranium in the Environment: Behavior and Toxicity --
Environmental Toxicology, Section Editor: Edward A. Laws --
Airborne Toxic Chemicals --
Bioaccumulation/Biomagnifications in Food Chains --
Biomarkers and Metabolomics, Evidence of Stress --
Bioremediation and Mitigation --
Biosensors and Bioassays for Ecological Risk Monitoring and Assessment --
CERCLA, Sustainability and Public and Environmental Health --
Ecological and Health Risks at Low Doses --
Ecological Risk Assessment and Animal Models --
Environmental Toxicology, Introduction --
Environmental Toxicology: Carcinogenesis --
Environmental Toxicology: Children at Risk --
Environmental Toxicology: Oxidative Stress --
Microbial Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Water --
Pathogen and Nutrient Transfer Through and Across Agricultural Soils --
Recreational Water Risk: Pathogens and Fecal Indicators --
Science, Policy, and Risk Management: Case of Seafood Safety --
Toxic Chemical Risks --
Xenobiotic Protection/Resistance Mechanisms in Organisms --
Fossil Energy, Section Editor: Ripudaman Malhotra --
Alaska Gas Hydrate Research and Field Studies --
CO --
2 --
Capture and Sequestration --
CO --
2 --
Reduction and Coal-Based Electricity Generation --
Coal and Peat: Global Resources and Future Supply --
Coal Preparation --
Coal to Liquids Technologies --
Fossil Energy, Introduction --
Gas to Liquid Technologies --
Internal Combustion Engines, Developments in --
Mining Industries and Their Sustainable Management --
Natural Gas Power --
Oil and Natural Gas: Global Resources --
Oil Shale Processing, Chemistry and Technology --
Petroleum and Oil Sands Exploration and Production --
Petroleum Refining and Environmental Control and Environmental Effects --
Pulverized Coal-Fired Boilers and Pollution Control --
Fuel Cells, Section Editor: Klaus-Dieter Kreuer --
Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cells --
Direct Hydrocarbon Solid Oxide Fuel Cells --
Fuel Cell Comparison to Alternate Technologies --
Fuel Cell Types and Their Electrochemistry --
Fuel Cells (SOFC): Alternative Approaches (Electroytes, Electrodes, Fuels) --
Fuel Cells, Introduction --
Membrane Electrolytes, from Perfluoro Sulfonic Acid (PFSA) to Hydrocarbon Ionomers --
Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells --
PEM Fuel Cell Materials: Costs, Performance and Durability --
PEM Fuel Cells and Platinum-Based Electrocatalysts --
PEM Fuel Cells, Materials and Design Development Challenges --
Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells for Stationary Applications --
Polybenzimidazole Fuel Cell Technology --
Polymer Electrolyte (PE) Fuel Cell Systems --
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells, Automotive Applications --
Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM-FC) and Non-noble Metal --
Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction --
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: High-Temperature, Low-Humidity Operation --
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials: Durability, Reliability and Cost --
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells --
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Marketing Issues --
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Sustainability Aspects --
Geothermal Power Stations, Section Editor: Lucien Y. Bronicki --
Engineered Geothermal Systems, Development and Sustainability of --
Geothermal Energy Utilization --
Geothermal Energy, Nature, Use, and Expectations --
Geothermal Energy, Geology and Hydrology of --
Geothermal Field and Reservoir Monitoring --
Geothermal Power Capacity, Sustainability and Renewability of --
Geothermal Power Conversion Technology --
Geothermal Power Economics --
Geothermal Power Stations, Introduction to --
Geothermal Resources Worldwide, Direct Heat Utilization of --
Geothermal Resources, Drilling for --
Geothermal Resources, Environmental Aspects of --
Hydrothermal Systems, Geochemistry of --
Reservoir Engineering in Geothermal Fields --
Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Section Editor: Paul T. Anastas and Julie B. Zimmerman --
Gas Expanded Liquids for Sustainable Catalysis --
Green Catalytic Transformations --
Green Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Introduction --
