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Guide to singing energy

by Robert Gansert

  Audiobook on Cassette : Cassette recording

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by dennyb4

This recording was a follow up to the first Gan-Tone book by Robert Gansert.  

Side 1 recaps the basic concepts of the method, in particular the notion of jaw-larynx-body fusion that the author espouses.  There is a GREAT deal of information and detail about this in the book, so if you've read it, the recording serves as a good summary of it.  

Side 2 contains a brief introduction on how to perform the exercises, followed by the set of exercises. Although I am not a formal/classical type singer, I performed the exercises 'in kind' with the physical production and sound on the tapes and can attest that doing so improved my rock and heavy metal singing.  

*(In my opinion, it is important to note that vocalizing to develop the voice with scales, sounds, exercises, etc. is NOT the same as actually performing; an analogy of the important difference between preparation and performance in singing can be drawn with how football players train to improve skills on the football field - Players do NOT just 'play more football' or simply scrimmage more (or in the present case, just sing/perform more).... Rather, they lift weights, perform agility drills, and engage in physical conditioning exercises to enhance their 'on field' ability when performing during an actual game.  Word to the wise....).

I found the tape highly useful overall, especially in terms of the ideal tone that is to be pursued when using this method.  I would strongly suggest that anyone interested in the method find a copy of the tape.  Fortunately, is available to help with this.  I've searched the internet high and low and the only available copies of this extremely rare tape that I was able to find are those available through inter-library loan via worldcat.  For that, I am extremely grateful!!!!   

Additionally, copies of the first 1981 (or 1992 reprint) edition Gan-Tone book - though not very common - are not all that difficult to find, especially via inter-library loan (and you can find copies for sale via, abebooks, or several other used book sellers).  Of particular note is that Mr. Gansert also published a second book (1995) that contains the term 'vocal percussion' in the title.  This second book is NOT about how to 'beat box', create sound effects, or make percussive vocal sounds :)  - it is actually an adjunct to the first, original book that recapitulates, broadens, and refines that work.  I would strongly recommend accessing a copy of that text as well, I actually gained a lot more from the method from having done so.  Like the tape, it is exceedingly difficult to find, and again, I was only able to access a copy through inter-library loan/  

Happy singing!!! 

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