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Fighting the war on file sharing

by A H J Schmidt; Wilfred Dolfsma; Wim Keuvelaar

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Money From People Downloading Files   (2012-05-13)


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by Earningorg

Did you know you could make extra money from people downloading the files you share? Whether its some wallpaper pictures you created or an eBook you wrote you can earn extra money by just having people download the files. A company called UpLoading will pay you for every person that downloads one of your files.

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      The first thing you will need to do is create some files you would like to share and have people download. These can be anything really. It could be some desktop wallpaper that you created or maybe a eBook that you have written. It doesn't really matter what it is.

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      You next step is to create a UpLoading account. To do this look at the bottom of this article in the resource section. You will see a link to the UpLoading site. Click the link and input your information into the sign up page. Actual <a href="">list of paying file hosts in May</a> 2012 you may find at

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      Next once you have an account with uploading you will want to upload some of your files. To do this you just have to click the "Upload file" link on your user page and select the file you would like to upload from your hard-drive. Again this can be anything you would like. Whether its a pack of desktop wallpaper, a eBook, or anything at all you would like to share with other people.

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      Now here is where you make money. Once you have uploaded your file you will receive a link to the download page of that file. Copy this link. Next go to a your favorite message board and share the file with your friends. For every one thousand downloads you will receive 10 dollars $US directly into your paypal account. Trust me it doesn't take long to reach one thousand downloads. Most of the time when I'm sharing some of the wallpaper I created it can take only an hour to reach one thousand downloads.

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      Once you have place the download link on a forum also people will want to share that link with other people. The traffic to your download page will often spiral and you'll be receiving money from just one file for a long time.

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      The other great thing about UpLoading is that you don't have to wait to get paid. As soon as your account reaches $30.00 you can request a payout. You will receive you money usually within twenty four hours directly into your paypal account. This is a great opportunity to make extra money and supplement your online income with very little work. I have been consistently making an extra fifty dollars a day with doing very little work. I also receive a payout everyday directly into my paypal account.

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      Visit the link in the resource section at the bottom of this article to sign up and start earning extra money.

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