Future information communication technology and applications : ICFICE 2013 線上預覽

Future information communication technology and applications : ICFICE 2013

作者: Hoe-Kyung Jung; et al
出版商: Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, ©2013.
叢書: Lecture notes in electrical engineering, v.235.
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Conference proceedings
資料類型: 會議刊物, 文獻, 網際網路資源
文件類型: 網路資源, 電腦資料
所有的作者/貢獻者: Hoe-Kyung Jung; et al
ISBN: 9789400765160 9400765169
OCLC系統控制編碼: 846901793
注意: Includes author index.
描述: 1 online resource.
内容: Communication System and Application. Dispersion Managed Optical Links with Randomly Distributed Residual Dispersion Per Span for 960 Gbps WDM Transmission / Seong-Real Lee --
In-Band MAC-Layer Sensing for the Cognitive Radio Networks / Xiang Gao, Hyung-Kun Park --
Design of Circular Patch Microstrip Antenna for 2.4 GHz RFID Applications / Yuwono Rudy, Adiguna Baskoro, Achmad Dahlan Erfan --
Vitalization of E-Marketplace to Strengthen Trade Between Korea and China in Electronic Commerce / Sangwon Lee ... [et al.] --
Marketing and Inventory Managements in Smart Phone Environment / Seong-yoon Shin ... [et al.] --
Relationship Between Car Color and Car Accident on the Basis of Chromatic Aberration / Seong-yoon Shin ... [et al.] --
Feasibility Study of 32 Trellis-Coded OFDM Waveform for Tactical Information Communication / Byounggi Kim, Cheolhun Na, Sangjin Ryoo --
Quantization Error According to Bit Truncation Method in 4k-FFT Algorithm / Sangjung Ra ... [et al.] --
Channel Compensation of Variable Symbol Timing Offset in Non-synchronized OFDM System / Jae-Ho Lee ... [et al.] --
Comparison of Job Scheduling Policies in Cloud Computing / Yang Cao, CheulWoo Ro, JianWei Yin --
Robust Observer Based Model Predictive Control of a 3-DOF Helicopter System / Yujia Zhai --
Improving Cell Phone Based Gait Identification with Optimal Response Time Using Cloudlet Infrastructure / Thang Hoang ... [et al.] --
Logical Analysis of Discrete Event System Using Compositional Minimization / Wan-Bok Lee --
Accurate Indoor Positioning Technique Using RSSI Assisted Inertial Measurement / Wallace Wong ... [et al.] --
Networking and Services. An Efficient Access Control Mechanism for Application Software Using the Open Authentication / Seon-Joo Kim, Jin-Mook Kim, In-June Jo --
Tracking Multi-Objects in Web Camera Video Using Particle Filtering / Yang Weon Lee --
Mutual Authentication Scheme for Cloud Computing / Shirly Lee, Tae Yong Kim, Hoon-Jae Lee --
A Novel Algorithm for Detection of Elephant Flows: Landmark-LRU with Recycle / Yunki Choi, Jinoo Joung --
ISPM: An Improved Secure Payment Mechanism to Prevent the Black Hole Attack and Selfish Node in WMN / Junguo Liao, Junwen Li --
Analysis of Internet Banking Security Crack Through Messenger Hacking / Dea-Woo Park, Kyong-Ha Roo Routing Approach in IPv6 Ubiquitous Internet-Based Home Automation Network / Ardiansyah Musa Efendi ... [et al.] --
A Network-Based IP Mobility Management Scheme with IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Support / Kyoung-Hee Lee ... [et al.] --
Network System Based on M2M for Efficient Visual Information Service / Min-Ho Jeon, Chang-Heon Oh --
A Study of Technical Strategy for Tourism Social Network Services from the Viewpoint of Acceptance Decision Factor / Hyun-Jee Park, Young-Ha Kim, Am-Suk Oh --
Web Based CDN Structure for Smart Devices / Yu-Doo Kim, Il-Young Moon --
Intelligent Information System. A New User Adaptive Pointing and Correction Algorithm / Jung-Jae Jo, Young-Chul Kim --
Design of Real-Time MAC Protocol for Road Traffic Status Provision Using Sensor Networks / Whoijin Jung, Jae Yong Lee, Byung Chul Kim --