Green Chemistry Metrics: Material Efficiency and Strategic Synthesis Design --
Green Chemistry with Microwave Energy --
Nanotoxicology in Green Nanoscience --
New Polymers, Renewables as Raw Materials --
Organic Batteries --
Oxidation Catalysts for Green Chemistry --
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO --
2 --
) as Green Solvent --
Hazardous Waste, Section Editor: Mervin Fingas --
Contaminated Soil, Remediation of --
Hazardous Materials Characterization and Assessment --
Hazardous Waste Incineration Ashes and Their Utilization --
Hazardous Waste Incinerator Emissions --
Hazardous Waste, Introduction --
Incineration Technologies --
Non-flame Incineration --
Vitrification of Waste and Reuse of Waste-Derived Glass --
Hydrogen Production Science and Technology, Section Editor: Timothy E. Lipman --
Electrochemical Hydrogen Production --
Hydrogen Production from High-Temperature Fuel Cells --
Hydrogen Production Science and Technology --
Hydrogen via Direct Solar Production --
Photo-catalytic Hydrogen Production --
Infectious Diseases, Section Editor: Phyllis J. Kanki --
Antibiotics for Emerging Pathogens --
HIV/AIDS Global Epidemic --
Infectious Disease Modeling --
Infectious Diseases, Climate Change Effects on --
Infectious Diseases, Introduction --
Infectious Diseases, Vibrational Spectroscopic Approaches to Rapid Diagnostics --
Malaria Vaccines --
Polio and Its Epidemiology --
Tropical Health and Sustainability --
Tuberculosis, Epidemiology of --
Waterborne Infectious Diseases, Approaches to Control --
Intelligent Vehicle Technology, Section Editor: Fei-Yue Wang --
Unscented Kalman Filter in Intelligent Vehicles --
3D Pose Estimation of Vehicles Using Stereo Camera --
Active Multifocal Vision System, Adaptive Control of --
Active Pedestrian Protection System, Scenario-Driven Search Method for --
Cooperative Group of Vehicles and Dangerous Situations, Recognition of --
Driver Assistance System, Biologically Inspired --
Driver Assistance Systems, Automatic Detection and Site Mapping --
Driver Behavior at Intersections --
Driver Characteristics Based on Driver Behavior --
Driver Inattention Monitoring System for Intelligent Vehicles --
Driving Under Reduced Visibility Conditions for Older Adults --
Dynamic Environment Sensing Using an Intelligent Vehicle --
Intelligent Vehicles Technology, Introduction --
Night Vision Pedestrian Warning in Intelligent Vehicles --
True Color Night Vision Video Systems in Intelligent Vehicles --
Vehicle Detection, Tightly Coupled LIDAR and Computer Vision Integration for --
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Enhanced GPSR and Beacon-Assist Geographic Forwarding in --
Mass Transit Science and Technology, Section Editor: Gary L. Brosch --
Advanced Public Transport Systems, Simulation-Based Evaluation --
Bicycle Integration with Public Transport --
Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit Systems: State of Discussion --
Bus Rapid Transit, Institutional Issues Related to Implementation --
Bus Rapid Transit: Worldwide History of Development, Key Systems and Policy Issues --
Bus Versus Rail Implications for Transit-Oriented Development --
Bus Rapid Versus Light Rail Transit: Service Quality, Economic, --
Environmental, and Planning Aspects --
High Speed Rail, Technology Development of --
High-Occupancy Vehicle and Toll Lanes --
HOT Lanes/Value Pricing: Planning and Evaluation of Multiclass Service --
Light Rail Transit in the US and Abroad, Examination of History and Innovations --
Light Rail Transit, Shared Infrastructural Issues --
Light Rail Transit, Systemic Viability --
MAGLEV Technology Development --
Mass Transit Science and Technology, Introduction --
Personal Rapid Transit and Its Development --
Transit-Oriented Development and Land Use --
Nuclear Energy, Section Editor: Nicholas Tsoulfanidis --
Dosimetry --
Fission Reactor Physics --
GEN-IV Reactors --
Health Physics --
Ionizing Radiation Detectors --
Isotope Separation Methods for Nuclear Fuel --
Modern Nuclear Fuel Cycles --
Nuclear Energy, Introduction --
Nuclear Facilities, Decommissioning of --
Nuclear Fission Power Plants --
Nuclear Fuel, Reprocessing of --
Nuclear Fusion --
Nuclear Power, Economics of --
Nuclear Reactor Materials and Fuels --
