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关于形成稳定核素的条件以及广义相对论引力场定律推论的研究 /
Guan yu xing cheng wen ding he su de tiao jian yi ji guang yi xiang dui lun yin li chang ding lü tui lun de yan jiu

by Shen jin tao.;

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Results of discussed problems   (2012-10-04)


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by shenjintao

Results of discussed problems
• If this accelerator (CERN) adjust the colliding velocity of
particle or electron to V =0.86602540378 C,
n=1.15470053838(a medium with index of refraction n) and
fix it.At the same time make the colloiding energy variates
from 1u(Atomic mass unit=931.5016 Mev) to 100u or
1000u.What will it happen? It must produce any stable
nuclides or any desired elements as shown in periodic table.
That means : Human being can but know nature and
discover new phenomena but cannot produce it. That's an
old idea. Now we can make and produce any material,if we
know how to create the the stable nuclides. May be free
from resource deficient,the energy
resources,coal,oil,metals and other mineral resources.
Because it can be created manually.
Whenβ=±0.86602540378,m=+ (matter)。When
β=±0.9682458366,m=- (antimatter)。
• Design the superconductive material under any desired
purpose. If the power supply is E=0.5E+6 ev. The
temperature in wire (or cable) keep at 273 K and less
energy consumption.The mass number of superconductive
material must be A=7606 u, the index of reflection n
=1.133980405, csm = 3.9163733E-4, β= 0.862860695, βcr
=0.881849453, β≤βcr.
• The Treatment Of Cancer By Heavy Ion Beam. Through
accelerator ion can obtain some definite high energy and
forms useable heavy ion beam for radiotherapy.Heavy ion
beam of definite energy travels definite distance in matter.
It excites and ionizes the atom in matter and consumes
energy itself .Choose 4Be9 ,E= 3.966378964Gev it will
produce the maximum RBE and the best therapeutic
efficiency.βBe= 0.7340200589 ≤1/1.33(0.7518796992).
Use any other heavy ion its velocity β is far less than βcr.
• About 3K Microwave Background Radiation On Celestial
Body sun=8,204.83K.mercury:far point=0.362K,near
point=0.356K. venus:far point=2.3K,near point=2.24K. earth;
far point= 2.75 K, near point=2.64K. mars:far
point=0.568K,near point=0.535K.jupiter:far
point=84.315K,near point=68.37K.saturn;far
point=32.311K,near point=21.685K. uranus:far
point=13.013K,near point=4.78K. neptune:far
point=17.601K,near point=5.24K. moon:far
point=0.124K,near point=0.124K.
• Utilize Terrestrial Heat for producing electric power: The
terrestrial heat discussed in this paper is only caused by
the pressure of earth's crust (except volcanoes).
3.1KmTerrestial heat=17 C. 3.2KmTerrestial heat=56.6 C.
3.3KmTerrestial heat=99.8 C. 3.4KmTerrestial heat=147 C.
3.5KmTerrestial heat=198.7 C.3.6KmTerrestial heat=255 C.
3.7KmTerrestial heat=316 C. 3.8KmTerrestial heat=382.5 C.
3.9KmTerrestial heat=454.3 C. 4KmTerrestial heat=531.8C.
4.1KmTerrestial heat=615.3 C. 4.2KmTerrestial heat=705.2
C. 4.3KmTerrestial heat=801.8C. 4.4KmTerrestial
heat=905.3 C.
• Discuss the constant of light velocity In solar system. The
light velocity which measured on earth is known and it can
be treated as a constant for the stellar system its own. But
in different stellar system which relate to earth has
different value of C. The light velocity on different celestial
body are as follows:cm/s sun :Near(Far)
Point=3.0568723940E+10. mercury:
venus :3.1017465250E+10(3.0138911880E+10).
earth:3.1194400550E+10 (2.9979245800E+10). mars :
3.1537640150E+10 (2.9683952580E+10). jupiter :
saturn :3.8787811220E+10(2.6032237450E+10).
uranus :6.2676068610E+10(2.3028153200E+10). neptune :
pluto :4.0572495580E+10(1.9076918890E+10).
moon :2.9980718420E+10(2.9977773380E+10).
• The Mass Of Photon: Photon- A New Energy Source. The
mass of photon may be 0 or may be any value. According to
mass equation,m = A ( 2 - βn ) when βn =2 , mphoton = 0.
when electron-positron pair collide in velocity
β= .942809038 will produce photon of mass m photon =
1.38251057E-34(g) and release heat energy of 600K. give
out the following data of different temperature: 3.65E-
9K,mphoton =8.4102726E-46g, β
=0.94280904158,n=2.12132034356. 1.24K,mphoton
=2.8571885E-37g, β=0.94280904157,n=2.12132034341
20K,mphoton =4.6083685E-36g, β=0.94280904148,
n=2.1213203411 300K,mphoton =6.9125528E-35g,
β=0.94280904009,n=2.1213203067 1,000K,mphoton=
2.3041842E-34g, β=0.94280903661, n=2.1213202206.
• The Interreaction Of Photon (particles) And Matter.
Calculate the requisite energy of electron-beam for getting
desired temperature in solid, liquid, and gas. (1) Require the
necessary energy for reaching 3000 K in Aluminium
Al(27),Ei = 1.5822333e-7
erg,β=0.5456039552,n=0.354205601,equivalent to 100 KV.(2)
To heat water(H2O) TO 400 K,Ei= 4.7173083E-8 erg, β=
0.3255606748,n=0.1769802208. It is equivalent to 40 KV. (3)
To heat atmospreric temperature to 400 K, Ei =
4.160274913E-8 erg, β= 0.03072058397,n=0.1654074122. It
is equivalent to 30 KV.
• The Mass Equation : the atomic mass of stable nuclide will
be m = A ( 2 - βn ) (u) Where m is expressed in atomic mass
unit u. A is the mass number and is expressed in atomic
mass unit u. According to condition 1(1), m must be an
integral multiple of atomic mass unit. When βn=1, m=A.the
stable realm of β is between 0.864969723 to 0.867062715.
Matter And Antimatter:Matter forms at β≤0.9428090416 and
antimatter forms at β≥ 0.9428090416. So, b cr
• The Gravitation Center - There is a Block Hole in Solar
System. The gravitation center which forms the solar
system exist at a distance of 3.913022133E+14 cm from
earth. At a position between Neptune and Uranus.
7.3074E+13 cm to Neptune and 8.9526E+13 to Uranus. The
mass of the gravitation center(or black hole) is
5.271056516E+42 g. which is 2.64E+9 times larger than the
mass of sun 














