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Great speeches of the 20th century. Vol. 3, Dreams and realities

Autor: Spiro T AgnewNeil ArmstrongWinston ChurchillRichard DaleyAmelia EarhartTodos autores
Editorial: Los Angeles, Calif. : Rhino Records, 1994.
Edición/Formato:   Libro audio-e en casete : Grabación en casetes : Inglés (eng)
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Tipo de material: Libro de audio electrónico, etc.
Tipo de documento: Grabación sonora
Todos autores / colaboradores: Spiro T Agnew; Neil Armstrong; Winston Churchill; Richard Daley; Amelia Earhart; Dwight D Eisenhower; Allen Freed; Lou Gehrig; John F Kennedy; Joseph McCarthy; Malcolm X; Richard M Nixon; Oliver North; Ronald Reagan; Babe Ruth; Gloria Steinem
Número OCLC: 559979528
Descripción: 1 sound cassette : analog, 1 7/8 ips ; 1/4 in.
Contenido: On the future of women in flying (The future of flying is filled with promise) (Feb. 1934) / Amelia Earhart --
Farewell to baseball (... I'm the luckiest man in the world) (Yankee Stadium, NYC, July 4, 1939) / Lou Gehrig --
Address to the nation on the R.A.F. (... this was their finest hour) (London, June 18, 1940) / Prime Minister Winston Churchill --
Farewell to baseball (The only game, I think, in the world ...) (Yankee Stadium, NYC, April 27, 1947) / Babe Ruth --
Address to the Chicago Irish Fellowship Club (Traitors are not gentlemen, my good friends, They don't understand being treated like gentlemen) (Chicago, March 17, 1954) / Senator Joseph McCarthy --
Farewell to fans (The payola scandal) (This isn't goodby ...) (NYC, Nov. 12, 1950) / Alan Freed --
Farewell Address (... peoples of all faiths, all races, all nations, to live togeher in mutual respect and love) ( Washington, Jan. 17, 1961) --
Inaugural address (Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country) (Washington, Jan. 20, 1961) / President John F. Kennedy --
Gubernatorial Concession Speech (You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore ...) (Los Angeles, Nov. 7, 1952) / Richard M. Nixon --
On Black power (The definition of Black power) (NYC, March 8, 1964) / Malcolm X --
Press conference on the riots at the Democratic Convention (The policeman isn't here to create disorder) (Chicago, Aug., 29, 1969) / Mayor Richard Daley --
The moon landing (That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind) (Tranquility Base, lunar surface, July 20, 1969) / Astronaut Neil Armstrong --
Address on Vietnam War protests (... these effete snobs ...) (Republican Dinner, Houston, May 22, 1971) / Vice President Spiro Agnew --
Address to the women of America (... a new humanism) (National Women's Political Caucus, Washingtin, July 10, 1971) / Gloria Steinem --
On releasing the Watergate tapes (... I am not a crook) (Orlando, Nov. 17, 1973) ; Resignation address (I have neve been a quitter) (White House, Aug. 8, 1974 / President Richard M Nixon --
Testimony at the Iran-Contra hearings (... the good, the bad and the ugly) (Washington, July 8, 1987) / Lt. Col. Oliver North.
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