Nuclear Safeguards and Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Materials --
Radiation Shielding --
Radiation Sources --
Radioactive Waste Management: Storage, Transport, Disposal --
Uranium and Thorium Resources --
Ocean Energy, Section Editor: Luis A. Vega --
Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Environmental Challenges --
Ocean Energy, Introduction --
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion --
Offshore Wind Energy Technology Trends, Challenges, and Risks --
Tidal Energy --
Ocean Farming and Sustainable Aquaculture Science and Technology, Section Editor: Barry A. --
Costa-Pierce --
Aquaculture and Renewable Energy Systems, Integration of --
Aquaculture, Ecological --
Aquaculture, Integrated Multi-trophic (IMTA) --
Aquaculture, Sustainability Science in --
Aquapod Systems for Sustainable Ocean Aquaculture --
Carrying Capacity for Aquaculture, Modeling Frameworks for Determination of --
Carrying Capacity for Sustainable Bivalve Aquaculture --
Environmental Impacts of an Open Ocean Mariculture Operation in Kona, Hawaii --
Life Cycle Assessments and Their Applications to Aquaculture Production Systems --
Mariculture Systems, Integrated Land-Based --
Marine Aquaculture in the Mediterranean --
Marine Fisheries Enhancement, Coming of Age in the New Millennium --
Mussel Culture, Open Ocean Innovations --
Ocean Farming and Sustainable Aquaculture Science and Technology, An Introduction to --
Polyculture in Aquaculture --
Seaweed Aquaculture for Human Foods in Land-Based and IMTA Systems --
Shellfish Aquaculture, Methods of Sustainable --
Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture --
Oceans and Human Health, Section Editor: Darrell Jay Grimes --
Coastal Ecosystems, Sustainable Management --
Drug Discovery in Ocean --
Harmful Algal Blooms --
Human Bacterial Diseases from Ocean --
Living Ocean, An Evolving Oxymoron --
Marine and Freshwater Fecal Indicators and Source Identification --
Oceans and Human Health, Introduction --
Oceans and Human Health, Social and Economic Impacts --
Remote Sensing Applications to Ocean and Human Health --
Sentinel Species in Oceans and Human Health --
Waterborne Diseases of the Ocean, Enteric Viruses --
Waterborne Parasitic Diseases in Ocean --
Photovoltaics, Section Editor: Daniel Lincot --
CdTe Solar Cells --
Mesoscopic Solar Cells --
Organic Solar Cells --
Photovoltaic Energy, Introduction --
Photovoltaics, Status of --
PV Policies and Markets --
Silicon Solar Cells, Crystalline --
Silicon Solar Cells, Thin-film --
Solar Cells, Chalcopyrite-Based Thin Film --
Solar Cells: Very High Efficiencies Approaches --
Solar Cells: Energy Payback Times and Environmental Issues --
Renewable Energy from Biomass, Section Editor: Martin Kaltschmitt --
Algae, a New Biomass Resource --
Biodiesel --
Bioethanol from Celluloses --
Bioethanol from Starch --
Bioethanol from Sugar: the Brazilian Experience --
Biofuels: A Technical, Economic and Environmental Comparison --
Biofuels: Upgraded New Solids --
Biogas for Electricity Generation, Hi-tech Applications --
Biogas Production and Energy crops --
Biogas Production Developing Countries --
Biogas Substrates from Municipalities and Industries --
Biomass as Renewable Source of Energy, Possible Conversion Routes --
Biomass Combustion for Electricity Generation --
Biomass Energy Heat Provision for Cooking and Heating in Developing Countries --
Biomass Energy Heat Provision in Modern Large-Scale Systems --
Biomass Energy Heat Provision in Modern Small-Scale Systems --
Biomass Energy Small-Scale Combined Heat and Power Systems --
Biomass Gasification for Electricity and Fuels, Large Scale --
Biomass Gasification for Rural Electrification, Small Scale --
Biomass Production --
Biomass Provision and Use, Sustainability Aspects --
Biomass Pyrolysis --
Biomass Resources, Worldwide --
Biomass to Liquid (BtL), Concepts and Their Assessment --
Biomass Use on a Global Scale --
Biomethane from Anaerobic Processes --
Biosynthetic Natural Gas --
Co-combustion of wood in Coal-Fired Large-Scale Power Plants --
Hydrogen from Biomass --
Lignocellulosic Energy Crops, Production and Provision --
Plant Oil Fuels Combined Heat and Power (CHP) --
Renewable Energy from Biomass, Introduction --
Solid Biofuels, Fuels and Their Characteristics --
