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The forgotten revolution : how science was born in 300 BC and why it had to be reborn Titelvorschau

The forgotten revolution : how science was born in 300 BC and why it had to be reborn

Verfasser/in: Lucio Russo; Silvio Levy
Verlag: Berlin [u.a.] : Springer, 2004.
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In the age of Archimedes and Euclid, science as we know it was born, and gave rise to sophisticated technology that would not be seen again until 18th century. What were the landmarks in the meteoric  Weiterlesen…


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Gattung/Form: History
Medientyp: Internetquelle
Dokumenttyp: Buch, Internet-Ressource
Alle Autoren: Lucio Russo; Silvio Levy
ISBN: 3540200681 9783540200680 3540203966 9783540203964
OCLC-Nummer: 249464275
Sprachhinweis: Aus dem Ital. übers.
Anmerkungen: Literaturverz. S. [419] - 434.
Beschreibung: IX, 487 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., Kt
Inhalt: Introduction.- 1 The Birth of Science. The Erasure of the Scientific Revolution. On the Word 'Hellenistic'. Science. Was There Science in Classical Greece? Origins of Hellenistic Science.- 2 Hellenistic Mathematics. Precursors of Mathematical Science.Euclid's Hypothetico-Deductive Method. Geometry and Computational Aids. Discrete Mathematics and the Notion of Infinity. Continuous Mathematics. Euclid and His Predecessors. An Application of the 'Method of Exhaustion'. Trigonometry and Spherical Geometry.- 3 Other Hellenistic Scientific Theories. Optics, Scenography and Catoptrics. Geodesy and Mathematical Geography. Mechanics. Hydrostatics. Pneumatics. Aristarchus, Heliocentrism, and Relative Motion. From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe. Ptolemaic Astronomy.- 4 Scientific Technology. Mechanical Engineering. Instrumentation. Military Technology. Sailing and Navigation. Naval Architecture. The Pharos. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering. Use of Natural Power. The Antikythera Mechanism. Heron's Role. The Lost Technology.- 5 Medicine and Other Empirical Sciences. The Birth of Anatomy and Physiology. Relationship Between Medicine and Exact Sciences. Anatomical Terminology and the Screw Press. The Scientific Method in Medicine. Development and End of Scientific Medicine. Botany and Zoology. Chemistry.- 6 The Hellenistic Scientific Method. Origins of Scientific Demonstration. Postulates or Hypotheses. Saving the Phainomena. Definitions, Scientific Terms and Theoretical Entities. Episteme and Techne. Postulates and the Meaning of 'Mathematics' and 'Physics'. Hellenistic Science and Experimental Method. Science and Orality. Where Do the Cliches about 'Ancient Science' Come From?.- Some Other Aspects of the Scientific Revolution. Urban Planning. Conscious and Unconscious Cultural Evolution. The Theory of Dreams. Propositional Logic.Philological and Linguistic Studies. Science, Figurative Arts, Literature and Music.- 8 The Decadence and End of Science. The Crisis in Hellenistic Science. Rome, Science and Scientific Technology. The End of Ancient Science.- 9 Science, Technology and Economy. Modernism and Primitivism. Scientific and Technological Policy. Economic Growth and Innovation in Agriculture. Nonagricultural Technology and Production. The Role of the City in the Ancient World. The Nature of the Ancient Economy. Ancient Science and Production.- 10 Lost Science. Lost Optics. Eratosthenes' Measurement of the Meridian. Determinism, Chance and Atoms. Combinatorics and Logic. Ptolemy and Hellenistic Astronomy. The Moon, the Sling and Hipparchus. A Passage of Seneca. Rays of Darkness and Triangular Rays. The Idea of Gravity after Aristotle. Tides. The Shape of the Earth: Sling or Ellipsoid? Seleucus of Babylon and the Proof of Heliocentrism. Precession, Comets, etc. Ptolemy and Theon of Smyrna. The First Few Definitions in Euclid's Elements.- 11 The Age-Long Recovery. The Early Renaissances. The Renaissance. The Rediscovery of Optics in Europe. A Late Disciple of Archimedes. Two Modern Scientists: Kepler and Descartes. Tides, Gravitation and Terrestrial Motion. Newton's Natural Philosophy. The Rift Between Mathematics and Physics. Ancient Science and Modern Science. The Erasure of Ancient Science.-11 Recovery and Crisis of Scientific Methodology.- References.- Index of Ancient Passages.- Subject and Name Index.
Andere Titel Rivoluzione dimenticata .
Verfasserangabe: Lucio Russo ; with the collab. of the transl. Silvio Levy.
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From the reviews: "Russo has achieved and exhibited an extensive survey of science in the Hellenistic world at the time after Aristotle ... . The treat in store for the reader of this book is the Weiterlesen…

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   schema:contributor <http://experiment.worldcat.org/entity/work/data/899099612#Person/levy_silvio> ; # Silvio Levy
   schema:creator <http://experiment.worldcat.org/entity/work/data/899099612#Person/russo_lucio> ; # Lucio Russo
   schema:datePublished "2004" ;
   schema:exampleOfWork <http://worldcat.org/entity/work/id/899099612> ; # Rivoluzione dimenticata .
   schema:genre "History" ;
   schema:inLanguage "en" ;
   schema:name "The forgotten revolution : how science was born in 300 BC and why it had to be reborn" ;
   schema:productID "249464275" ;
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<http://worldcat.org/entity/work/id/899099612> # Rivoluzione dimenticata .
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   schema:about <http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/249464275> ; # The forgotten revolution : how science was born in 300 BC and why it had to be reborn
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