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Infinite divisions : an anthology of Chicana literature

저자: Tey Diana Rebolledo; Eliana S Rivero
출판사: Tucson : University of Arizona Press, ©1993.
판/형식:   Print book : 주 또는 도 정부 간행물 : 영어모든 판과 형식 보기
Offers examples of oral narratives and literature from the nineteenth century to the present.
이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중… 이 항목의 온라인 사본 가지러 가는 중…

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장르/형태: Literary collections
추가적인 물리적 형식: Online version:
Infinite divisions.
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, ©1993
자료 유형: 정부 간행물, 주 또는 도 정부 간행물, 인터넷 자료
문서 형식: 책, 인터넷 자원
모든 저자 / 참여자: Tey Diana Rebolledo; Eliana S Rivero
ISBN: 0816512523 9780816512522 0816513848 9780816513840
OCLC 번호: 27186674
설명: xxii, 393 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
내용: Photographic Images: Some of the Contributors --
1. Foremothers. I. The Oral Tradition. Excerpts from "Una Vieja Y Sus Recuerdos" Eufemia's Sopapillas. An Old Native Custom: La Curandera. Quiteria Outwits the Witch Nurse. Las Tres Gangozas (The Three Sisters). II. The Written Tradition. Asking For the Bride / Nina Otero-Warren. The Field Crosses of the Farmers / Nina Otero-Warren. The Herb Woman / Fabiola Cabeza de Baca Gilbert. Shadows of the Past --
VI. Memorias / Cleofas M. Jaramillo. Flores Secas / Dried Flowers / Carmen Celia Beltran. Quinceanera / Sweet Fifteen / Carmen Celia Beltran. Drama en Mananitas / Drama in the Early Mornings / Maria Esperanza Lopez de Padilla. Maria Esperanza / Maria Esperanza Lopez de Padilla. Simplicidades / Simplicities / Maria Esperanza Lopez de Padilla. A Elena / To Elena / Maria Esperanza Lopez de Padilla. School / Esther Vernon Galindo --
2. Self and Identity. So Not To Be Mottled / Bernice Zamora. My Name / Sandra Cisneros. Toma de nombre / Taking of Name / Miriam Bornstein. By Your True Faces We Will Know You / Gloria Anzaldua. El dia de la chicana / Gloria Anzaldua. Soy hija de mis padres ... / I am the daughter of my parents / Lorenza Calvillo-Craig. La Loca de la Raza Cosmica / la Chrisx. Crisis de identidad / Crisis of Identity / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Oaxaca, 1974 / Lorna Dee Cervantes. The Gift? / Sylvia S. Lizarraga. Chicana Studies / Rina Garcia Rocha. To Other Women Who Were Ugly Once / Ines Hernandez. Women Are Not Roses / Ana Castillo. Legal Alien / Pat Mora. To live in the Borderlands means you / Gloria Anzaldua. Mestiza / Marina Rivera. ever since / Veronica Cunningham. I sing to myself / Alma Villanueva. Progenitor / Bernice Zamora. From "A Letter to Alicia" / Ana Castillo. Whole / Ana Castillo. Desert Women / Pat Mora --
3. Self and Others. My Mother Pieced Quilts / Teresa Palomo Acosta. ser conforme / Evangelina Vigil-Pinon. Haciendo Tamales / Cordelia Candelaria. Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway / Lorna Dee Cervantes. mi mama se sentaba / my mother would sit / Xelina. For the Color of My Mother / Cherrie Moraga. Baby Doll / Rina Garcia Rocha. The Album / Antonia Quintana Pigno. Section 3 from Mother, May I? / Alma Villanueva. Mama Tona / Marina Rivera. The Moths / Helena Maria Viramontes. Mourning a Sister's Death / Irene Blea. To a Little Blond Girl of Heber, Califas / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Wimpy's Wake / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Arturo Burro / Sandra Cisneros. mente joven ... / Evangelina Vigil-Pinon. El sueno de las flores / Lorna Dee Cervantes. On Meeting You in Dream and Remembering Our Dance / Denise Chavez. Chon / Marina Rivera. after the name-giving / Ines Hernandez (T'oma'hto'hla'hkikt, Ines). To My Daughter / Alma Villanueva. Nuestros mundos / Our Worlds / Lucha Corpi. Plot / Pat Mora. The Toltec / Ana Castillo. South Sangamon / Sandra Cisneros. The Jewelry Collection of Marta la Guera / Mary Helen Ponce. Do You Take? / Bernice Zamora. Para un Revolucionario / Lorna Dee Cervantes. A Woman Was Raped / Veronica Cunningham. For Virginia Chavez / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Crow / Lorna Dee Cervantes --
4. Spaces. La Casa / The House / Maria Herrera-Sobek. kitchen talk / Evangelina Vigil-Pinon. New Year's Eve / Rina Garcia Rocha. Section 5 from Mother, May I? / Alma Villanueva. Spaces like the Barrio / Irene Blea. The Truth in My Eves / Rina Garcia Rocha. The Journey / Patricia Preciado Martin. was fun running 'round descalza / Evangelina Vigil-Pinon. Caminitos / Carmen Tafolla. Roads / Barbara Brinson Curiel. The Valley of the Sun / Gina Valdes. Fecundating / Bernice Zamora. El retorno / Gloria Anzaldua. Drought: San Joaquin Valley, Winter / Barbara Brinson Curiel. La Gran Ciudad / Angela De Hoyos. The Border / Gina Valdes. tia juana u glisten / Xelina. tavern taboo / Evangelina Vigil-Pinon --
