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The help

by Kathryn Stockett
Type:   Book : Fiction
Publisher: New York : Amy Einhorn Books, ©2009.

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1. to read someday 2
I started to read someday 2, since the first one is getting long...
Items: 367
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-12-13
2. Leisure Reading--Schusterman Library
Take a look at our new Leisure Reading area--just a couple of shelves near the top of the front stairs. But we'll keep adding as new titles are...
Items: 159
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2014-12-10
3. Kindle books
Titles that are available on the LSC library Kindles.
Items: 32
Updated: 2014-12-01
4. Books Read/Reviewed
Items: 252
Watchers: 3
Updated: 2014-11-07
5. Fr. Tom Books - VU Library
Recreational Reading titles generously donated by Fr. Tom O'Neill to Viterbo Library.
Items: 373
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2014-10-09
6. brack mamba
Items: 10
Updated: 2014-09-19
7. New York Times #1 Bestsellers
To be a part of this now essentially meaningless list once indicated popular titles that became so by public acclamation rather than a publisher's...
Items: 237
Updated: 2014-09-18
8. Books turned into movies
Items: 100
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2014-09-17
9. I've read
Items: 482
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-09-10
10. Sarasota Book Club Reading List
This is a list of books read by the book club in Sarasota, FL. Books date from the June 2007 meeting and later.
Items: 80
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-08-21
11. Senior Books 2011
Each year, senior student employees working in the library share their book recommendations. This list compiles the seniors' recommendations from...
Items: 18
Updated: 2014-08-14
12. Try Different Formats Display
by Blove2
Items: 28
Updated: 2014-08-07
13. Books with movie tie ins
If you are a DCCCD student, faculty, or staff, you may request one of the books by clicking through the link and clicking on the "request" icon on...
Items: 25
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-07-09
14. 2010 Books
books I read in 2010
Items: 26
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-07-08
15. The Book Club
Items: 85
Updated: 2014-06-12
16. Women's History in Film
Items: 56
Updated: 2014-05-12
17. FridayReads @acadialibrary
This is a list of books submitted by the staff of the Vaughan Memorial Library at Acadia University. Every Friday, staff members share the books they...
by apash
Items: 299
Watchers: 8
Updated: 2014-03-14
18. Celebration of African-American Fiction - African American History Month
Items: 153
Updated: 2014-02-06
19. Black History month
Items: 51
Updated: 2014-02-05
20. Book Club books
Items: 123
Watchers: 1
Updated: 2014-01-07
21. Absolute Favorite Books
Items: 13
Watchers: 2
Updated: 2013-12-27
22. LIS 640 Favorites
LIS 640 Class Assignment Fall 2013
Items: 11
Updated: 2013-11-26
23. Adult Books for Teens
by abass
Items: 13
Updated: 2013-11-13
24. to read someday
CONTINUED ON TO READ SOMEDAY 2 i made this list to get rid of all of the papers with names of books scribbled on them, I find books that sound...
Items: 488
Watchers: 4
Updated: 2013-11-09
25. 10 books
Items: 10
Updated: 2013-09-12
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