Solar Radiation, Section Editor: Christian A. Gueymard --
Daylight, Indoor Illumination, and Human Behavior --
Photosynthetically Active Radiation: Measurement and Modeling --
Solar Constant and Total Solar Irradiance Variations --
Solar Irradiance, Global Distribution --
Solar Radiation and Human Health --
Solar Radiation for Solar Energy Utilization --
Solar Radiation Spectrum --
Solar Radiation versus Climate Change --
Solar Radiation, Introduction --
Solar Radiation, Spatial and Temporal Variability --
Solar-Induced Climate Effects --
Topographic Solar Radiation Modeling for Environmental Applications --
Ultraviolet Radiation: Distribution and Variability --
UV Effects on Living Organisms --
Solar Thermal Energy, Section Editor: Christoph Richter --
Concentrating Receiver Systems (Solar Power Tower) --
Linear Fresnel Collectors --
Parabolic Trough Solar Technology --
Solar Collectors, Non-concentrating --
Solar Cookers and Dryers to Conserve Human and Planet Health --
Solar Cooling Systems --
Solar Detoxification and Disinfection of Water --
Solar Energy in Thermochemical Processing --
Solar Thermal Desalination --
Solar Thermal Energy, Introduction --
Solar Updraft Towers --
Thermal Energy Storage --
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling, Section Editor: Ronald L. Mersky --
Construction and Demolition Wastes --
Electronic Waste and Its Regulation --
Fly Ash --
Land Disposal --
Landfill Bioreactors --
Landfill Closure and Reuse of Land --
Landfill Leachate Control --
Mining Solid Wastes --
Recycling Collection and Materials Separation --
Recycling Technologies --
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling, Environmental Impacts --
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling, Introduction --
Solid Waste Generation and Characterization --
Solid Waste Public Involvement and Education --
Waste Collection and Transport --
Waste Diversion --
Waste Materials in Construction, Utilization of --
Sustainability in Water, Section Editor: Jeaweon Cho --
Climate Change and Global Water Sustainability --
Climate Change Impacts on Emerging Contaminants --
Community-Owned Water Resource and Climate Change, Quality Management --
Desalination Technology for Sustainable Water Resource --
Groundwater Remediation, Environmental and Economic Assessment --
Rainwater Harvesting --
Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse --
Sustainability in Water, Introduction --
Sustainable Remediation Methods for Metals and Radionuclides --
Sustainable Remediation: Integrating Risk, Science, and Sustainability Principles --
Sustainable Water Treatment Using Nanofiltration and Tight Ultrafiltration Membranes --
Wastewater Reclamation --
Wastewater Treatment and Control through Wetlands --
Wastewater Treatment Plant: Anthropogenic Micropollutant Indicators for --
Sustainable River Management --
Water and Energy Nexus --
Water and Wastewater Operation: Instrumentation, Monitoring, --
Control and Automation --
Water Reclamation System and Micropollutants --
Sustainable Built Environment, Section Editor: Vivian Loftness --
Bioclimatic Design --
Biofuels and Sustainable Buildings --
Daylighting Controls, Performance and Global Impacts --
Facades and Enclosures, Building for Sustainability --
Geothermal Conditioning: Critical Sources for Sustainability --
Indoor Environmental Quality and Health Improvement, Evidence-Based Design for --
Natural Ventilation in Built Environment --
Passive House (Passivhaus) --
Passive Solar Heating in Built Environment --
Rating Systems for Sustainability --
Regenerative Development and Design --
Resource Repletion, Role of Buildings --
Sustainability Performance Simulation Tools for Building Design --
Sustainable and Healthy Built Environment --
Sustainable Built Environment, Introduction --
Sustainable Design and Construction, Integrated Delivery Processes and Building --
Information Modeling --
Sustainable Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning --
Sustainable Landscape Design, Urban Forestry and Green Roof Science and Technology, --
Section Editor: Dagmar Haase --
Biodiversity in Cities, Reconnecting Humans with Nature --
Green Infrastructure and Climate Change --
Green Roof Infrastructures in Urban Areas --
