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The Incredibles

by Brad Bird; John Walker; John Lasseter; Janet Lucroy; Patrick Lin; Andrew Jimenez; Craig T Nelson; Holly Hunter; Samuel L Jackson; Jason Lee; Spencer Fox; Sarah Vowell; Elizabeth Peña; Bud Luckey; Kimberly Adair Clark; John Ratzenberger; Michael Giacchino; Kori Rae; Mark Andrews; Stephen Schaffer; Rick Sayre; Lou Romano; Tony Fucile; Teddy Newton; Steven Clay Hunter; Alan Barillaro; Ralph Eggleston; Bryn Imagire; Bill Wise; Mark Thomas Henne; Nigel Hardwidge; Sandra Karpman; Don Schreiter; Katherine Sarafian; Randy Thom; Walt Disney Pictures.; Pixar (Firm); Walt Disney Home Entertainment (Firm); Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm);
Type:   DVD video : Animation : NTSC color broadcast system
Publisher: [Burbank, CA] : Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment ; Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, ©2005.

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