Enhancing Document Clustering Using Reweighting Terms Based on Semantic Features / Sun Park ... [et al.] --
Time-Delay Neural Network with 3 Frequency Bands Based on Voiced Speech Discrimination in Noise / Jae Seung Choi --
Linear Prediction-Based Reconstruction of Electrocardiogram with Premature Ventricular Contraction for Heart Rate Variability Analysis / Nipon Theera-Umpon, Panyaphon Phiphatkhunarnon, Sansanee Auephanwiriyakul --
EDISON Platform: A Software Infrastructure for Application-Domain Neutral Computational Science Simulations / Jung-Lok Yu ... [et al.] --
Application of Web Search Results for Document Classification / So-Young Park, Juno Chang, Taesuk Kihl --
Similarity Measure Design for Non-Overlapped Data / Sanghyuk Lee --
A Vehicle Recognition Using Part-Based Representations / Myungseon Hwang, Hyunchul Kang --
Wind Turbine Performance Monitoring Based on Hybrid Clustering Method / Frank I. Elijorde ... [et al.] --
Intelligent Road Control and Monitoring / Vladimir Hahanov ... [et al.] --
Multimedia and Digital Convergence. Improvement in Waterproof Effect of Speaker Enclosure / Han-Kil Kim, Seung-Eui Yang, Hoe-Kyung Jung --
An Adjustment Method of a Convergence Point for Zoom-In on a Dual Lens Stereoscopic Camera / JongSoo Ha ... [et al.] --
Reliability-Based Selective Encoding in Pixel-Domain Wyner-Ziv Residual Video Codec / Jin-soo Kim, Jae-Gon Kim --
A Mobile Navigation System with Vibration Flow / Sang-Youn Kim, Gilho Song A Design and Development of Korean Traditional Board Game on Android Environment / Yang-Jib Kim, Seung-Woo Kang, Teuk-Seob Song --
Study on the Librarian Helper Robot System Implementation / Sang-Gug Park --
Semiconductor and Communication Services. Device Degradation Under High Gate and Drain Bias Stress in IGZO Transistors / Hyun Jun Jang, Seung Min Lee, Jong Tae Park --
2D Analysis of Breakdown Voltages for Device Dimension of Double Gate MOSFET Using Nonlinear Doping Profile / Hakkee Jung, Dongsoo Cheong --
Analysis on Off-Current of Double Gate MOSFET for Composition of Forward and Backward Current / Hakkee Jung, Jongin Lee --
A HW/SW Co-Design Implementation of Viola-Jones Algorithm for Driver Drowsiness Detection / Kok Choong Lai, M. L. Dennis Wong, Syed Zahidul Islam --
Analysis of Subthreshold Characteristics for Doping Concentration of DGMOSFET Using Series Form of Potential / Jihyeong Han ... [et al.] --
A Parasitic-Insensitive Charge Transfer Circuit for Capacitive Sensing Based on Switched Capacitor Integrator / Hyeop-Goo Yeo, Eu-Sung Jung, Seung-Min Jung --
Calculation 15-Fold Integrals by Method of Optimal Coefficients for Small Values of the Numbers of Knots Quadrature Formulas / Saule Zamanova --
Effect of the Filler on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of the Polyimide Composite Materials / A. D. Muradov, G. S. Suyundikova, A. G. Kunsafina --
Strong Self-Pulsations in a Multi-Electrode Distributed Feedback Laser Integrated With an Electro-Absorption Modulator / Jun-Hyung Cho, Seo Weon Heo, Hyuk-Kee Sung --
Radiation Modification of the Structure of Nanosized Metal Powders / M. Zh. Buranbaev ... [et al.] --
Effect of Low-Temperature Annealing on the Optical Properties of Composite Material, the System "Polyimides: YBa2Cu3O6,7" / A. D. Muradov, S. S. Kumarova, Zh. K. Sakhiyeva --
Preparation and Application of PZT Films in Microelectronics / S. Timishenkov ... [et al.] --
Study of the Stress-Strain State in the Bare Crystals in Technology Implementation of Internal Mounting / Timoshenkov Sergey ... [et al.] --
Imaging and Biomedical Engineering. A Micro-Scale Solar Energy Harvesting Circuit with MPPT Control for Self-Powered Systems / Eun Jung Yoon, Chong Gun Yu --
Multi-View Stereoscopic Image Synthesis Algorithm for 3DTV / Hyunjun Choi ... [et al.] --
