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Finite and infinite sets

Auteur : A Hajnal; László Lovász; Vera T Sós
Éditeur : Amsterdam ; Oxford : North-Holland, 1984.
Collection : Colloquia mathematic Societatis János Bolyai, 37.
Édition/format :   Livre : Publication de conférence : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats
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Genre/forme : Conference proceedings
Format – détails additionnels : Online version:
Finite and infinite sets.
Amsterdam ; Oxford : North-Holland, 1984
Type d’ouvrage : Publication de conférence
Format : Livre
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs : A Hajnal; László Lovász; Vera T Sós
ISBN : 0444867635 9780444867636 0444868933 9780444868930 0444868941 9780444868947 9638021659 9789638021656
Numéro OCLC : 12326810
Notes : Conference proceedings.
Description : 2 volumes : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Contenu : On the essential chains and squares / D.M. Acketa --
Cellular automata in trees / B. Andrásfai --
On the distribution of the number of interior points / L.A. Aslanjan, I.A. Akopova --
Almost disjoint families of countable sets / B. Balcar, J. Dočkálková, P. Simon --
Inductive classes of cubic graphs / V. Batagelj --
An application of Lovász local lemma: there exist an infinite 01-sequence containing no near identical intervals --
Induced subgraphs / J. Bosák --
Inverse extremal digraph problems / W.G. Brown, P. Erdös, M. Simonovits --
On the Sperner-type conditions / G. Burosch, K.D. Drews --
Minimal decomposition of all graphs with equinumerous vertices and edges into mutually isomorphic subgraphs / F.R.K. Chung, P. Erdös, R.L. Graham --
On irregularities of distribution / F.R.K. Chung, R.L. Graham --
Gaddum class / R.J. Cook --
A restricted version of Hales-Jewett's theorem / W. Deuber, H.J. Prömel, B.L. Rothschild, B. Voigt --
Size Ramsey numbers involving matchings / P. Erdös, R.J. Faudree --
Selectivity of hypergraphs / P. Erdös, J. Nešetřil, V. Rödl --
Generalized polymatroids / A. Frank --
Matroids from crossing families / A. Frank, E. Tardos --
Families of finite sets with missing intersections / P. Frankl, Z. Füredi --
Extending functions from subsets / J. Gerlits, Zs. Nagy --
An Erdös-Ko-Rado type theorem / H.-D.O.F. Fronau --
Strong systems of representatives / E. Györi --
Graphs associated with an integral domain and their applications / K. Györy --
Monochromatic paths in infinite coloured graphs / A. Hajnal, J. Pach --
Two-colorings of simple arrangements / H. Harborth --
On dumpling-eating giants / A. Iványi --
On circular flows in graphs / F. Jaeger --
Longest circuits in 3-connected graphs / H.A. Jung. A generalized MFMC-property and multicommodity cut problems / A.V. Karzanov --
Finding special subdivisions of K₄ in a graph / A.K. Kelmans --
On the average height of monotonically labelled binary trees / P. Kirschenhofer, H. Prodinger --
Dense systems of almost-disjoint sets / P. Komjáth --
On Hadwiger numbers of a graph and its complement / A.V. Kostochka --
The numbers of odd-cycle-free graphs / E. Lamken, B.L. Rothschild --
Oriented matroids as signed geometries real in corank 2 / M. Las Vergnas --
Multitransversals in [tau]-critical hypergraphs / J. Lehel --
Nested transversals / J.Q. Longyear --
Some problems in vertex symmetric graphs / D. Marušič --
Edge-coloring of composite regular graphs / B. Mohar, T. Pisanski, J. Shawe-Taylor --
The generalized dichromatic number of a digraph / V. Neumann-Lara --
Amalgamation of matroids along hypergraphs / S. Poljak, D. Turzik --
Strongly perfect line graphs and total graphs / G. Ravindra --
Some problems of self-dual matroids / A. Recski --
On spatial representations of finite graphs / H. Sachs --
On unavoidable subgraphs of tournaments / M. Saks, V. Sós --
On a classification of graphs with respect to the properties of neighbourhood graphs / L. Szamkołowicz --
On two concepts of discrepancy in a class of combinatorial games / L.A. Székely --
Quasi-residual designs, codes and graphs / V.D. Tonchev --
Some coverings derived from finite planes / D.T. Todorov --
For t [greater than or equal to] 3, every t-dimensional; partial order can be embedded in a t+1-irreducible partial order / W.T. Trotter Jr., J.A. Ross --
Some results on uniquely colourable graphs / M. Truszczyński --
The method of set-pairs for extremal problems in hypergraphs / Zs. Tuza --
Are m given elements neighbouring? / Á. Varecza --
Subdirect irreducibility and dimensions of digraphs / J. Vinárek --
On the connection of the Fronbenius problem and the knapsack problem / B. Vizvári --
Kruskal-Katona's theorem in generalized complexes / G. Wegner --
Criticity with respect to properties and operations in graph theory / W. Wessel --
On a generalized Williamson equation / K. Yamamoto --
Generalized matchings and generalized Hermite polynomials / T. Zaslavsky --
On two problems from extremal graph theory / Š. Znám --
On the number of subdivisions of the unit square / E. Boros --
On the subdivision of the unit square into rectangles with equal area / M. Szegedy.
Titre de collection : Colloquia mathematic Societatis János Bolyai, 37.
Responsabilité : edited by A. Hajnal, L. Lovász and V.T. Sós.


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