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Hard hitting songs for hard-hit people : [American folk songs of the Depression and the labor movement of the 1930's] Aperçu de cet ouvrage
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Hard hitting songs for hard-hit people : [American folk songs of the Depression and the labor movement of the 1930's]

Auteur : Alan Lomax; Woody Guthrie; Pete Seeger
Éditeur : New York : Oak Publications, ©1967.
Édition/format :   Partition musicale : AnglaisVoir toutes les éditions et tous les formats
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Genre/forme : Music
Songs and music
Format – détails additionnels : Online version:
Hard hitting songs for hard-hit people.
New York : Oak Publications, c1967
Format : Partition
Genre de musique : Musique folklorique; Ballades
Tous les auteurs / collaborateurs : Alan Lomax; Woody Guthrie; Pete Seeger
ISBN : 0825600413 9780825600418
Numéro OCLC : 190819
Notes : Unacc. melodies, with chord symbols.
Includes index.
Description : 368 p. of music : ill. ; 26 cm.
Contenu : Hard luck on the farm. Arkansas hard luck blues ; These old Cumberland Mountain farms ; The boll weevil ; The farmer is the man ; Down on Roberts' farm ; Lynchburg Town ; Seven cent cotton and forty cent meat --
You're dead broke. Collector man blues ; Insurance man blues ; Depression blues ; Unemployment stomp ; No job blues ; Fifteen miles from Birmingham ; Down and out ; No dough blues ; One dime blues ; All in and down and out blues ; New stranger blues ; Starvation blues --
So you got to hit the road. 66 Highway blues ; I ain't got no home in this world anymore ; Hitch-hike blues ; Wanderin' --
And you land in jail. The old chain gang ; Crossbone Scully ; Hard times in Cryderville Jail ; You're bound to get lousy in the lousy old jail ; Lord, it's all, almost done ; Midnight Special ; Lonesome jailhouse blues ; Ruben ; You kick and stomp and beat me ; Take this hammer ; Things about comin' my way --
Some from the old wobblies. Pie in the sky ; The tramp ; Casey Jones ; Beans, bacon, and gravy ; The mysteries of a hobo's life ; The comm[on]wealth of toil --
Old time songs from all over. The buffalo skinners ; The Old Chisholm Trail ; Drill ye tarriers drill ; Skinnamalinkadoolium ; John Brown's body ; Johnnie woncha ramble ; Jessie James and his boys ; Pretty Boy Floyd ; Matthew Kimes ; When the maid comes to town ; Loneshoreman's strike ; Cotton mill colic ; Cotton mill blues ; Hard times in the mill ; No more shall I work in the factory ; Winnsboro Cotton Mill blues ; Weave room blues ; Weaver's life ; Silicosis is killin' me ; It's hard times in these mines ; The hard working miner ; Roll on buddy --
Hell busts loose in Kentucky. Lonesome jailhouse blues ; I am a union woman ; Kentucky miner's wife's hungry, ragged blues ; I love coal miners, I do ; Fare ye well, old Ely Branch ; The Kentucky miners' dreadful fate ; The East Ohio miners' strike ; The Coal Creek explosion ; The story of Sara Ogan ; I am a girl of constant sorrow ; I'm thinking tonight of an old Southern town ; Long, long ago ; Win it ; They tell us to wait ; I hate the capitalist system ; Come all you coal miners ; That old feeling ; Come on friends and let's go down ; The murder of Harry Simms ; Welcome the traveler home ; The greenback dollar ; Which side are you on? ; Come all you hardy miners ; The striking miners ; Chief Aderholt ; Up on Old Loray ; The mill mother's lament ; All around the jailhouse ; Toiling on life's pilgrim pathway --
So you hollered for a New Deal. The chiseler's sorrow ; 1928-1934 ; Don't take away my PWA ; NRA blues ; CWA blues ; CCC blues ; Ballad of the TVA ; Working for the PWA ; Welfare blues ; Working on the project ; WPA blues ; You're on your last go 'round ; I'm looking for that New Deal now ; The dickman song ; Waitin' on Roosevelt --
The Okie section. I'm goin' down that road feeling bad ; Blowin' down this road ; Dust storm disaster ; Dust can't kill me ; Dust Bowl blues ; Dust Bowl refugee ; You Okies and Arkies ; So long, it's been good to know you ; Takin' Dust Bowl ; If you ain't got the do re mi ; When you're down and out ; Vigilante man ; Tom Joad --
Detroit sets down. The Fisher strike ; Bring me my robe and slippers, James ; Oh, Mister Sloan ; Sit down ; We're the guys ; Collective bargaining in our shops ; Knuts to Knudsen ; On the picket line ; There's something about a worker ; There was a rich man and he lived in Detroitium ; Goody goody ; Rock-a-bye-baby --
The farmers get together. There is mean things happening in this land ; No more mournin' ; Ten little farmer men ; Raggedy raggedy are we ; The planter and the sharecropper ; Roll the union on ; Down in Old Henderson ; It's me, O Lord ; Song of the evicted tenant ; Mister farmer ; The man Frank Weems ; We ain't down yet --
One big union. Song of the West Virginia miners ; Powder Mill Jail blues ; Little David blues ; Davidson-Wilder blues ; The ballad of Barney Graham ; Union train ; My children are seven in number ; Bonny of the union ; The soup song ; Down the street we hold our demonstration ; Ballad of the Blue Bell Jail ; Write me out my union card ; Roane County ; Shirt factory blues ; Got a union in the country ; The ballad of John Catchins ; The Marion massacred ; The Marion strike ; Our children they were sickly ; The CIO is bigger than it used to be ; O, the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga ; Goodbye Semaria ; The union fights the battle of freedom ; We'll be wearing union buttons ; The boss is having a terrible time, parlez-vous ; We pity our bosses five ; It ain't gonna work no more ; Ma and Pa (a unionization plan) ; Calls for an honest square dance ; You guys got to organize ; Union maid ; Better go down and jine the union ; Harry Bridges ; Scabs in the factory --
Mulligan stew. Worried man blues ; Ludlow massacre ; Don't kill my baby and my son ; Jesus Christ was a man ; Mama don't 'low no bush-wahs hangin' around ; Hallelujah, I'm a Ku Klux ; You low life son of a bitch ; Bourgeois blues ; How about you? ; We shall not be moved ; Ain't gonna study war no more ; Wartime blues ; Red Cross store ; Tom Mooney is free ; Pity the shape I'm in ; Capitol city cyclone ; Mister congressman ; A fool there was ; Why do you stand there in the rain?
Responsabilité : compiled by Alan Lomax ; notes on the songs by Woody Guthrie ; music transcribed and edited by Pete Seeger.


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