Green Roof Planning in Urban Areas --
Green Roofs, Ecological Functions --
Landscape Planning for Minimizing Land Consumption --
Landscape Planning for Sustainable Water Usage --
Landscape Planning/Design of Shrinking Landscapes --
Sustainable Landscape Design, Urban Forestry, and Green Roof Science and Technology, Introduction --
Sustainable Landscapes --
Urban Forest Function, Design and Management --
Urban Redevelopment and Quality of Open Spaces --
Transgenic Livestock for Food Production, Section Editor: C. Bruce A. Whitelaw --
Avian Specific Transgenesis --
Disease-Resistant Transgenic Animals --
Livestock Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer --
Nuclear Transfer to Produce Transgenic Mammals --
Transgenic Fishes: Applications, State of the Art, and Risk Concerns --
Transgenic Livestock for Food Production, Introduction --
Transgenic Livestock Technologies --
Transgenic Livestock, Decreasing Environmental Impact of --
Transgenic Livestock, Enhanced Nutritional Quality in --
Transgenic Livestock, Ethical Concerns and Debate --
Transgenic Technologies and Increased Livestock Fertility --
Transgenics: Alternative Gene Transfer Methods --
Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment, Section Editor: John S. Gulliver --
Atmosphere-Water Exchange --
Chemicals in the Environment, Diffusive Transport --
Chemicals in the Environment, Dispersive Transport --
Chemicals in the Environment, Turbulent Transport --
Lake and Reservoir Fate and Transport of Chemicals --
Oceanic Fate and Transport of Chemicals --
River Fate and Transport --
Sediment-Water Interfaces, Chemical Flux at --
Subsurface Fate and Transport of Chemicals --
Toxic Organic Chemicals --
Transport and Fate of Chemicals in the Environment, Introduction --
Transport in the Environment --
Transport with Jets and Plumes of Chemicals in the Environment --
Waste to Energy, Section Editor: Nickolas J. Themelis --
Gasification and Liquefaction Alternatives to Incineration in Japan --
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction by Waste-to-Energy --
Hitachi Zosen Inova Technology --
Incinerator Grate Combustion Phenomena --
Life Cycle Comparison of Waste-to-Energy to Sanitary Landfill --
Martin Waste-to-Energy Technology --
Plasma-Assisted Waste-to-Energy Processes --
Thermal Treatment of Waste: Key Element for Sustainable Waste Management --
Waste Management for Sustainable Society --
Waste-to Energy: Decreasing the Entropy of Solid Wastes and Increasing Metal Recovery --
Waste-to-Energy Ash Management in Europe --
Waste-to-Energy Ash Management in the United States --
Waste-to-Energy Facilities as Power Plants --
Waste-to-Energy for District Heating --
Waste-to-Energy Using Refuse-Derived Fuel --
Waste-to-Energy, Introduction --
Waste-to-Energy: Energy Resource in Solid Wastes --
Waste-to-Energy: Fluidized Bed Technology --
Wind Power, Section Editor: Lennart Soder --
Electricity Generation with Small Wind Turbines --
Global Wind Power Installations --
Meterology and Wind Power --
Offshore Wind Power --
Wind Power Balancing --
Wind Power Generator Systems and Local Power System Interconnection --
Wind Power Grid Integration: Transmission Planning --
Wind Power, Aerodynamics and Blade Technology --
Wind Power, Introduction --
Wind Power: Basic Challenge Concerning Social Acceptance --
Wind Power: Economy, Market, Subsidies, Payment Mechanisms, and Capacity Credit --
Wind Turbine Noise Emissions. V. 1. A --
v. 2. B-Bio --
v. 3. Bio-Cn --
v. 4. Co-Dd --
v. 5. De-E --
v. 6. F-Gk --
v. 7. Gl-H --
v. 8. I-Lim --
v.9 Lin-M --
v. 10. N-Ow --
v. 11. Ox-P --
v. 12. R --
v. 13. S-Sol --
v. 14. Sol.-Sz. --
v. 15. T --
v. 16. U-V --
v. 17. W-Z --
v. 18. Glossary-Index.
Responsabilità: Robert A. Meyers (Ed.).
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schema:description"V. 1. A -- v. 2. B-Bio -- v. 3. Bio-Cn -- v. 4. Co-Dd -- v. 5. De-E -- v. 6. F-Gk -- v. 7. Gl-H -- v. 8. I-Lim -- v.9 Lin-M -- v. 10. N-Ow -- v. 11. Ox-P -- v. 12. R -- v. 13. S-Sol -- v. 14. Sol.-Sz. -- v. 15. T -- v. 16. U-V -- v. 17. W-Z -- v. 18. Glossary-Index."
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schema:name"Encyclopedia of sustainability science and technology"

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