  125 Gev = 134.1919327 u 


  m = A(2- bn)


  134.1919327 = 135(2- bn


  0.994014316= 2- bn


   b= 1.005985684


   bn =         1          -  1                                                                                          


            1- b^2                  



   2.005985684 =       1                                                                                                   


                          1- b^2  


                                                                    <0.867062715 C    (稳定碰撞速度上限)

   b = 0.866885073 C >0.8660254038 C(形成稳定核的碰撞速度){

                                                            >0.864969723 C稳定碰撞速度下限)



   n =1.160460268









   134.1919327 = 134(2 - bn)


   1.001432333 = 2- bn


   bn = 0.998567666



   bn =         1          -  1                                                                                          


            1- b^2                  




   1.998567666 =        1                                                                                                


                            1- b^2  


                                                                  <0.867062715 C  (稳定碰撞速度)上限

   b  = 0.865818417 C0.8660254038 C(形成稳定核的碰撞速度){

                                             >0.864969723 C (稳定碰撞速度)下限




   n = 1.153322274 


    粒子碰撞时的速度在0.865818417 C——0.866885073 C 偏离了形成稳定核的碰撞速度0.8660254038 C,但非常接近。


   粒子碰撞时的能量在134u -----  135u 之间 质量非常接近于其原子量的整倍数。




      要想在 125Gev 附近得到稳定的所谓 希格斯玻色子。那碰撞时的能量必须在

1341919291 u = 124.9999967 Gev 粒子碰撞时的速度是0.8660254 C

或者粒子碰撞时的速度是 0968245837 C,产生负物质.






   参考书 :  Conditions For Formation Of Stable Nuclides And 

                      The Unification Of Four Basic Interreactions 


                       Senior Engineer      Jintao Shen (沈觐陶)




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