Cell Image Segmentation by Contour Following Method with Directional Angle / Cheolhun Na ... [et al.] --
Performance Improvement of Vehicle Tracking Using Parts Features Adaboost / Jingyu Do, Jangsik Park, Hyuntae Kim --
A Study on the Selection of ROI and Trace Under the Multiple Object Environments / Gwangseok Lee, Gangin Hur, Youngsub Kim Edge Detection Using Modified Directional Coefficient Mask in AWGN / Chang-Young Lee, Nam-Ho Kim --
An Intra Prediction Hardware Architecture with Low Computational Complexity for HEVC Decoder / Hongkyun Jung, Kwangki Ryoo --
A Color Gamut Mapping System Using the RGB Primaries and White-Point Correction for a Wide Gamut Display Device / Kyounghoon Jang ... [et al.] --
A Region of Interest Labeling Algorithm Using Three Mask Patterns / Hosang Cho ... [et al.] --
Multi-Factor Authentication Process Using More than One Token with Watermark Security / Arjun Kumar, Hoon Jae Lee --
Ubiquitous Sensor Network. Energy Based Interference Avoidance Scheme in Ubiquitous Medical Environments / Jin-Woo Kim ... [et al.] --
Technical Analysis of Stock Trading Point in Electronic Commerce / Jinwon Park ... [et al.] --
ADC Design for Neural Acquisition Application / Ruoyuan Qu ... [et al.] --
Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Inset-Fed Layered for Metallic Object in u-Port / Chan-Hong Park ... [et al.] --
An Analysis on the Effects of Cluster Leadership Rotation Among Nodes Using Least Temperature Routing Protocol / Nico Encarnacion, Hyunho Yang --
Performance Analysis of Tag Identification Method Based on Multi-Reader Using Anti-Collision Algorithm / Bong-Im Jang ... [et al.] --
Segregated Lightweight Dynamic Rate (SLDR) Control Scheme for Efficient Internet Communications / T. O. Ting, H. C. Ting, Sanghyuk Lee --
Remote Sensing of Asian Dust at DaeJeon Station in NIES Lidar Network / Chan Bong Park ... [et al.] --
Transmission Range Determination with a Timeslot-Based Energy Distribution Scheme for Solar-Energy Harvesting Sensor Systems / Dong Kun Noh --
A New Algorithm for Solving the Energy Conservation Equation Based on ADI Method / Xiaofeng Niu, Zhongping Que, Weili Cheng --
Sensor Prioritization and Decisive Sensing: A Conservative Power Saving Scheme for BSNs / Frank I. Elijorde, Hyunho Yang, Jaewan Lee --
A Study of Optimal Path Availability Clustering Algorithm in Ad Hoc Network / Young-jun Oh, Dong-keun Oh, Kang-whan Lee --
Localized Positioning Method for Optimization Path Availability Clustering Algorithm in Ad Hoc Network / Young-jun Oh, Dong-keun Oh, Kang-whan Lee --
Performance Analysis of Routing Algorithm Based on Link Quality in Wireless Sensor Networks / Hyun-Jun Shin, Chang-Heon Oh --
Low Latency and Collision Avoidance MAC Protocol in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks / Seong Cheol Kim, Hyun Joo Park, Jun Heon Jeon A QoS and Throughput Enhancement MAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks / Seong Cheol Kim --
Database and Internet Application. The Proposed on Model-Based User Interface Modules / Chul-Hyun Hwang ... [et al.] --
A Study on Design and Implementation of the Web-Based Real-Time Video Communication System / Tae-Hak Ban, Chang-Su Kim, Hoe-Kyung Jung --
Comprehensive Analysis of Data Clustering Algorithms / Deepti Gaur, Seema Gaur --
The Student Safety Network Service System Using the Location-Based Services of Smartphone / Chang-Su Ryu, Chang-Wu Hur --
Design of an Inventory Management System for Refrigerated Warehouses on Mobile Environments / ChaeHoon Ban ... [et al.] --
The Design of XML-Based Software Information System Schema and Development of the Standard for Information Processing / Chang-Su Kim ... [et al.] --