5. Myths and Archetypes. Aztec Princess / Pat Mora. Marina / Lucha Corpi. La Malinche / Carmen Tafolla. La Malinche a Cortez y Vice Versa / La Malinche to Cortez and Vice Versa / Angela de Hoyos. Somos la Tierra / Beverly Sanchez-Padilla. Malinche's Discourse / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Malinche Past: Selection from Paletitas de guayaba / Erlinda Gonzales-Berry. Malinchista, A Myth Revised / Alicia Gaspar de Alba. Como Duele / Adaljiza Sosa-Riddell. Go Away from My Window, La Llorona (1) / Cordelia Candelaria. La Llorona: At Sixteen; Portrait by the River / Cordelia Candelaria. La Llorona / Naomi Quinonez. Witches' Blood / Alma Villanueva. The Three Sisters / Sandra Cisneros. Hands / Pat Mora. 1910 / Pat Mora. Josefina's Chickens / Gina Valdes. Adelita / Ana Montes. Guerrillera Soy / I Am a Warrior Woman / Ines Hernandez. Sor Juana / Estela Portillo Trambley. 444 Years After / Carmen Tafolla. Little Miracles, Kept Promises / Sandra Cisneros. Gullible / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Cuento de Hadas / Fairy Tale / Angela de Hoyos. Mi Reflejo / Lydia Camarillo --
6. Writers on Language and Writing. A Poet's Job / Alma Villanueva. It Is My Nature / Alma Villanueva. Creations / Irene Blea. Cuentista: Story-teller / Pat Mora. Clever Twist / Pat Mora. Restless Serpents / Bernie Zamora. Como la semilla / Like the Seed / Lucha Corpi. Protocolo de verduras / The Protocol of Vegetables / Lucha Corpi. Para el consumidor / For the Consumer / Miriam Bornstein. Maybe a Nun After All / Pat Mora. Visions of Mexico While at a Writing Symposium in Port Townsend Washington / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Poem For The Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, An Intelligent, Well-Read Person Could Believe In The War Between Races / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Declaration on a Day of Little Inspiration / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Literary Wetback / Alicia Gaspar de Alba. Refugee Ship / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Linguistic Terrorism / Gloria Anzaldua. Julieta's Muses / Judy Gonzales-Flores. They Are Laying Plans for Me --
Those Curanderas / Teresa Palomo Acosta. Poema Inedito / Unpublished Poem / Maria Herrera-Sobek. Mi Poesia / My Poetry / Maria Herrera-Sobek. Dedicated to American Atomics II / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Lirica fanatica / Fanatic Lyric / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Desveladas inutiles / Useless Sleeplessness / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. The Confession / Naomi Quinonez. como embrujada / Evangelina Vigil-Pinon. Paradox / Ana Castillo. Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes / Sandra Cisneros --
7. Growing-Up. Growing / Helena Maria Viramontes. Aay Cucuy ...! / "Ooooh! The Boogieman!" / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Nostalgia / Margarita Cota-Cardenas. Pueblo, 1950 / Bernice Zamora. Elena at 5 Years / Demetria Martinez. Troublemaker (for all who ask what I plan to do with my degree) / Demetria Martinez. Excerpts from "Rosebud" / Erlinda Gonzales-Berry. How I Changed the War and Won the Game / Mary Helen Ponce. Velorio / Sandra Cisneros. Evening in Paris / Denise Chavez. Monarquia / Sylvia Lizarraga. Para Teresa / Ines Hernandez. I Was a Skinny Tomboy Kid / Alma Villanueva. In the Toolshed / Patricia Santana-Bejar. Her Choice / Alma Villanueva --
8. Celebrations. My Poetry / Sylvia Chacon. Fire / Barbara Brinson Curiel. Movimiento / Movement / Lucha Corpi. Let Us Never Forget the Dance / Alma Villanueva. He was one of those special ones, she said / Ines Hernandez. The Ceremony of Orgasm / Alma Villanueva. Mielvirgen / Pat Mora. Spring Tonic / Pat Mora. Dream / Pat Mora. The Body as Braille / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Como lo siento / Lorna Dee Cervantes. Making Tortillas / Alicia Gaspar de Alba. Bearded Lady / Bernice Zamora. Two Brothers / Beverly Silva. Plumb / Bernice Zamora. Segments / Cordelia Candelaria. Emplumada / Lorna Dee Cervantes. 'San Antonio Rose' Era Xicana / Angela de Hoyos. Sin Ti Yo No Soy Nada / Without You I Am Nothing / Beverly Silva. The Paris Gown / Estela Portillo Trambley. Weeping With Laughter / Gina Valdes.
책임: [compiled by] Tey Diana Rebolledo, Eliana S. Rivero.


Searching and assertive, Chicana literature embraces poetry, fiction, drama, essay, and other forms. This first major anthology devoted to the genre is organized by themes that highlight the key  더 읽기…
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"There is simply no better anthology for readers wondering how to enter those borderlands Chicana writers have been occupying for the past decades. . . . A superb selection of poems, stories, essays 더 읽기…

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