A Study on Learning Achievement Improvement Based on SLL Program / Kie Sung Oh --
A Performance Test of Query Operation on Encrypted Database / Ji Hong Kim, Tony Sahama, Sung Yong Kim --
Similarity Measure Design on Big Data / Sanghyuk Lee, Yan SunMobile Communication. MDDI Protocol Implementation for Mobile System / Seung-Han Ryu, Byeong-Kwon Lee, Hoe-Kyung Jung --
Practical Signal Models for Orthogonal Code Hopping Multiplexing Systems / Bang Chul Jung, Tae-Won Ban, Kil-Young Sung --
Energy Efficient Data Transmission Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks / Seong Cheol Kim, Jun Heon Jeon, Hyun Joo Park --
An Enhanced Network Coding Scheme for Mobile Ad-hoc Network / Kwan-Woong Kim, Yong-Kab Kim, Byun-Gon Kim --
IDS Scheme for Blackhole Attack on MANETs / Young-Dong Kim, Dong-Ill Kim --
Physical Forensic Acquisition and Pattern Unlock on Android Smart Phones / Yuan-Chi Tsai, Chung-Huang Yang --
IT Fusion Technology. A New Distance Metric Based on Class-Space Reduction / Byungjoon Park, Sejong Oh --
A New Criterion of Mutual Information Using R-value / Taegoon Han, Youngbok Hong, Sejong Oh --
Command Fusion Based Fuzzy Controller Design for Moving Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robot / Hyunjin Chang, Taeseok Jin --
The Consideration of GPS Jamming Signal Due to Propagation Path Loss / Kwangsoob Ko On Development of an Open Platform for High Performance Computing Services: Design of TCAD Meta-Data Schema and Its Application to Computational Nanoelectronics / Du Seok Jin ... [et al.] --
Scratch Inspection of Spectacle Lens Based on Fuzzy Logic / Kwang-Beak Kim ... [et al.] --
Microstructure Evolution of the Cu-Cr Hypereutectic Alloys During Directional Solidification / ZhongPing Que ... [et al.] --
Development of Knocking Analysis Algorithms for Fuel Reduction in CRDI Engine / Hwa-seon Kim ... [et al.] --
Multi-Criteria Decision Making Based on Fuzzy Measure / Sanghyuk Lee, Yan Sun, Di Feng --
Estimation of Flood Risk on the Roads Using Current Accumulated Rainfall via RSS Service of Weather Center / Eunmi Kim, Hyun Suk Hwang, Chang Soo Kim --
A Light Mobile Web Service Framework Based on Axis2 / Zhun Shen ... [et al.] --
Development of Real-Time Condition Check Systems for Racing Cars Using WCDMA / Min-Seop Song, Sung-Hyun Baek, Jong-Wook Jang --
Implementation of Vehicle Remote Status Verification System Using Driving Information / Minyoung Kim, Jong-wook Jang --
A Study on the System for Customer Feedback Integration Inference in B2C Service Industries / Min-Sik Kang, Eun-Jee Song --
Production of Nanoporous Alumina and Surface Studies by Atomic Force Microscopy / B. E. Alpysbayeva, Kh. A. Abdullin, A. A. Karipkhanova --
A Study on the Design of the Efficient Adder and Multiplier Based on Normal Basis over Finite Fields / Chun-Myoung Park --
Diamond-Like Carbon Films Obtained by Ion-Plasma Magnetron Sputtering / M. J. Buranbaev ... [et al.] --
Analyses of Attacks on Embedded RFID Application Under U-Healthcare System / Jung Tae Kim --
Performance Analysis of Smart Healthcare System Based on ISO/IEEE 11073 and HL7 / Jae-Hwan Jean ... [et al.] --
Random Walks, Lévy Flights, Markov Chains and Metaheuristic Optimization / Xin-She Yang, T. O. Ting, Mehmet Karamanoglu.
叢書名: Lecture notes in electrical engineering, v.235.
其他題名: ICFICE 2013
責任: Hoe-Kyung Jung...[et al.], editors.







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schema:name"Telecommunication systems--Technological innovations"
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schema:genre"Conference proceedings."
schema:name"Future information communication technology and applications ICFICE 2013"
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